Monday, August 15, 2011

What are your FOOD choices doing for you? Are you ....fatsies?


Did you know that God's foods that are garden fresh and raw are power packed with nutrients, live enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals to keep our bodies in tip top shape and able to FIGHT OFF germs, toxins and virus' and the free radicals that TRY to make us sick???? Did you know our body REQUIRES a daily dark green vegetable just to prevent cancer?

Those fresh vegetables that should take up 2/3 of our plate rush nutrients, vitamins and minerals and amino acids to our tissues and organs to nourish, heal, renew, repair damage and strengthen us for the task of the day. They will rejuvinate our strength and stamina just like.... ol 'spinach' ....did for ol POPEYE!!

Did you know that garden fresh and organic fruit is full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants to provide "quick energy" and can serve as a cleanser of toxins in the body! They nourish and supply us with energy! A perfect desert too. Our first choice for the sweet tooth that can help not harm!

Whole grains and brown rice and whole beans are a must to sweep away any unwholesome food indulgence! They in return provide us with strength and energy, their vitamins , minerals, and amino acids keep us nourished and our blood sugar and digestive tract time at a normal level. Normal transit time for a meal eaten should be 12-18 hours for our body to use and extract all it needs until elimination! Not like the up and down roller coaster ride the inferior food types in the standard american diet. Standard transit time for lousy eaters is 48-72 hours! Because there is no fiber in that diet, it takes too long and gets hung up with a belly sticking out that is really full of (@$**%##%^) and allows toxins to store in our fat to permeate our well being into sluggishness, fatigue and lack of energy if not constipation and hemorrhoids!! This kind of eating causes stress on our liver, pancreas and gallbladder. If we don't straighten up we will be diabetic, or have gallstones or even a fatty liver or a cancer from all the junk food abuse and lack of nutrients in return!

Did you know that if you MUST consume an animal product that it should be one that eats these fresh raw God's Foods too? It is better for us to eat these FIRST hand than to get another animals "hand me down" nutrients. So with that in mind, our body must work much harder to break down the meat into use able nutrients, so even the BIGGEST boys around town need not more than a 3 0z serving per day to benefit from this type of protein and will meet the RDA. Protein is for building and repair. How much building and repair do you need in a day? If you have an injury then maybe you can exceed the RDA! Think about the cow. Huge as it is, it gets all the amino acids(protein) it needs from eating the dark green grasses ALL day! (Unless the animal is caged and pumped with steroid poisoned foods ie. even WORSE!) Few people are as big as the cow. So lets pay attention folks! Choose carefully what kind of meat you consume! Safe from steroid and hormones?

Eat RIGHT to feel great and LIVE healthy with a body that is able to fight off and defeat any virus, germ or toxin that tries to contact and hurt us!!

Save yourself! Don't get dead because you didn't KNOW and spent too many years killing yourself with the junk food VOID of any nutrients that leads to a breakdown of sickness and disease! Eat right and reverse your risk of death by a self induced disease!

The FAST track and guaranteed rode to get a Diabetes, Heart disease , High Blood pressure and/or a Cancer diagnosis?????
Consume daily the lethal substances subsidized"promoted" endorsed by the US government:
High fructose corn syrup 
Aspartame, Nutrisweet, fake "chemical"sweetners
Partial or hyrogenated oils like margarine 
Artificial colors, dyes or flavors
or any foods containing these or the new threat to our health is 
GMO foods genetically engineered seeds etc contain no life or health!
Take vaccines containing formaldehyde, aluminum or mercury. Do the research
Save YOURSELF and don't get dead!

Who exactly is trying to kill us?  Those who stand to gain a profit from our illness perhaps.....