Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness?

Prevention IS THE CURE for Breast Cancer! The headlines should read what studies are concluding! Breast Cancer is not from bad luck, bad genes but rather from our bad habits, lifestyle and typical modern fast food, high fat diet! Perhaps also from compromised TAP water but when are we going to listen??? Perhaps from years of too much estrogen supplements via birth control or prempro etc etc!!!!

The National Cancer Institute has warned us that 80% of ALL cancers are PREVENTABLE!!!!! How come we can't hear that from our own healthcare professional when it's us one on one???? What we get instead from that office and the media is the aura of mystery that keeps billions of dollars flowing annually on the careers devoted to the details surrounding the "care" of the problem!My favorite charity working toward getting the truth out is the American Institute of Cancer Research. We in this society will probably never see a "cure" from a magic pill. The cure is prevention and reversing the risk that our family history may embark.