Friday, November 13, 2009

Ladies, Got Whacko Hormones?

Many of us at age 40 or approaching menopause or are through menopause naturally or by default as done by force via: HYSTERECTOMY. WE owe it to ourselves to self-educate on the benefits of daily use of PROGESTERONE CREAM! This is vital to our well being and youthfulness! We can self protect ourselves against osteoporosis, cancer, heart attack, or just alleviate the PMS or menopausal symptoms and many other things; just a little dab will do it! If you have been a user of estrogen drugs for ANY reason you owe it to yourself to investigate this idea of progesterone cream for the replacement for your health because your "old ovaries" are no longer producing!!!! The prescribed drugs are not safe or natural and have a serious potential of side effects! S C A R Y !!!
Check it out! Progesterone Cream is the number one place to start! WITH THESE CREAMS YOU JUST RUB IN A LITTLE EVERYDAY ALTERNATING THE SPOTS YOU APPLY IT DAILY. What a difference it makes reducing the intensity of hotflashes and the number you have per day.
Check out what WEBMD says about the benefits of natural custom-made hormone cream compounds!
Ladies take the test and then take the time to watch a 1 hour seminar, a full explanation of what is happening during the menopause process and that there is HOPE!. There is something SAFE we can do to heal ourselves from whacko hormone side effects of menopause!
Also you may shop online and take the tests provided to get your hormone skin cream blend based on the symptoms your are having and where you are in the process. Do research this site to start your "over the counter hormone supplement cream" derived from Wild Yam sources as a bioidentical hormone replacement.
After all your research and hope for a better and restored YOU, get the testing done and have a phone consultation with a DOCTOR who can prescribe your custom blend cream based on your results, that is mailed to you from a certified compound pharmacy.