Monday, February 25, 2008

Simple steps to SAVE your own HEART!

There are things you can do to prevent a bad heart episode! Stop smoking, increase exercise, lose weight if you are obese and choose from the healthy "fats" list ie: olive oil and avacado's for your RDA and make sure you eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruit to meet your fiber RDA etc etc etc!

Find out today the breakdown of what your cholesterol reading is. This can be your biggest warning and heads up! The focus is on your LDL being in a healthy range under 100 to be safe. Your HDL to be well over 50! Now, the main cholesterol number is NOT enough information. We need the whole breakdown. Also, make sure your "sugar" habit/addiction is not clogging your arteries too with high triglycerides! (keep it much less than 150!) Steer clear of diabetes! You can reverse your tendency/risk with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity and avoiding alcohol! Save yourself NOW!

The BIG push for DIET and Lifestyle changes from the AHA: