Friday, March 01, 2013

Do you read your NUTRITION LABELS?

The first step in health recovery is knowing what chemicals and toxins have been slipped into our favorite foods. If we are aware then we can make a better choice. Nobody has got our back on this. Big BUSINESS food industry lobbies BIG $$$$ to get things approved through FDA and the like. So YES poisons are added that after a time accumulate in our body to produce inflammation, sickness and disease. Look for these worst offenders yourself!

  • Hydrogenated oils or partially HYDROGENATED OILS. Clogs arteries and raises LDL! FYI: (CORN and SOYBEAN OIL IS GMO!) 

  • Sugar or HFCS added, High Fructose Corn Syrup, white flour on a molecular level wears out our pancreas = Diabetes, stores as FAT = obesity, weakens our immune system = sickness - Cancer and clogs arteries raising triglycerides! Also creates non alcoholic FATTY LIVER!

  • Artificial colors (look for numbers in it), Artifical flavors, MSG, preservatives and aspartame = toxic chemicals and some are made from petroleum, a gasoline product. PRODUCES INFLAMMATION all which can result in cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, behavior issues, obesity, diabetes. 

  • Sodium: added in canned and processed foods often will cause you to exceed the daily allowance(of 1tsp), contributes to causing: High Blood Pressure! If we don't use canned or process foods then we can add a little salt to our meal! 

 Look for foods without these things and then buy high fiber on the label with your protein or fat foods.  Like beans, nuts and seeds.  Greek yogurt with fruit etc.  REAL food your body can assimilate.  All this fake coloring and added sugars etc do only HARM which shows up eventually in many different ways.

Need help? Educate yourself!  Know what is going into your kids belly!   Get the APP for your phone and scan the barcodes of things in your pantry right now! Phone APP: "Fooducate" and have FUN with it!