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say this: I wanna LIVE!!

.....I wanna LIVE!!!!!

I hope as you have stumbled across this page, however you got here, that it will unveil a new journey into the truth about health recovery. May you discover something that will change your life forever! May you find the beauty found in life worth living and healthy living!! However, if you cannot embrace any of my rantings may you be provoked into investigating the truth for yourself and perhaps we'll meet around the backside in agreement someday!! My goal on this site is to just make a difference in someones life for good.
Save yourself NOW, I say!! But by the grace of God you find the knowledge HOW!! Here!

Hi, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and I'm on a mission to spread the truth about sickness and disease and premature death and possibly reversing our own diagnosis. Health Recovery I'll call it. Eat4life2live. Don't get DEAD! Eat to live! "Do not put the Lord your God to a foolish test" comes to mind. "Faith without works is dead" is another one. We have something to do with our own preventable demise as you've now seen. It's not just bad luck or heredity or that darn devil!! The devil can only deceive us into doing ourselves in by IGNORANCE!It is my quest in this blog to yank our heads out of the sand and take a good look at our personal recipe we have been cookin up for sickness and disease. We've been baking our own custom cake for degenerative disease. That's how it works. It evolves from years of our bad habits in high gear. This page is not for the weak and whiny bunch who are perpetual blamers. Here's a tip for the underlying theme in this site....odds are:
"ain't no one to blame but me!" (say that again with a southern accent!)
Some built their house upon the sand, when the rains and the storms came and the waters rose, the house was washed away. Build your house on the rock, a firm foundation so when the wind an the rains come the house will stand!
Read on.

I have worked in the health care field 28 years in direct patient care, assisting your health care providers. The information you have found at eat4life2live I did not learn in my medical career and has not been something I hear many physicians emphasize with their patients because chances are, they have other "fish to fry" in our visit! There are some physicians who ARE nutrition wise but you just have to find one! Your healthcare provider certainly has access to it and it is available as patient education somewhere in their system. Your doctor generally has other demands and probably won't have time to drill this in with you. I love my fellow medical friends and have enjoyed being a part of their area of expertiese but as a student of nutritional studies for over 20 years, I had to go somewhere else for the data that is essential for REAL patient education here. Patient education is finally beginning to evolve but, not nearly fast enough or for the right reasons. Let's face it, the medical profession is BIG business! A physician I respect once told me that he was taught in medical school that 10% of patients will die no matter what care is provided. 80% will recover on their own (with or without intervention) and only 10% of all medical cases are improved by the physicians intervention and treatment! I have no problem believing this to be largely for emergency trauma care or crisis medical intervention.

Every medical treatment book I have looked in on their bookshelves says "etiology unknown" as to the cause of each indicated disease. Why is that? Have you ever asked your doctor, " How did I get this?" Think about this, if an aura of mystery is maintained regarding the cause of sickness and disease (like bad genes or bad luck), it keeps us vulnerable and coming back to the only care our health industry knows how to provide ie: drugs or surgery! Do you think you'd ever hear your doctor say "Gee Ms. Smith looks like you've got type 2 Diabetes and there is an 80% chance it's self induced by your obesity, physical inactivity or eating habits and really you've worked your way into this for sometime!" No way! They'd never offend you with the truth they want your business!
Brazen candor is what we need! That's what you have found right here in this BLOG!

The truth and answer is so simple that if we yielded to a healthy lifestyle with increased physical activity we just may not need those drugs or surgery! Our lousy diagnosis keeps the $$ flowing in the healthcare system. Some is paid by Medicare for our seniors. Big bucks for each diagnosis! However in the HMO world, NOW, they too are jumping on the band wagon for healthier living because as you pay that monthly premium when you are quite healthy, it translates pure profit for organization! Sad, but eating healthy is now the push for the wrong reasons in some cases. Now, there is financial incentive for them to push you into healthier choices! It lines the pockets of the establishment however, it is a win-win, you get healthier too out of the deal! Until we are rewarded by lower premiums for our healthy state it really bugs me that we all should pay the same premiums to cover the cost of those who refuse to save themselves by lifestyle changes. The young and healthy have the same premium as the one riddled with complications. They should charge us according to our BMI! Even the providers themselves would be motivated to believe in the power of nutrition! BMI pricing would give us an idea for fairness and a motivation to get healthy! I don't want to pay for someone elses foolishness or stubborness!

Over the years, I have heard doctors tell their patients: "diet has nothing to do with it" or as patients inquire the M.D.'s opinion about a vitamin or alternative health remedy they say "oh, there are no proven studies that this is effective but it certainly won't hurt you" as if you are waisting your time with such nonsense! Where did they learn these comebacks? Yep, in medical school! Who mandates what's taught in medical school anyway? Why it's the grants from drug and insurance companies! That's who's paying professors salaries! So until this changes...Go figure....God bless them, most MD's can't help it they just don't know about somethings regarding health/disease and diet. Most don't practice it for themselves either. FRANKLY, truth is: they have never gotten PAID to counsel you about diet and exercise. There has been NO coding to give them financial incentive to discuss this topic with you before now. You will get more diet health education out of the movie "Supersize" than alot of M.D.'s are privy to. That movie enlightened my favorite doc's practice! He gained so much insight from seeing the movie, he recommended his patients to see it too! He was enlightened by the correlation junk food/sugar had on everyone's sugar and liver enzymes becoming elevated!

Just for fun over the last 20 years I have asked almost every doctor I have worked with if they were taught anything about nutrition in med school. The results are in! Most say no, nothing. Some said a 2 hour lecture. Only one has said a semester on nutrition, covering calories and the 5 basic food groups. So that's what they don't know about folks! Nutrition or nutritional therapy. Most have this idea that if they didn't learn it in medical school that it has little value or validity. That's a generalization I have observed first hand. So, don't put all your eggs in one basket! Educate yourself! The medical community is beginning to realize now, that they have missed the boat on how diseases evolve thus prevention being the true cure at a phenominally low cost. Millions of research dollars need not be waisted to prove this so. Find a physician who is nutrition saavy. They are popping up more and more.

Use your health care provider to get your screening labwork to check sugar, cholesterol and liver. EKG and blood pressure testing and all recommended cancer screening tests also. Check your BMI and that alone will give you a warning of pending danger and risk. This can give you something to work with.

Find out where you stand so far and get to work now before something DOES come along. Prevention is NOT GETTING the disease at all! A new diagnosis from early detection just gives you time to get treatment before it kills you! Whatever the diagnosis might be. And if you are not feeling well and they say all tests are negative then thank them, listen to your body and get to work to heal yourself by these lifestyle changes today! The goal today is to prevent or reverse the disease! If you don't change your ways you can keep going back to the doc periodically until something DOES manifest so that they can have you take drugs or can refer you to a specialist for surgery! What else can they do for you? Disease will kick in soon, living on the Standard American Diet with little or no exercise!

Ok, I have rambled and must let you come up for air to digest this jaded approach to taking responsibility for your health and LIFE! Hope this can be fun!
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Love it - every word.
Pictures are beautiful, most all of them taken by you, maybe self portraits as well. Outstanding - all the information is DEAD on.
Thank you Cary, for all your loving support and serious words of wisdom. I wanna LIVE!!!
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Hi Cary,
Just checking your site and love the information you share with others, as usual you are an inspiration and keep up the good work!
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