Saturday, December 19, 2009

Government Healthcare Reform is about to plunge Americans under the bus!!!

With all the sneaky behind the scenes corruption that is currently in play to sideswipe the American taxpayer for the sake of providing some healthcare coverage to the less than 15% of the US population, this new healthcare plan is going to trainwreck taxpayers!

If it comes about as the chosen few in government hope for it will be a train wreck to the entire US population in even HIGHER taxes, HIGHER healthcare premiums, Higher spending on the same for small business owners that could collapse their small business and in return the "patient" that will receive inferior compromised care due to the cost burdens to deliver needed healthcare in a crisis situation. Hospitals and HOSPICE will be cut income because their medicare revenue to provide the services WILL BE CUT by government! Hospitals will have major LAYOFFs so increasing unemployment. All the taxpayers across America will be paying to pay for the added perks to a few entitled states who will get "special" treatment and federal funds that other states will not get. So, on and on the bad news goes about this new healthcare system being pushed by the White House this week in the middle of the night while we are all thinking of wrapping gifts for our loved ones. A healthcare plan that will cripple America in every horrid way......

Again our answer is: SAVE YOURSELF and DON'T GET DEAD!

The costly items that we cannot afford in our pending healthcare crisis are for the MOST part PREVENTABLE! That is the business at hand and they never quite get that point across to patients that they don't NEED to be ill! It is never too late to begin to be part of the solution instead of exacerbating the problem!

HealthCare Reform will always begin in the garden! Drink WATER instead of soda's and coffee's all day. Stop Smoking, be worried about consistent alcohol use and OBESITY is America's version of modern day malnutrition! Obesity is the culprit to most of the main costly health troubles today killing us off slowly and sadly. Ex: Diabetes, Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure, Gallstones, etc, etc and all the complications thereof! Please explore our site further, scroll down, down, how just changing your eating habits to live and for health can reduce YOUR risk today because YOU may not have healthcare coverage soon because the whole new proposed plan screwed it up for everyone! God help you if you are going to need it! You are NOT going to like the "new product" !!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I find it calming to know there is a power greater than myself and my little world that can keep the stars, the sun and the moon in place without my help! The same power that causes the sun to rise and set everyday without delay. I can safely turn over to God the things I am powerless over and cannot control. Things I am unable to fix or repair today I'll place in His hands and I'll be grateful for the things I can do to make a difference. Honestly, I wish I had more answers than I do but, it is what it is...I am not in charge! It is He that can see the grand picture of things while my view right now is a bit limited! Tonight, I will trust, rest and sleep on the wonder of these things. That's all I know....Selah! As a believer I can just: Cry out to Jesus!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ladies, Got Whacko Hormones?

Many of us at age 40 or approaching menopause or are through menopause naturally or by default as done by force via: HYSTERECTOMY. WE owe it to ourselves to self-educate on the benefits of daily use of PROGESTERONE CREAM! This is vital to our well being and youthfulness! We can self protect ourselves against osteoporosis, cancer, heart attack, or just alleviate the PMS or menopausal symptoms and many other things; just a little dab will do it! If you have been a user of estrogen drugs for ANY reason you owe it to yourself to investigate this idea of progesterone cream for the replacement for your health because your "old ovaries" are no longer producing!!!! The prescribed drugs are not safe or natural and have a serious potential of side effects! S C A R Y !!!
Check it out! Progesterone Cream is the number one place to start! WITH THESE CREAMS YOU JUST RUB IN A LITTLE EVERYDAY ALTERNATING THE SPOTS YOU APPLY IT DAILY. What a difference it makes reducing the intensity of hotflashes and the number you have per day.
Check out what WEBMD says about the benefits of natural custom-made hormone cream compounds!
Ladies take the test and then take the time to watch a 1 hour seminar, a full explanation of what is happening during the menopause process and that there is HOPE!. There is something SAFE we can do to heal ourselves from whacko hormone side effects of menopause!
Also you may shop online and take the tests provided to get your hormone skin cream blend based on the symptoms your are having and where you are in the process. Do research this site to start your "over the counter hormone supplement cream" derived from Wild Yam sources as a bioidentical hormone replacement.
After all your research and hope for a better and restored YOU, get the testing done and have a phone consultation with a DOCTOR who can prescribe your custom blend cream based on your results, that is mailed to you from a certified compound pharmacy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ladies! Let's SAVE our OWN Breasts!

Prevention IS THE CURE for Breast Cancer! The headlines should read what studies are concluding! Breast Cancer is not from bad luck, bad genes but rather from our bad habits, lifestyle and typical modern fast food, high fat diet! Perhaps also from compromised TAP water but when are we going to listen?? Can we also question too many years using a estrogen supplement for birth control or menopause?? WHAT about the headlines about too much synthetic estrogen and its known cancer risk!!!

You figure it out. 30% is linked to our smoking habit. Now 30% is linked to our alcohol consumption and you got it 30-40%% is linked to the standard american high fat, high sugar, high salt diet! If we do all 3 we have increased our own odds of getting breast cancer by 90-100%! GEE DOC, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME? HAS YOUR DOCTOR ALREADY GIVEN YOU THESE PREVENTION FACTS? So how about we turn it all around and reduce our risk by 90-100 % and NOT get Breast cancer! Lets keep the 'girls' happy! And Pretty! Save yourself NOW!
Most recently in the news is that smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day is equally raising our risk of breast cancer to 30% as also consuming 3 or more alcohol drinks per day raises our risk of 30%. Who then is doing both?? Throwing in bad nutritional habits? How many candy/donut eaters do you hear at the office brag about not eating their vegetables? (IN FACT, who is eating the required 5-9 per day to PREVENT cancer or heart disease or diabetes?) Do you eat a daily DARK GREEN leafy vegetable for cancer PREVENTION?

The National Cancer Institute has warned us that 80% of ALL cancers are PREVENTABLE!!!!! How come we can't hear that from our own healthcare professional when it's us one on one???? What we get instead from that office and the media is the aura of mystery that keeps billions of dollars flowing annually on the careers devoted to the details surrounding the "care" of the problem!

My favorite charity working toward getting the truth out is the American Institute of Cancer Research. We in this society will probably never see a "cure" from a magic pill. The cure is prevention and reversing the risk that our family history may embark.

Above all: DO NOT SMOKE!!!!!

So, for those of us who refuse to change our harmful deeds that will, in time, do us in......and they will sooner than we will like....Let's do keep going back for that annual or bi-annual MAMMOGRAM so we can at least have "early detection" that can possibly save our lives in lieu, of saving our BREASTS! Let's save ourselves especially if a family history factor adds in the mix which only raises our risk factor by 5-9%! The rest we do on our own!

Also consider this ladies: how much estrogen medication have you been given over the years? This pushes us to the top of the risk factor! Estrogen dominance is an out of balance problem at the root of many illnesses in women's health issues!
The beauty of todays medicine and excellent healthcare is the process of breast reconstruction and what a plastic surgeon can do for you after the needed masectomy! They can actually make your breasts even BETTER than the old sagging ones with immediate implants placed in some cases the day of the masectomy and then nipple reconstruction and then nipple tatooing!. After the scars fade WOW you can LOOK great again! So there is HOPE after diagnosis too with early detection.
We have come a long way baby!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Save yourself and Don't get DEADsies!

Government Healthcare plans will not save you but your food choices TODAY can alter your odds of a healthcare DEMISE!

Eat Right to feel GREAT! The best single thing we can do in a day is eat something vine ripe out of the garden! Oh MY the rich nutrients locked inside of every bite!

It is amazing the power of garden fresh foods and
how they immediately get to work as God intended. That is: nourishing, replenishing, rebuilding, renewing and protecting a body for the task of the day! We just don't get that from anything a DRIVE-THRU has to offer. Sorry folks. That defeats the purpose of eating just to stuff our face and then needing a nap afterward just to try and digest the pile of concrete we just dropped down the hatch. Remember, NO nutrients in return for all the energy it takes to digest the junk food!!!

Garden fresh foods will give LIFE, health and healing! Always!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pick your food wisely!

GOD'S Foods minister LIFE, healing and recovery and will renew strength daily to our bodies instead of delivering fatigue or illness! Anything we do "bad" over a period of time will cause a breakdown inside and an open door to degenerative man-made disease!

Need healing? So are you getting your needed 5-9 vegetables/fruit per day? What about 5-9 whole grain foods per day? Are you drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day? So what have you been doing instead that is doing you NO good?

Consider the impact obesity has on your healthplan premiums and costs to fellow Americans! See the $$$$$ go out the window:

Healthcare is the nations biggest moneymaker for some and expense for others. Depends on which end of the speculum your interest lies. 1/5 to 1/6 of our nations spending is on healthcare! Being overweight and having unhealthy habits is very expensive! Costly to us but lining the pockets of others as we must spend to get ourselves OUT of the trouble we never saw coming! So SAVE YOURSELF and DON'T get DEAD!

Given the chance the body will heal itself!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet my Gram this 4th of July!! She is amazing at 104!

Let's give honor where honor is due! Let us learn from somebody who has been a healthy success at living and feeling good for over 100 years. Most people that have this longevity can pat themselves on the back at some wise health choices they have made in a lifetime. This is my Gram actually to be 104 next month. She has awakened everyday to take her prayer and meditation time and improving her conscience contact with God. She (unlike most of her 11 other siblings) chose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in season and has taken a daily walk nearly everyday of her life! She never took up smoking or drinking alcohol. Most of her siblings who did didn't make it past 70 or 80! She still to this day will walk upstairs to her bedroom tho she confesses she is feeling her age! She is adorable and she is my example for living a serene and fruitful life. I love you Gram! I have to speak up to her ear or she doesn't catch the whole sentence! Way to go! You are awesome!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Get out and GET MOVING!

Calories in and Calories out! If we take in a daily 3500-4000 calories and only burn up 1200 per day then guess what? FAT! AND we are headed for our own personal health bankruptcy and medical condition or crisis! It's just like balancing the check book. Money in and money out to pay the bills. But we can't spend money we don't have! Or we will end up in jail ultimately! You do the math on your own daily lifestyle and eating habits! If we dine daily at our fast food joints and drive thru coffee places and drink soda's all day then we have gotten NO nutrients in return. In return we join with 64% of Americans overweight or obese with placing ourselves high on the WAITLIST for a pending PREVENTABLE disease such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gallstones, sleep apnea, constipation etc etc! Our body FAT is a storehouse of toxins! So when was the last time your doctor put it to you like that?? Hats off to those who do because they are telling you the truth. YOU are the one making YOU get sick enough they can diagnose YOU with something that is PREVENTABLE that you'll then have to take medicine for!!! Add up your risk factor or guarantee of a pending health crisis: OBESITY + SMOKING + ALCOHOL use daily puts you at the top of the list for unplanned trouble! Expect it because it will happen soon. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a "different" result!

Health care has rarely used the "O" word with patients. Kind of like the pink elephant in the living room whom everyone pretends is not there! Your doctor would not want to offend you by pointing out you are OBESE and your health condition is caused from OBESITY, poor eating habits and lack of exercise! Heavens no! Then we'd storm off taking our business and $$$ elsewhere! And chances are the doctors and nurses are clueless themselves about their own obesity and health conditions that are pending for themselves and that their own poor eating choices and lack of physical activity are responsible for those preventable diagnosis' as well! They join with the rest of the 8 out of 9 Americans who do NOT drink enough water or get their 5-9 vegetable and fruit servings per day nor get enough exercise! So there we have it!

2008 things are changing! For the first time health care providers are having to be forthright with us about the cause and prevention of obesity, DIABETES, CANCER AND HEART DISEASE ETC! The government has threatened to withhold medicare paychecks if health care does not get their patients healthy!! Diabetes alone is a preventable epidemic that has increased 6 fold since 1957 and is costing the United States and taxpayers $132,000,000,000 per year in medical fees, lost wages, and time off work etc. WHY is this happening? Daily JUNK FOOD, drive thru's, soda's and donuts and NOT getting enough nutrients or exercise or water! If we aren't then we are teaching our kids to eat and live the same way resulting in the epidemic CHILDHOOD obesity and health problems causing them their mortality issues as well!
If your ailments are not reeling in abnormal lab tests yet then keep it up and keep going back because soon you'll have something to give it a dismal diagnosis. That is if you choose not to change your "normal" ways! ONLY you can do for you what needs to be done. You have to SAVE yourself and DON'T GET DEAD!
Lose weight! What is your BMI? Get into a healthy range.
Increase your physical activity to 30 minutes of something cardio per day or 3 X per week!
Ditch soda's and fancy coffee's and drink good water or herb TEA's.
Eat your 5-9 fresh veggies and fruit per day.
Eat only whole grain breads, pasta's or brown rice instead of white, white white types!
Keep your animal products to a minimum! Less than 1/3 of your meal! Or 3 oz per day!
No more white sugar, white flour or white rice anything!
Do NOT eat more calories than you will burn! Most of these things above are "eat all you want." You will not go hungry! Choose fresh veggies with pretty colors and premium ingredients and find yourself dropping 10 pounds and then another until you are in the healthy range out of pending disease danger!
Shape up and Lose 10!
Above all, don't feel bad! You are in good company with 64% of other Americans in denial! Just get out and do something GOOD and save yourself and your children!! Baby steps are good steps to start with. The more you do the better you will feel which will be your future motivation to do even more!! Good luck!
Watch Dr. Hans Diehl and learn about OBESITY>how to cut calories today!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hats OFF to the best words from an HMO!

Check out this great video that potentially captures the essence of disease in its early moments of creation! That's right, disease is created and birthed into existance by our daily lazy habits as candid as this young mans confession!

Also hats off to a radio ad I hear from a local HMO that is broadcasting the dangers of America's 160 pound per year sugar habit! That averages to 41 tsp of sugar per day per person! Why is that? Because it is in everything we consume on a daily basis and the ad further warns it being the front running culprit behind 26 million diagnosed diabetics and the 56 million sugar addicted with "prediabetes" and the new cancer diagnosis' and heart disease etc etc etc!

Anymore truths like that being broadcast and we may hear just enough to begin to heal ourselves and "gee," NOT get the expected diagnosis of our supersizing, fast food sugar addicted culture! Save yourself NOW and Don't get DEAD! Staying healthy SURE CAN SAVE OURSELVES alot OF MONEY IN OVERPRICED HEALTH CARE PREMIUMS!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can you afford your Healthcare Premiums???

So, let's think this whole thing through. Why do so many Americans go without health care insurance? 250 million have it but only 50 million folks don't. Is it because the the government hasn't reached socialized medicine just yet so everyone can have it? Those poor poor folks who make too much money working for a living but don't get it through their jobs because the premiums are so high NOBODY can afford to pay it! Self Employed or Small Business Employers can't afford to pay it and the HMO's and PPO's have it so far OUT of reach that NOBODY can pay for it on their own if they wanted to! Now, if you don't work silly and suck off the government to take care of all the things you should be doing for yourself and you are irresponsible and make poor choices (or if you have the magic "last name" ethnicity) or whatever discrimination that IS allowed in acquiring coverage ?#!!$%&@??.... why is that kind of behavior rewarded with unlimited resources including health care coverage! Or should we really call it disease management instead of "health care"?

Who is in charge of HOW IT WORKS anyway? Politicians or Insurance companies or Drug companies? It seems like the most powerful industry/ political force is not concerned about your health but more about making MONEY and a lot of it. Are we at a national spending of 3 trillion dollars yet> about 1/6 of national spending???? But I predict that it will soon bankrupt itself if they don't begin to start curving itself into patient education and "health" promotion. I believe somebody higher up is starting to see the hand writing on the wall. The next step is rewarding healthy people lower premiums than the unhealthy! Tobacco companies are taxed to care for those dying with lung cancer aren't they??,!

If 64% of Americans are considered overweight or obese and currently costing America 98 billion dollars per year in costs related to obesity like coming up with the predicted stroke, heart attack, DIABETES (big surprise?) and cancer and high blood pressure, gallbladder disease etc etc that now requires a lot of money to take care of patients with these troubles, who exactly started the whole thing? Those with bad genes???? NO!! Think again what we have been putting in the grocery basket and swinging by the drive thru the last 10-20 years and now doing to our children! Exercise to offset what damage we have been doing to ourselves? NOPE 64% don't exercise either! 64% of Americans are shooting themselves in the foot daily and want the other 36% to pay the BILL for their troubles! In reality it is the 10-25% of the worst shape folks costing the HMO 80% of expenditures. This is not fair to the 36% that ARE on a quest to be healthy, not smoke or abuse alcohol or drugs and who are not overweight or obese. These folks should only have to pay 10% of what the rest of them should be paying. The careless and negligent should be made to pay in advance for their pending health doom! That's how to make healthcare affordable. (I know that will never happen!)

Well, with these figures in mind, medicine had failed to talk about the PINK ELEPHANT in the living room with patients a little too long and it may be too late to reverse the pendulum of rising COSTS because of people who ATE or SMOKED their way into costly disease under the name of FREEDOM! All the while keeping the business of MEDICINE thriving.

So, if you are a healthy person investing in your own well being by making wise choices, eating habits that sport a BMI of 25 or lower and consume a high fiber diet.... You don't smoke and don't consume alcohol (not more than 2-3 drinks per week) and you are physically fit, tell me why are you refused health care insurance when you try to get it on your own?? Why is it that if you actually were seen by a physician once or twice within the last 5 years for a sore shoulder or knee pain (which you were given MOTRIN for) are you refused coverage? OR Why are you charged twice the premium of someone who is undergoing cancer treatment or is a diabetic?

What about this sorry event: your spouse of over 20 years who's "job" carries the insurance, DIES, and the insurance company writes you a month later to tell you that YOU are no longer insured! Sorry! SO the nightmare begins on top of the grief of losing your loved one. Nobody wants to insure you because you may have used your health care plan in the last few years for this or that! This is real sad folks. This is why people don't have coverage. They make it too hard to get or keep! Unless the little people can afford $500+ per month!

SO.... insurance companies only let you in if you are healthy and will pay the same ridiculous premium or "deal" that the obese patient with 3-4 diagnosed serious health conditions gets to pay too? Insurance companies get the BIG business corporate employers to pay the same price for everybody regardless of their "health"? That is bingo! You are only "lucky to have it" if you work for a big corporation that just pays it for you. This monopolizes the act of aquiring healthcare insurance! God knows if you loose your JOB AND you were a frequent flyer over at the local medical office it is safe to say you will NEVER get coverage on your own because you used it so you will either be denied OR will have to pay so much its NOT worth it!

Recently, there is scuttle of charging people according to their BMI! I said that is the fairest and most motivating factor in getting people to take responsibility for their own health and pending health crisis! Shake up America! People need to pull their head OUT of the sand about OBESITY including the health care workers themselves! Check out this story!,3566,414861,00.html

I know the obese people think this is horrid but really they have been uninformed for so many years by the medical community that it is shocking to them to think "fat" has anything to do with anything! Fat is killing our loved ones with cancer and striking our families at younger and younger ages! Truth is we LOVE you and don't want you to GET DEAD!

So for now, the poor hard working folks that just want a little coverage, I say, get some kind of hospitalization in case you get in an accident and stay healthy! SAVE your money and RE-Invest it in your own longevity and quality of life and get support at to learn to SAVE yourself and reduce your RISK now while you still can!! That is prevention! Don't GET the disease in the first place! Because? YOU DON"T HAVE TO! Eat right to feel great!

If you ever get a cold or flu, "heal thyself " with nutrients and your body recovers all by itself with 80% of the things anyway or you can pay cash at the popular

across the country! A $60 office visit once or twice per year WITH A FEW LABS THROWN IN is much cheaper than $300 plus premium per month per person when you are too healthy to even need it!

Thanks for letting me share. This whole topic gets me riled up when prices are so out of reach for the healthy people! It's not fair!

Now you pick for yourself: You want to be thick or thin for life? For your health, choose thin!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Woo Hoo! Go RED Ladies and SAVE your OWN HEART!!!!

We hold our heart health in our own hands!
As February is the focus for ladies to increase awareness for the prevention of HEART DISEASE let us take a look at the real causes and prevention of heart disease. Even if there may be a hereditary factor in your risk for heart disease it just means we have to adhere to the things that may just save our lives! Men and Women!
Lets state the obvious first!STOP SMOKING to decrease the probability of a heart crisis!
Get up and get MOVING and start getting some good exercise. If we are not clearing the SLUDGE out of our veins/arteries with 30 minutes per day workout of SOMETHING or at minimum 3 days per week we are just helping things clog up for a pending health demise! Exercise is a great STRESS reliever as well. It can defuse the toxic effects of stress in our lives.
IF we are overweight or obese or anyone not eating 5-9 vegetables and fruit per day or eating the needed whole grains 6-9 serving per day then expect trouble sooner than you think! We need only 3 oz of animal product protein per day. So what have YOU been eating instead? Find out your BMI and get to work to get it down to 25!
These 3 things alone and getting into a healthy weight will reduce our OWN risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and or diabetes! Its a recipe that could be the "panacea" of our time! Eat right to feel great!

That is what is here for: to nag nag nag!

ALSO LADIES BEWARE! Whacko hormones??? Anyone who has a history of estrogen use over time become estrogen dominant which puts us at increased risk of a heart episode, osteoporosis and cancer among other things. Any woman over 40 "or" with a hysterectomy should research immediately why they could PROTECT themselves with the simple daily use of progesterone cream to balance out what our ovaries no longer produce. MANY of the side effects of menopause can find relief after a few months of this regimine. PROGESTERONE CREAM IS SOLD AT ANY HEALTH FOOD STORE! Try this order online!

For more info: Obtain a copy of Dr. Lee's book, WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT BE TELLING YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE!

ALSO: find out today the breakdown of what your cholesterol reading is. This is your biggest warning and heads up! The focus is on your LDL being in a healthy range under 100 to be safe. Your HDL to be well over 50! Now, the main cholesterol number is NOT enough information. We need the whole breakdown. Also, make sure your "sugar" habit/addiction is not clogging your arteries too with high triglycerides! (keep it much less than 150!) Steer clear of diabetes! You can reverse your tendency/risk with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity and avoiding alcohol! Save yourself NOW!
The BIG push for DIET and Lifestyle changes from the AHA: