Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stop at your local Road Side Produce stand!

I love these fresh picked produce stands especially those with the honor system and tin can to deposit your money! What fun and "Oh My!" there is really nothing better! If you don't see these where you are then how about the local produce market with fresh picked in season from local growers? It's the best method for healthy eating today!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Health Reform starts in the GARDEN!

All of this HOOP la about health care coverage is overrated. Socialized medicine is on the loom and will drastically reduce the quality of care when you are presenting with a serious need! Prevention is the cure for soaring health care prices! Prevention is NOT NEEDING their services because you do NOT have the diagnosis of hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, gallstones and all the many other problems that arise from our self induced bad health habits! Problem is NOBODY has ever instructed us how NOT to need their services!

You would not go out and buy a car and stand out in the street and shoot holes in it and the gas tank and then expect the government to fix it and pay for it because it doesn't work anymore, would you? That is exactly where we are at in history where our health is concerned. Somebody has been making ALOT of money on our bad habits and never sat us down and looked us in the eye and told us how and why this has happened to us!

While insurance companies have the monopoly on health care pricing, drug companies make the most donations to medical schools. This has a significant influence on what is taught. Sure early detection is important if we fit into the category of 64% of Americans who are obese and not exercising or we have been avid smokers and drinkers of alcohol. Y'all really are going to need those expensive services unless you begin NOW to SAVE your own life and NOT GET DEAD! It all begins by what you put in your grocery basket. Does it nurture life into your body or is it slowly killing you?

I recommend the government giving tax credits for normal BMI's as an incentive to get AMERICA healthy like nobody else can. We are in charge of what we are doing to our body's! NO one to blame but us. Bad habits X 20-30 years = trouble!

We have to take responsibility for our 80% part. Then using state of the art health care services for the unforseen 20% that's NOT our FAULT! And accidents and catastrophes etc! How about this; reasonable coverage for the healthy: health care plans covering hospitalization and for the first 3 office visits per year only and then have the deductable begin!. (covers for routine health screenings etc etc! ) The rest of the visits paid out of pocket! That will change up how health care works you watch! The best answer today is to SAVE YOURSELF because the coverage coming....well, you are not going to like it! However, you will not care if you reduce your risk and will not need it! Let's not be like sheep going to the slaughter folks!  Thanks for letting me babble!  All I know is socialized medicine will not be a coverage we would like IF we are in trouble!  Best to save ourselves NOW!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Standup2Cancer? Then Eat4life2live and Save yourself!

Save yourself and DON'T GET DEAD! For over 20 years we at have been on a crusade to stand up to CANCER and the other self made degenerative disease of our era like diabetes, coronary artery disease etc!

Wouldn't it be silly if we heard the notorious bank robber who gets thrown in prison say, "Gee, this is awful, how can I get out of prison? This is a terrible place and nobody should have to go to prison. How much money can I donate to the cause, Let's help people get out of prison? Then maybe someone can get me Outta here" LOL! Go ahead, you'd say, "that's what you get for breaking the law and robbing banks, DUMBASS!"

Though my TV was monopolized to tune in to Standup2Cancer there was not a word of the fact that 80% of all cancers are PREVENTABLE! That's right "don't need to happen" if it is up to us! With all that money they raise how much does it really cost to tell the truth to the people so they can save themselves and NOT GET CANCER in a simple commercial? All politicians know that if we see it enough on TV, then the folks tend to believe that something is true! Let's spend that money showing the truth that went with all those famous people that got "deadsies" who have passed on from cancer. If they could come back they would say, Yeah I was a dumbASS, I was a smoker for 30-40 years. Or Hey, what an idiot I was a smoker and a BOOZER! Sure that's why I got cancer! But YOU don't have to! Or how about look at me, my OBESITY, ol FAT ME got me dead! I should have lost weight... Why didn't anyone tell me I was killing myself and would die this horrible death because I loved sugar, and hated to eat my vegetables! Oh, so it was all the dairy and beef that got me dead too? All the steroid and growth hormones those animals ate got me DEAD? How come they allowed that possible anyway? OR , I hated to eat vegetables and I was faithful to take those hormones for years for the perks that oops GOT me dead with CANCER???? Yes, those memorial tribute pictures should have sub titles if they could just tell us WHY they got cancer! They all know WHY now if they got to stand before God in Heaven!

There is a recipe to get cancer and nobody will probably tell you that it's 80% chance going to be your own fault. Sadly, the profession that is dedicated to trying to fix us after we have shot ourselves in the foot over and over for years will never have the time or energy to say more than: "hey, better loose weight or quit smoking or quit drinking cuz, it's not good for you." Yeah, I bet all the cancer victims heard that once or twice but they chose their own demise by sticking their head in the sand about the facts. BUT we don't have to!!

35% of all cancer is related to lousy diet and lacking in:

* Fiber = foods grown from the earth!

* the required 5-9 "power-packed" garden fresh veggies and fruit per day to give your own body the nutrients it needs to fight off daily exposure to free radical cells that cause cancer.

* Whole grains instead of white sugar and white flour products.

* Eat more beans and fish or chicken than other fast foods and animal products you have been doing.

* Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily with fresh squeezed lemon in it rather than those super-sized soda's and high fructose corn syrup drinks or frequent alcohol drinks.

30% of all cancers are from smoking. Say no more....

Drinking 3 or more alcohol drinks per day is equivalent to smoking a pack a day of cigarettes for cancer risk. Taking drugs daily, street drugs or prescribed ones have side effects that weaken an immune system . Ladies, years of estrogen drugs are bringing us back at the doctors office with "uh oh" horrible repercussions after many years! THEY ARE DANGEROUS!

5-10% may have family history factor. That doesn't mean we have to inherit or mimmick the family bad habits- that got them cancer!

*Momma's about heredity, be careful what you do while pregnant!
Are you eating what it takes to create a healthy baby or do you smoke? Drink alcohol or do drugs? Drinking soda's?? Those are the worst for making a baby! Do you eat garden fresh foods or fast foods, yellow foods that have no nutrients for health? Yellow foods: mac n cheeze from a box, fried chicken tenders, french fries, fast food cheeseburgers, pizza and the like....

5-18% may be environmental related from occupational, toxin exposure or affected tap water.

National Cancer Institute and American Institute of Cancer Research are my favorite sources for HELP, guidelines for prevention and resources that will be better than any telethon asking for your money. Or you can keep coming back here for a kick in the butt for free to SAVE YOURSELF and DON't GET DEAD! So ask yourself what you are doing daily that causes cancer FOR SURE? With numbers like these we MUST take responsibility for our own HEALTH! What am I doing or not doing? How do I feed my kids?

USA Socialized medicine is on the loom and under that system it cannot afford ($$$) to help everyone that gets cancer because to fix us AFTER we get it is a much harder, costly task with slimmer chances of survival. So are you gonna stick your head in the sand and keep doing the CAUSE of cancer or will you be part of the solution before it IS the problem? It's up to you. NOT the scientists to find a get out of jail free card when you broke the laws (of health) deliberatley or ignorantly! Though if we are lucky enough to get a reprieve from successful therapy, does the dog return to the vomit and once again indulge in the things that got him there? I think NOT! Just like young, handsome President Obama is a chain smoker yet he is verbally pushing for the cure of cancer and socialized medicine instead of Hey! STOP doing what you know is going to cost the taxpayers and health care system millions of dollars it cannot afford for everyone who is killing themselves on purpose! Geez! It's not that big of a mystery!

Thanks for stopping in! PS: I hate cancer too and am grieved by the pain and agony of my loved ones who suffered through chemo and traditional treatment and died needlessly. I don't love them any less, if they were smokers, or obese, I am inspired by what they would say NOW, if they could come back with a voice for prevention. Thus, was born.

Are you eating like you are going to the fair everyday?

If you really want to stand up to cancer take a look in your own grocery basket first! Look at what you have been putting in your own MOUTH everyday! Mix that with little exercise and wa-la is it cancer for me?