Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is Heart Disease PREVENTABLE?

YES! According to the CDC, chronic metabolic diseases are PREVENTABLE!  Including Coronary Artery Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension and other obesity related illness.  Disease PREVENTION AND reversal WILL ALWAYS be found in the garden!

Chronic metabolic diseases are PREVENTABLE, including Coronary Artery Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension and other obesity related illness.  So WHY is it that, this is not the OMG TOP SUBJECT of the discussion when we walk through the doors of our local medical office?  Instead, we often are made to feel better about our impending demise that it is due to bad genes or it is a mystery but now that you are here, how about this pill to take to reduce your risk.  Maybe a piece a paper with a low fat diet recommendation and a follow up blood test in 2-6 months to see how the MEDICINE is working.   Perhaps the problem is that our mainstream physician is not trained in dietary causation, nutrition or prevention.  Perhaps, our physician does not believe anyone will change their diet so they better just take the pill. Perhaps, it is because only a few pennies out of every dollar spent in health care has an emphasis on prevention.  Perhaps, because only 4-6 % of mainstream physicians are savvy about the power of nutrients and lifestyle changes that can actually reverse chronic disease symptoms!  Perhaps, our health care provider doesn't want to RISK losing our BUSINESS, MONTHLY PREMIUMS and CO-PAYS if they inform us this may be all our own doing over many years and that we better straighten up and fly right or we may kill ourselves!

Hats off to the rising number physicians who are getting on board now with Integrative or Functional Medicine training that will focus on the ROOT cause of the issue in our lives and help us cut a new path of a lifestyle that compliments health and healing instead of JUST TAKE THIS drug or have this surgery!  Why not stop exacerbating the condition with foolish choices that are actually like shooting ourselves in the foot?

Great questions, and reason to think twice before you're throwing money in the hat for the all elusive cure that many fundraising charities lure us into giving because someone we LOVE died and needed that CURE!  Their money is in the looking for the cure that will never be found due to the lucrative business of pulling on our heart strings.  The CURE and science studies backing prevention and reversal of disease is very CHEAP and found in the garden!   And those who find the cure this way are demonized for the foolish notion that this is all it  takes by the BIG MONEY MACHINE that profits off of our demise.

In the 1970's the low fat DIET(and trans FAT margarine) was recommended and the results were even more heart disease.  WHY?  Because the answer is to eat the RIGHT fats not NO FATS!  People switched to all LOW fat and chose vegetable oils/trans fat that caused inflammation that caused more disease.  Healthy OMEGA=3 fats are essential for good health found in Fish oil, wild caught salmon, walnuts, seeds, tumeric and coconut oil is a SATURATED medium chain fatty acid that is actually GOOD for us that was poo poo'd by the authorities!

When we went LOW fat we switched to high sugar, then the government subsidized the cheaper form of sugar called HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (FDA approved) that caused chronic disease to escalate and caused inflammation in our body to flourish and obesity to sky rocket!

Then we got the green light from FDA, AMA to load up on artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners instead of sugar due to the diabetes cases tripling in a couple decades of following these recommendations!   Yikes!  What are we going to do?  Listen to every new thing coming down the media pike from information driven from a conflict of interest of profit or choose to SAVE ourSELVES and NOT get sick or DEAD before our time?

So, sugar is causing more heart disease, clogging our arteries, elevating our LDL and triglycerides, causing fatty liver, causing more diabetes and pre-diabetes by wearing out our pancreas, causing cancer and weakening our immune system so that our body cannot fight off invading germs, toxins and free radicals, AND the culprit behind the 70% of US residents now overweight or OBESE!  With that number our traditional health care system will bankrupt itself because right now the 20% currently with those diagnosed preventable conditions are spending 80% of the health care revenue.  At some point the 70% of obese folks now, will swell into the actual diagnosis and then there will be not enough $$$ to go around to care for us when we get the diagnosis!  So, lets NOT get sick instead OK?  80%  chance it is NOT a mystery, it is BAD habits that get us there!  Lets keep it real, the environment plays a part, stress plays a part,  lack of exercise, toxic chemicals, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and GMO foods play a part, and maybe less than 10% has hereditary factors that means we have to work a little harder to steer clear of the propensity for a certain illness!

So you see we are heading toward a cliff and the best solution is to SAVE ourselves!  Eat for your LIFE to LIVE!!  Eat your 5-9 daily fresh from God's garden vegetables and fruit, seeds, nuts and and eat healthy oils, avocado's, whole grains, (gluten free if needed) and minimal portions of clean grass fed, free range meats and fresh wild caught salmon!   Foods that heal are the answer for us feeling our best and living a long and happy life!

If you can't figure it out then ASK for guidance and direction!  Reach out!  Invest in a personal HEALTH COACH!  We gotta SAVE ourselves and NOT get DEADsies!

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