Thursday, June 02, 2011

Out with the "OLD" Food Pyramid FINALLY we are encouraged to EAT RIGHT!

AICR using the FOOD PLATE for a decade but Michelle OBAMA just put it in the NEWS!
The FOOD PLATE for AICR Cancer Prevention

EAT4LIFE2LIVE says it simply the best:
Choose a diet rich in a variety of plant based foods!

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit in season. Get a dark green leafy vegetable daily! Choose whole grains daily!

Juice your own fresh, raw vegetables with fruit!

  • Drink pure spring water- 6-8 glasses daily! (try NO plastic bottles!)

  • Choose whole grains and legumes!

  • Choose fish or chicken more often

  • Choose raw honey, agave nectar or raw sugar to sweeten if needed(easy does it tho! Even try the herb STEVIA to sweeten -no calories!)
    Limit fats to olive, safflower, canola oils or organic coconut oil or butter to 2-4 TBS daily.
    Limit (or stop) any white flour, white sugar or white rice products.
    Limit salt to less than 1 tsp daily. I use Veg-Sal
    Limit (or stop) chemicals, NUTRISWEET, food colorings or preservatives.
    Limit (or stop) alcohol use to occasional only.
    Limit (or stop!)red meat and dairy to only 3-6 oz daily max..if desired. (We prefer almond milk for cereal to back out of dairy products.)
    Absolutely STOP any tobacco use!

  • A good word about dark greens!
    Foods that FIGHT cancer! AICR

    This IS how I live anyway.....This information can actually SAVE YOUR LIFE!
    Say this..."I wanna LIVE!!"

    Michelle Obama's NEW FOOD PLATE