Monday, March 07, 2011

How is your teeth, gums, and your eyes?

How are your teeth? Healthy or full of cavities or loose and falling out?  Are your gums healthy and pink or bleeding and flame red? One place you can check daily to see how toxic you may just be today is just checking out the whites of your eyes!   What color are they?  If they are not white and healthy it's a SIGN to see about all those toxic foods you have been eating or drinking or smoking!!   Or stick your tongue out BIG!  Is it healthy or full of yucky coated slime? Is it cracked?  That may be a sign of gastro/bowel trouble!   FYI: Obesity and excess body fat is a storehouse for toxins.  Is your hair falling out and brittle?  Your fingernails strong and healthy?  Is your skin smooth and blemish free? These are many signs that there may need to be a change and nutrients might be scarce in your diet and lifestyle.  These are early warning signs that bigger symptoms and conditions and disease is on the rise if you don't change your ways soon.  Test yourself!  Examine your own fruit! Save yourself and don't GET DEAD!