Tuesday, November 27, 2018

By 2030 there may NOT be enough INSULIN MEDS for Diabetics?

It should be frightful when we can't get any intelligent information from our leaders in the health care industry about how to keep our health and wellness without chemical solutions and/or what causes these diseases yet, they can predict that the chronic preventable disease stats are escalating at break neck speed and in just a decade or so their may not be enough medicine to cover the treatment for diabetes and other mainstream conditions,

As people around the globe continue to get fatter, diabetes rates will continue to rise and insulin supplies will be in short supply, a new Lancet study warns.

"By 2030, an estimated 79 million adults with type 2 diabetes are expected to need insulin. But if current quantities of the medicine remain level, as many as 40 million sufferers could be left without it, according to a report in the journal The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology."https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/ny-news-millions-with-diabetes-no-insulin-20181121-story.html

THIS should be our wake up call....
                                                         "We gotta SAVE OURSELVES!"

This phrase which I have coined as my modern day mantra is actually inspired from the Bible!

Philippians 2:12  KJV
“Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” 

My objective and drive for truthful, evidence based nutritional science can be a true game changer for those living in our modern toxic world with a desire to obtain a diet and lifestyle that supports health and healing instead of starving it to death!  The NCI declares that 87% of adults and 93% of children are NOT getting the standard recommendation of vital nutrients needed for good health via REAL fruits and vegetables is indeed the pink elephant in the living room to confront!  

I know its easier and a time saver for uninformed providers to blame all our ills on bad luck or bad genes, but in my opinion, this is just reckless and perhaps borderline wicked!  I know they can't comment on what they were not taught in medical school because wait for it... THEY in most cases were not taught a thing about clinical nutrition!  WOW!  This is the world we live in.  THIS missing piece of the puzzle can be at the brunt of many unpleasant symptoms of preventable disease in our society! 

These kind of dismal predictions which correlate with exploding stats of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, fatty liver, Alzheimer's and brain damaged kids has been my passionate inspiration behind cranking out my new book called 
                                              THE HEALTH RECOVERY ZONE!   

There are things we can do and there are reasons for almost every modern day illness and it is safe to say most of us in the past 30 years especially, have been cleverly, chemically manipulated into sickness, disease and the obesity that drives them.  Then, the more people that acquire these man made illnesses, they start calling them NORMAL!   WHAT the @#%$@!    With all that being said there really is HOPE for us to turn this titanic ship of self destruct around with just a little education from what has maintained the health of humans for thousands of years!  And it is also worthy to note that FOOD CHOICES may only be a small part of the equation to obtaining health recovery!  If we quit trying to put a bandage on the one symptom out of whack but rather look at balancing many factors which will include nourishing the whole person, spirit, soul AND BODY then we may have a shot at truly seeing life changes that heal!  Our body was created to HEAL ITSELF, only if we give it what it needs to stay healthy.  There are many factors to balance and it isn't that hard when we get pointed in the right direction!  As a health coach this is the favorite part of my job!  Helping people discover the power of simple diet and lifestyle solutions creating outcomes that will also impress our doctor!  How wonderful when the doctor says our numbers are so good we don't NEED the medicine!!

Would you like a little guidance and direction in getting pointed in the right direction, reducing inflammatory triggers you didn't even know were exacerbating things?  Imagine your favorite health coach standing along side you as we discuss the PINK ELEPHANT or obvious trigger, having a discussion about it and then pointing you onto a better path toward health and healing that is results driven!  I share MY story, my experience. strength and hope, what works, what I have learned studying science, AND especially, what put my autoimmune disease in remission without drugs!  My story telling writing style is sort of like what the Ghost of Christmas past did for ol Scrooge!  As they looked back on things or events in this life, taking a new view, it transformed the way he looked at things, it renewed his mind and transformed his obstinate soul!  No matter what we hear on the news, there is HOPE without chemical interference! I love this old BJ PALMER quote,  it rings so true and the very idea we have neglected to notice!
                                     "Nature needs no help, just NO interference!"

Click here on this picture and secure your handbook of HOPE and my labor of love as your new FAVORITE health coach EVER!  Most every inspired reader finds they have several people they love that must have it also!  There is not another book out there quite like this one!  Even Jesus would ask this question BEFORE he healed someone,  "DO YOU WANT TO BE WELL?"

Friday, October 26, 2018

Battling the Cold and FLU yet?

Recently, I had an opportunity to look to my go-to home remedies when I became afflicted with one of the 200+  circulating virus' which I used as a way to remind myself what works for me or not! Optimally, at the onset within a few hours of the first symptoms, I immediately begin to POWER UP with the nutrients that will help my body HEAL ITSELF!  That is different than using nutrients like a drug to address one symptom.  The "symptom" is my CLUE that my immune system is in a weakened state for whatever the reason may be.  The BEST thing I can do is begin to power up with things that support health and healing rather than continue to consume things (SUGAR, HFCS, GLUTEN GRAINS, DAIRY, etc) that will challenge my ability to get well and stay well!

What do I do with the typical upper respiratory infection (URI)?  First I grab my vitamin C and I prefer the E-MERGEN-C powder drink and do a double (2 pack) and I'll add a drop or 2 of Nascent iodine and then add collodial silver in the drink.  I may do that 2 x per day until I am better.  The medical professionals suggest we treat our symptoms for relief and that antibiotics are not indicated and may take 2-4 weeks to recover from the typical virus.  Following that lead, this is what I do to get me on the mend sooner than later.   Thank goodness I was prepared with my Elderberry/echinacea tincture I made in the summer.  Studies have shown that these 2 medicinal plants can be instrumental in getting us well faster if taken at first onset, than most OTC suggestions that DO NOT CURE but just help our comfort levels while we are suffering!

I made my anti-microbial sore throat spray in a 2 oz spray bottle. (1/3 organic apple cider vinegar, 1/3 Elderberry tincture, 1/3 collodial silver, 1-2 drops stevia, oregano and thyme essential oil)  And that actually was a great relief!  I keep those essential oil combos handy (eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, clove etc) to put a drop or 2 on my hanky, or on a hot wet wrung out wash cloth as a steam treatment over my nose and mouth if I get in a coughing fit or for sinus relief!  Of course I make a nice cup of HOT TEA with a medicinal blend for my symptoms (Gypsy Cold Care by Traditional Medicinals is nice) and adding my raw honey to sweeten and soothe my throat is lovely, fresh lemon is a boost as well. Too bad I was not ready with my FIRE CIDER this year!  I haven't been sick in probably over 5 years!  My elderberry tincture can make a perfect cough syrup when I warm 1 part raw honey with 1 part tincture into a syrup.  I also will add a tablespoon of tincture into my cup of hot tea to for the antioxidant boost.

Besides drinking plenty of alkalizing liquids, dark green veggie juices, water, and bone broth soups needed to flush out the toxins, getting plenty of sleep and rest is all we usually have the strength to do.  JUST GO WITH IT!  When we are resting, and because we have powered up, the body does its best housecleaning work while we are sleeping!  Of course a fever is natures way of turning the heat up to kill the pathogens causing the illness so if I don't have a fever I will simulate one by warming up on my BIOMAT which is a very soothing and relaxing far infared treatment that can simulate a fever!

Sitting outside in fresh air and sunshine is incredibly healing also and I do so every chance I can when feeling man-down!  During fall and winter, vitamin D deficiencies is one reason WHY we become vulnerable in the first place!  The other healing treatment I do is an epsom salt (1-2 cups) bath for a hot soak with lavender and ecalyptus essential oils added too.  20-30 minute soaks will transdermally boost my magnesium levels needed for health and healing too!  Say YES to antioxidants, fresh air, vitamin D and C, lots of liquids to keep things loosened up to get rid of it easy, hot baths and lots of rest for health recovery!  You are gonna make it!  But we gotta SAVE OURSELVES!

GRAB this handbook of HOPE with HEALTH RECOVERY ACTION STEPS today that can support you with your wellness plan!



Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Do you TRUST the safety of the USDA Food Pyramids?

All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, 
the challenge of science is to find it.

ACUTE chemical manipulation and industry induced illness began as a social experiment on the trusting public most obvious since 1980;s.  What Americans actually have done for the last 30 years with the recommended USDA 1980-1992 FOOD PYRAMID guidelines looks like this graphic above. It is the gateway to internal inflammatory conditions!  It is the glorified standard American diet! Obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease stats skyrocketed in just a decade after following the very unhealthy government food pyramid officially released in 1992.  NOPE!  We cannot blame these escalating adversities on the bad family genes!  Nearly all mainstream med doctors, nurses and registered dietitians are trained to obediently promote and continue to do so, naively convinced the USDA FOOD PYRAMID is actually healthy!

Since the early 1900's the government has been conducting social experiments on the public with various medical and diet suggestions!   It wasn't until the last 30 + years or so that we have witnessed such a convoluted mess of "advice" perpetuated by and rammed through from special interest BIG FOOD and BIG PHARMA!  Who bows down to worship and carry out the latest in government idea's about health, diet and prevention strategies?  Modern medicine or what I now refer to as political medicine!  To be fair the health care industry is NOT the only entity that has gone political to secure profits.  Since the 1980's we find the USDA FOOD PYRAMID is nothing more than political BIG FOOD organizations dictating suggestions, through lobbying and making huge campaign donations to the politicians they expect to protect their industry business profits while throwing the health of the nation under the bus! The biggest persuaders?  Commercial beef, poultry, pork and dairy, GMO corn, sugar, HFCS, soy and wheat farmers are subsidized by government and all these foods are fed to school children from the surplus.  Plumped up our children with obesity within the first decade!  BIOTECH corporations responsible for creating bombs and chemicals to kill things are now able to dump their toxic excess chemicals into our food system, water ways and  medications.  What we have witnessed in return are synonymous exploding stats in obesity, diabetes, cancer, GERD, heart disease, asthma, fatty liver, CAD, depression, hormone disruption, cognitive decline in children and adults thus the Alzheimer's epidemic super rare only a few decades back.  Guess who just happens to own the patent medical treatments for each of these now common medical issues?  Guess...

Lets take a look at what I am sharing today in hindsight.  Up until perhaps 1981 or so there were actually legit leaders in nutritional science who crafted a suitable unbiased recommendation for eating a well balanced diet rich with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber needed to sustain health for many years.    Luise Light who had helped create the unrevised 1980 recommendations wrote a book about the industry collusion and intimidation.  Fatally Flawed Food Guide by Luise Light, Ed.D , she was a leader of a group of top-level nutritionists with the USDA who developed the eating guide that became known as the Food Guide Pyramid only it wasn't what the nutritionists decided.  In 1992 they published the 1980 deconstructed pyramid to encourage milk drinking, processed junk food, trans fat, hydrogenated GMO vegetable oils and margarine and and a reckless amount of starchy-grains daily.  Her warning was that it would cause an epidemic of obesity and diabetes and that is not all it caused.  She was right!

There was the USDA botanist Dr James A. Duke who traveled the world exploring plants with medicinal benefits including those that caused cell death to cancer cells.  His data base on all medicinal plants studied over his 30 year career until they shut down his program is HERE.  BIG PHARMA and political medicine would never thrive if people got them selves well or stayed healthy without chemical dependency, thus many research programs were de-funded.  Political medicine is quick to accept their marching orders from the industry executives strategically on the decision making board with an extreme vested interest in the sale of various food, medicine or vaccine patents at CDC, HHS, and USDA organizations.  It seems mainstream medicine is their puppet on a string. They get a steady stream of new sick people to get paid handsomely to manage reimbursed by government programs while also charging horrendous premiums to the patient.  Indoctrinated with the BIG PHARMA promoting curriculum in school and coming out practicing medicine with zero training in clinical nutrition, a silent storm of death and preventable chronic and autoimmune disease is unleashed upon the unknowing public. Industry induced illness is the biggest threat we have today facing human health.  There are industry shills in place everywhere to quickly shut down the conversation, if its possible, via censorship, propaganda and fake news.

Ms Lights food pyramid, she claims was replaced with recommendations that were to protect the bottom line of various fast food industry restaurants, cattle, dairy or grain farmers.  Whoever gives the most money WINS legislation that favors their industry! Nothing has changed today except it has gotten worse with politics  and power behind every health mandate or clinical standards of care since.  Iatrogenic Disease is killing 100's of thousands every year, and has even been declared the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA!  The politically driven media only reports on what their sponsors want them to report. Pay attention to the commercials for the shows you watch.  Americans following institutional advice may be like sheep blindly walking themselves to the slaughter house taking advice from those with almost no training in healthy eating.  In fact the people walk out of the office with the very diet for their new diagnosed illness that may cause them to need to be on medicine the rest of their life.   Nobody cares about the conflict of interest decisions affecting yours and my health because they are being paid in some cases millions of dollars to zip their lips!  Pouring hazmat chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, and other heavy metals in the tap water affecting certain communities worse than others is the norm in the USA and nobody is calling them out on it.  (Read: Fluoridation: The Battle of Darkness and Light. ) WHY? because when we become ill with an industry induced illness, most physicians don't have any root cause training to figure out how it happens.  Its very convenient to dismiss that talk. They never look at the why and how you got sick.  They just want you to take your new medicine.  You got bad genes or your condition is idiopathic is the standard response when asked why or how. That's all they know to offer besides surgery or radiation.  That's it.  But this I know for sure, I love acute care medicine in an emergency.  Hands down they can save a life in the ER with all the cutting edge skill and technology at their disposal!  WOOT WOOT for that!

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. 
Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.     
Paracelus  1493-1541

Cheer up there is HOPE!  Choose a health savvy functional or integrative medicine physician for root cause resolutions and solutions to your health dilemma!  We gotta SAVE OURSELVES!  Choosing the highest quality real food choices with a one word ingredient most often will not leave room for craving or consuming bad choices!  Choosing organic most often and eating these foods FIRST in the day will be the biggest game changer for health recovery.  Reversing unwanted symptoms and boosting your energy levels will never be accomplished if we don't start giving our body what it needs to heal itself!   There will never be the magic bullet for the almighty cure for anything in my opinion.  There is always going to be a combination of food and lifestyle choices that will bring the change we seek!  Nobody can do for us what we must do for ourselves.  We were not born with a chemical deficiency.  We have become chemically manipulated from a body burden of environmental toxicity! 

Say this, "I WANNA LIVE!"

You will love the encouragement and support you will receive and health recovery action steps to be able to make sustainable changes that heal, after reading my new book called
THE HEALTH RECOVERY ZONE!   AVAILABLE NOW!!  I am so excited for you to be able to encourage your faith while also renewing your mind about how wellness works or NOT!  There is HOPE!


Friday, May 11, 2018


One of my favorite things to do is provide information for my clients,  about how to save money making their own healing remedies, with little effort, from targeted herbs and flowers from GOD’s garden to aid in a speedy recovery from adverse events we may encounter in life!

I teach my clients how to reduce their own exposure to everyday chemicals which can exacerbate hormone dysfunction, insulin resistance, brain fog, headaches, belly problems, insomnia  and unpleasant skin conditions.  I will always research the science on the herbs I may need to support a certain goal for myself and suggest everyone does the same.  Some plants are poisonous but many hiding in plain sight are edible and medicinal!  Everyone must explore the safety and efficacy from skilled herbal professionals in the area they are exploring.  God put these plants in nature to support the human body to heal itself when special circumstances or injuries evolve!  What we have been doing instead as a culture is proving to be causing more harm than good in many cases!

For combinations that will enhance a soothing healing experience for skin issues, outbreaks, scrapes, burns, stings and bites I will either infuse healthy oils for a cream or salve or I’ll use witch hazel infused for a cool spray on!  My solvent or base will also be a superior choice for the job, most likely organic EVOO, coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado, grape seed oil or witch hazel that has many healing properties within itself!  For herbal tinctures, I'll use vodka 40% for soft flowers and herbs and perhaps a 75%-95% alcohol for very hard, dry or resinous herbal concoctions. (They need to brew in a dark cool cupboard shaken every few days for 3-8 weeks at least!)  100% vegetable glycerin, raw honey or apple cider vinegar will also infuse the vital properties from the plant over several weeks.  For under the tongue tinctures I may infuse the herbal combo with 3/4 glycerine and 1/4 alcohol to thin it, strengthen the shelf life and boost the infusion process!  Each solvent will pull different elements from the plant being used and thus, also will vary in how long the product will last. Many times I will use vinegar for culinary herbs and flavorings for things I cook up on the stove for dinner! I love filling a little spice jar with fresh cut garlic, or rosemary and filling it with vinegar or vodka, to brew a few weeks and then it becomes a medicinal or culinary extract!  I can keep it in the fridge indefinitely for use though refrigeration is probably not necessary for an alcohol based tincture. But it's where I look when I am cooking up a pot of something for dinner!

This non toxic direction eliminates perhaps hundreds of gene flipping chemicals found in a day’s use of commercial body care products!  Yay! It depends on how sick we are, as to how motivated we are to seek out this direction for making chemical free creams, lotions, sunscreen, deodorant or even toothpaste!

While I am not interested in selling my proven concoctions, I'd much rather simply teach others to do for pennies something that has incredible non toxic benefits!  Looking to history proven methods, used for thousands of years is very fun! Usually, for the cost of a typical one ounce, store bought tincture or salve I can make enough for 6-8 ounces that can last all year long if I need it to! Sometimes we need a little immune system boost during the cold and flu season, help during high stress events or panic attacks, sometimes life worries are interfering with our good nights sleep!  

All these issues have corresponding combinations of herbs that can work synergistically together to support our body to balance out again!  Why modern medicine came along to silence the voice of botanists and herbalists who excel in providing science based remedies is incomprehensible to me!  The green leaves in the garden, the Bible says are for healing!  Herbs and plants have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-anxiety and anti-tumor compounds built right in the plant!  WOWSIES! This information has been obstructed from the general public view for several decades now and most unfortunate for the families who cannot afford the co payment or doctor visit fee and suffer on the sidelines because they cannot afford the help when life happens!  There is HOPE! There are things we can do to help our body heal itself from non acute issues, long before we need to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment somewhere!

Letting some wonderful morning, fresh picked, English rose petals, calendula or lavender flowers steep along with some skin healing herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, comfrey or St John's Wort can also boost the recovery process from a simple sunburn, bite, or unpleasant skin eruption we don't like!

Sometimes, I fill a jar with the combo desired with a skin thirsty oil and sit it in a semi-sunny spot outside several weeks (depending on the combination for 3-8 weeks) to infuse.  Sometimes I'm in a hurry and will place it in the oven on super low for 4-5 hours until I can smell the flowers infused in the oil!

The ancient folk method boasts of additional benefits from being charged with energy by the sun by day and the moon by night!  Or if you can't wait?  Use the oven method or double boiler method also on lowest setting.  Sometimes, I simmer the infusion on the stove covered, with a few cups of water to match the oil but creates the additional step of straining and placing in the fridge for the oil and water to separate and I must drain all water completely out of the concoction before bottling.

  WARNING: Water will spoil the oil infusion if left in the final product during storage!  No water on flowers or in mix during infusion unless you are doing the stove top simmering method and then separating the water out later.

Now my herbal oil is ready to make a simple salve which I may also add some lovely skin friendly essential oils to like lavender, frankincense, peppermint, clove, bergamont, or ylang II, etc.  Or I can take 2 TBSP of oil and mix in a tsp of baking soda and use as a deodorant. So many possibilites.  This method helps me stick to my rule that is; I never put ANYTHING on my skin that I could not eat!
For my 1 cup of infused oil I will add about 1/4 cup of beeswax and melt it 
together in a double boiler. (Usually a pyrex measuring cup in a pan of water) Then as it cools, I add some specific enhancing essential oils and pour it in little jars for use!  Easy peasy!  Smells delightful!  You can do this too.  These are very fun, totally nourishing, non toxic solutions to address some basic every day needs!

Nothing but the best ingredients ever AND I am saving $$$ doing it with minimal effort in the kitchen!

GreenMedInfo.com is a great place to research the science  and healing benefits about calendula plants, especially the anti-cancer benefits found in some herbs and on PUBMED you can also research chamomile!  Check it out! These are the kind of side effects I can live with!  There are many more to research!  Honestly the best place to investigate the medicinal properties found in plants from nature would be with the former USDA botanist, Dr James A DUKE and his data base full of 30 years of research!

I buy and learn about most organic herbs and flowers I cannot grow, at: MountainRoseHerbs.com