Monday, June 26, 2006

IT's GETTING "CHILLY" about now!!!

OK lets face the COLD HARD FACTS! What are the facts? Where are the facts kept? Well let me share with you where I found some good data I don't hear shared with anyone in my profession! I've even hooked you up to some great web links so you can run for it on your own. Later.

First let me share my resources for the following information. Studies compiled neatly from the US Surgeon General reports,(he ought to carry some weight!) various medical journals, the National Cancer Institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
US Dept of Health and Human Services.......on and on etc. (see attached)

Drum roll please.....dah dah dah da dah daaaahhh!
The facts say that:
70-80% of America's disease and deaths are preventable and premature!
70% of our health problems comes from our personal lifestyle!
1/3 of all cancers are from smoking!
35% of cancers are from poor diet!
80% of cancer are preventable!
Less than 10% of dieases have a hereditary factor! What?!?!?
Only 10% of disease is from environmental toxic exposure.
Less than 10% of our health is impacted by medical care treatment! WHAT?!!#%%#@@**==++
Diabetes is up 700 % since World War II.
Diabetes has doubled in the last 10 years at 18 million and only a few from hereditary links! Now 20 million have the all new "pre-diabetes" dx. It means, keep it up and you'll be a full on diabetic SOON!
64% of Amercia is overweight or obese and does not get proper exercise!
Our childrens bones are breaking more weakened by soda consumption.

Our popular diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gout, arthritis, obesity, constipation, diverticulitis, heartburn, impotence, depression and gallbladder disease are a result of poor eating habits, too much junk food void of vital nutrients, lack of exercise, smoking, or caffiene use or sugar addiction, consistant alcohol use and stress overload with a poor support system in place. NOTICE: these are things we put in our mouth all by ourselves!!!!! "That's what I'm talkin about!!" Pick out where you slot in and pray for courage to change.

Why would we even drink water when we can have a coffee mocha latte or a soda??
This is how we live! It's going to do us or our children in! We think "it's my life" but what about the same lifestyle and bad habits we teach our children!! Have you seen a young child die of cancer?? This will change you forever. There is hope!

We can change our course at any time we can pull out and change the road we've been on!! Tag your vices and pray for guidance and wisdom and insight!! Even a terminal illness can have hope with the changes that will be suggested here. Maybe it will only change the way we feel with what time we have left. More good days than bad. That's the least that can happenwith the information that is pending here! The baby stuff I call it are the early warning signs that there are toxins or deficiencies like: skin problems, rashes, chronic cold and flu, moody, depressed, headaches, PMS, leg cramps, indigestion, hemrhoids, fatigue and NO ENERGY.....anything sound familiar??

If I was a physician and I had a chance to make an impact on a life in sincerety I would shake you and say, "What are you doing to yourself?? Stop this lifestyle NOW or you will be very sick and DIE soon! Do you want to abandon your children leaving them orphans? Do you care that your passing will break hearts because it didn't need to happen?" Pregnant mothers do you know your baby is only as good as what you eat during it's formation? Junk food for you can make a sickly baby with health problems all its life! Have mercy. I wouldn't care if the truth hurt. It's info for saving lives!!

AAhh reality: the reason we don't hear these things is because it's a "business" we never want to offend the "customer" so they take their medical premiums somewhere else!!
OOOhh! I see now! That's how it is!

Yes, that IS how it is......... thanks for letting me share.....are you getting riled up yet??


Anonymous said...

Hi carylee i just want to say " I too want to live and serve the Lord, Thank you for you wisdom, I love the way God just brings people into our lives to speak just the words we need to hear and I have been hearing a lot about cleansing the body and it is something I have needed to do for a long time and hey God knows when its time to take those steps we need. Well thank you and God Bless..

Anonymous said...

This is sobering and serious information. I think it's true now that you put it this way. It's making me take a hard look at my ways. Thank you so much