Saturday, December 10, 2011

SAVE yourSELF and don't get DEAD! Healthcare may NOT be what saves us!

Save YOURSELF and don't get DEAD!  Say your prayers!  Ask for guidance and direction to change the course you are headed.  We are going to need it!  This story more than any other will give us the heads up that things will not turn out as planned in future healthcare while we run our selves "pell-mell" down the path of self destruct. For decades we will work our health into a state of crisis from our own poor food choices , vices and lack of exercise. Then when its time for someone else to be there to mend the brokeness...well..they just may not be there after all, acting in our best interest! I'm not saying,,,, I'm just saying! BeWARE!
A Neurosurgeon just giving a glimspe of what future OBAMA care looks like