Friday, November 20, 2015

Warning Signs in a Local Restaurant...

I walked in a place to have breakfast the other day and saw this sign at the hostess station!

I have mixed feelings about it though I appreciate the honesty. This sign should be on the windows at the grocery store since 80-90% of their items are processed foods full of chemicals that are known carcinogens, GMO foods infused with pesticides built right in and hormone disruptor's, to name just a few.

Where ELSE should we see this sign posted?  The downtown medical office and pharmacy of course!
Especially those promoting the popular annual flu VAX and the excessive modern assault of vaccines which are full of known carcinogens and neuro-toxins and hormone altering chemicals! This specific industry of "modern medicine" historically refuses to address root cause resolutions to obtaining or maintaining our precious good health.  Nutritional science reports repeatedly, that there are plenty of recommendations of foods that support the body to HEAL ITSELF rather than exacerbate the inflammatory conditions by piling in more adverse chemical toxins, however, the medical schools continue to crank out licensed professionals who have had little to ZERO, training on dietary and lifestyle solutions even though science has concluded 80-90% of chronic disease comes from this category of causes! Yet, we must check with our doctor BEFORE making any diet or lifestyle changes? Zero training gets the last word? What's WRONG with that picture?

As long as even the media refuses to report objectively because their bread and butter is paid by their sponsors, the DRUG DEALERS, then we will have to SAVE ourSELVES and NOT get DEADsies early from auto-intoxication.  We gotta WAKE-UP and realize HOW it happens!

There are things we can do!  Educate thyself!

I have 2 programs that provide guidance and direction with simple steps toward changing things up on quality and eliminate known foods that exacerbate inflammatory conditions!

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7 out of 10 USA deaths are from a preventable chronic disease!

Most toxic chemicals circulating in our air, water, soil and food products:

Injecting cancer and auto-immune disease via heavy metals and contaminated aborted fetal DNA, animal pus or DNA via vaccines anyone?  Are you informed of these ingredients before receiving your vaccines?

Most infectious disease was eliminated before vaccines in the 1940'2 -1950's due to clean running water to homes, refrigeration and flushing toilets.  
When I was a kid I got 4-5 vaccines to start school in the 1960's.
My kids in the early 1980's needed 7 injections to start school.
Today kids need 50 injections to start school.  
What in the world?  Are you kidding me?  Has there EVER been a study to prove giving all these to a infant and small child is safe to give in bunches of 5?  NO there is NO such study but what we have staring us in the face is the correlation of exploding stats of chronic and autoimmune diseases in children today.  MORE SIDS, autism, more ADHD and related behavior problems has become the norm when it was rare just 30 years ago!  Ask any teacher with tenure educating in public schools now compared to when they started their careers 20-30 years ago!

Hello?   Is this the PINK ELEPHANT in the room of sickness and disease?