Saturday, December 10, 2011

SAVE yourSELF and don't get DEAD! Healthcare may NOT be what saves us!

Save YOURSELF and don't get DEAD!  Say your prayers!  Ask for guidance and direction to change the course you are headed.  We are going to need it!  This story more than any other will give us the heads up that things will not turn out as planned in future healthcare while we run our selves "pell-mell" down the path of self destruct. For decades we will work our health into a state of crisis from our own poor food choices , vices and lack of exercise. Then when its time for someone else to be there to mend the brokeness...well..they just may not be there after all, acting in our best interest! I'm not saying,,,, I'm just saying! BeWARE!
A Neurosurgeon just giving a glimspe of what future OBAMA care looks like

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Creating a salad...

Salads can be filling!  Think of 12 things to add to your salad to make it colorful fresh and raw with a protein(garbanzo beans, chopped turkey, or egg etc) and then healthy dressing with balsamic or lemon with healthy oil etc.  Vision a cobb salad and choose a variety that is healthiest for your goals.

This is helpful when grazing at the salad bar!

Only thing is don't be afraid of hard boiled eggs, they are a perfect whole food protein.  If you stick to your 3-5 oz per day lean animal protein limit you will be in good shape. This is NOT why your cholesterol goes up!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Obesity Consequences are Bankrupting the Workplace! Costing 153 billion $$$ annually! OMG!

Are you enjoying life and exploring God's wonderful world in good health?  Are you operating up to your potential? Or are you a liability to America's workforce and healthcare?   Only about 14 percent of full-time U.S. workers are of “normal” weight and have no chronic illnesses.
That means only the healthy and fit are reliable to show up to work and carry the burden of keeping the business in operation while the rest of the folks are ... well... sick with you name it. Chronic self made sickness and disease because they don't follow the rules to stay healthy.
unhealthy-obese-workers-cost-billions 10-19-2011

The rules of health are what? 
  • eating 5-9 fresh vegetables and fruit per day=high fiber
  • eat a dark green leafy vegetable daily for cancer prevention=high fiber
  • plenty of whole grain breads,brown rice,beans and whole wheat pasta=high fiber
  • drink water instead of ALL the other harmful junk we 've been drinking
  • 3-5 oz max of animal products daily(prefer chicken, fish over beef or dairy)
  • go outside and walk in fresh air and sunshine at least 20-30 minutes daily
  • enjoy life, love, family and friends
  • Stop Smoking!
  • Stop white sugar, white flour and white rice products!
  • Stop nutri sweet sweetners...use Stevia instead!
  • Stop exceeding 2-3 alcohol drinks per week!
  • Stop using margarine! That clogs arteries worse than BUTTER!
  • Stop avoiding your chance to get up and move off your BUTT!  Park farther away! Use stairs!
  • Stop sticking your head in the sand wondering why me? Why not if your BMI is >30!!
  • Stop living at the drive-thru for your familys food!
  • Stop consuming foods with artificial flavors or food coloring

Pretty simple start really.  Take responsibility for your own obesity and related health problems before they really cripple you and suck up your family's energy to care for you because you were careless and ignorant.

STOPPING those harmful habits is hard and a weaning is a process.  Try cutting in HALF what you have been doing, then cut that in half again and pretty soon you won't crave it much!

So are you obese?  Do you got high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gallstones, asthma or arthritis YET?    Save yourself now and DON'T get dead! So you can go to work and pay your way instead of expecting Obama and the government to be there to take care of you because, BIG SHOCKER, they won't be there for you when you need it. That's the way this world is headed! Sorry!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pain, Sorrow and Sadness ......

Just when you feel like you are at the end of your road, and it looks like a dead end.... Don't be surprised how this time you will come to a whole new view of life that you never knew was possible.  A way of hope and a future you never imagined!  That's how we discover new roads and options for life and living is at times like these:
What? Why?  HOW does someone shoot to kill their child's MOM and 8 innocent people?  How do we make sense of life's darkest tragedy's?   How does healing and restoration begin?  What do these things that happened recently in Seal Beach teach us?

#1 We live in a poisoned and toxic world.
#2 Don't be caught DEAD without Jesus!
#3 There is this temporary life and then FOREVER comes after we each, like it or NOT, sooner later,   will leave this world.

If you were to die today, are you READY to meet the Almighty in the condition you are in? Yes or NO?
God does promise to take all things and work them for good for those who are in Christ Jesus.  That includes all the things, that seem unforgiveable, that we ourselves have done.

We pray that these Seal Beach friends and families involved and who are affected will receive everything that they need. Help,grace, strength and mercy that can only come from our Higher Power.  Amen

For more on this sad story:

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Got Juice? Say YES to Health and Healing!

Fresh, raw juice power packed with live enzymes, antioxidants and LIFE will nurture any body in any condition with energy and furnish what the body needs to HEAL ITSELF IF it is possible in this LIFE!!  Do IT!

Try juicing the produce you may not normally eat or like with a fruit to sweeten up the blend!!

Here's to your HEALTH and rejuvenation!  Best way to take in our needed 5-9 veggies a day!  Make it yourself or visit your local organic juice bar often!

People are always looking for the "CURE" which many groups pull on our emotional heart strings for HOPE and then suck money out of our wallets to HOPEFULLY seek out the one magic "blah, blah" ingredient that will put an end to the business of the one "blah blah"disease.  The American  "blah, blah"Association etc is a government extension of feeding into the "MYSTERY" needing of a DRUG only cure. Not that we smoked or drank too much or ate all the crap advertised on TV or anything!  NOT that we ate too much beef and dairy full of growth hormones, antibiotics and fed GMO feed!   Not that we jumped on the OVER-rated immunization band wagon and filled up on toxic carcinogenic ingredients!   Get it?  there are answers that will NEVER be looked at and we must SAVE ourselves if we want to steer clear of the imploding chronic disease and auto-immune disease diagnosis!

The FDA has the patton on WHAT single item can be called a CURE for or treat one particular condition.  DRUG companies take billions every year for RESEARCH of the ONE thing that they can CASH in on for the one magic thing. The FDA and GOVT and PARMACUETICAL companies are in bed together! FDA see to it that only DRUGS can make health claims for a certain ailment. 

GUESS what?  You notice, no matter HOW much money they collect that there is NEVER going to be that ONE thing that cures?  That's because the profit is in the LOOKING for it, NOT in FINDING it!  The adminstrators of these non-profits always do well with walk-a-thon's etc.  Also, good to know that the drug company will NEVER and HAS NEVER looked at food or plants for the cure because it can NEVER make money on that venue for a cure!  Plants cannot be pattoned.  Only toxic chemicals combined to treat one illness ( that the side effects create MORE illness to treat with different medications etc.)  YEP it's like the hamster on the wheel! Each new disease diagnosis is a money maker for some inflated industry.  NO hope and NO FUTURE with drugs from a billion dollar industry that lobby's FDA and government and medical schools to teach ONLY DRUGS can cure or help.When we quit eating our fresh fruit and veggies and sought chemical remedies only, the health of a nation spirals down!  For all the money paid out in research we are one of the sickest nation of all!  Geez!

This is why they are always trying to pooh, pooh and ridicule those that seek out silly alternative solutions.  Brainwashing and rigid peer pressure against those who seek out and research other paths that have a huge success rate via God's foods from the garden, fresh air, sunshine (VIT D), actually drinking CLEAN water or getting increased physical activity and exercising stress reduction.  Therein lies the HOPE for HEALTH, HEALING and RESTORATION if it can happen it will be when the body is given what it needs to HEAL itself!  The other $$$$$ industry is seeking a fix from the OUTSIDE- in with a band aid for a lone symptom instead of dealing with the BIG picture for health and healing.    Medications are those band aids in chronic disease and must be managed by prescribing physicians because there are more deaths annually from people taking their medications correctly than murders, auto accidents and the like!  All the while, the profession of dispensing drugs NEVER considers the cause rather they are programmed to always blame illness on genetics or etiology is unknown and all they know is that this or that drug is what to give to help alleviate the complaint.  If we're lucky we will get a 1 page diet to go with that drug that we should expect to take forever.

Certainly, it is futile to read into "eating right" will grow out a lost limb or grow a new eye ball, but to not ever consider the power of nutrients and other lifestyle changes can PREVENT, REVERSE and or alleviate a chronic metabolic illness is pure FOLLY on our part.  Eliminating chemicals and toxins in our environment that cause or exacerbate symptoms or illness is just pure common sense to implement.  BUT the big business of disease management is not educated in this area and therefore if they were not taught this in school then there cannot be any validity to it.  Then the common response is, there have been no studies that prove this or that theory.... which is true...the billions of dollars of research money will NOT study dietary causation or cure because..... there is NO PROFIT in that solution.   Also if people got well without medical intervention, it could put a very large industry OUT of business?   NO, that would never happen because most people prefer to take drugs to never change their current habits that got them in that situation.  Then, there maybe the 10% of all drugs given that actually save lives due to conditions that truly were life threatening or hereditary or environment caused or from a acute condition or injury.  That's when we better have some $$$ saved up for a catastrophe!

Bottom line:  there will never be just one DIET, or ONE vitamin or one drug that will be the one big answer!   There are many factors that play into recovering or preventing health conditions.  But never under estimate the power of God's foods or remedies that come straight from the garden when attempting to alleviate or ELIMINATE a certain symptom or condition.  These solutions have been saving lives for thousands of years and without the help of a trillion dollar health industry that many of their solutions have risks that outweigh the benefits!  Balance, balance and research all things before you blindly follow.  Remember back in the old days many illness came from poor sanitation and contaminated water with poop and pee etc.  Only like that in 3rd world countries today!

DON't put all your eggs in one basket!

For more information and explanation for your particular condition seek out other 2nd opinion professionals as well, ie:
Doctors of Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic and Naturopathy are a great place to start.  Our mainstream physicians have little(2 hours) to zero training in dietary causation but finding Integrative and Functional Medicine M.D.'s who have been educated in nutritional support as well as prescription drugs solutions is cutting edge.  There is a difference!

Meanwhile...We gotta SAVE ourselves and NOT get DEAD before our time! Eat right to feel great!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's OCTOBER! Let's SAVE the girlz!

Yeah, if you want to save your own breasts then ask yourself this:

Do I eat my 5-9 fresh veggies and fruit per day?
Do I drink water?
Do I eat a dark green leafy vegetable daily to prevent cancer?
Do I Smoke?
Do I drink more than 2-3 alcohol drinks per day? More than 3 per week?
Do I take prescribed synthetic hormone pills?  Why? How many years?
Do I have a BMI over 30?
Do I love dairy products?
Do I love sugar?

The facts are in,  80% of all cancers are PREVENTABLE.  1/3 are from smoking. 30-40% are from what goes in our mouth from our own grocery basket or drive thru restaurant.  Drinking 3 or more alcohol drinks per day is equivalent to smoking 1 pack of cigarettes per day for increased cancer risk. There is an increased risk connection with synthetic hormone use.  Whether it is from the pharmacy or via dairy products from cows and beef pumped full of steroids. White Sugar simply weakens our immune system so it cannot fight off free radicals that cause cancer.  THE Obesity issue is a YES for much more than just cancer! These things are lifestyle related and have little to do with heredity factors.
To save your breasts you should say YES to the first 3 questions only! 
THAT is playing it SAFE!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flu Shot???? Nope not me! Not EVER!

We have alot to do with whether or not we will be overcome with colds and flu this year.  Think about the past habits....

As we step out of summer filled with lots of fresh air walks and days in the sun and eating garden fresh produce in season, we switch almost overnight to closing all the windows , staying inside with the heater on and cooking lots of pots of something for dinner and baking lots of sugarry goodies to keep us fat and happy!  All these changes weaken our immune system and we become vulnerable when exposed to others with symptoms in closed quarters!  It's a very simple recipe that we can change and prevent unwanted illness. Keep our immune system up and strong with NUTRIENTS and we won't be bothered by all the "germs" we come in contact with through out the new season. We can continue eating fresh foods in winter season and drink lots of water and herb teas instead of soda's or fancy coffee's that have 500 calories, or cakes and pies or daily donuts.  We can make salads with those hot cooked meals and keep the fiber coming all year round.   Continue to walk about as weather permits etc etc and odds are: we will be fine even without the FLU SHOT!!

Know the ingredients before YOU jump in line for VACCINES!!!!!

Think again after knowing WHAT is in the injection that is TOXIC to humans!
America is pumping their babies and adults full of formaldehyde which is in almost every immunization along with corrosive metals, mercury and lawn fertilizers, pickling agents;  all which are deadly if ingested. 
But the propaganda about all these toxins forced on us from society is "don't worry!"   No thanks , I will keep my immunity up the organic way!
Emeril Green Episode: Greens and Grains - Planet Green - On TV

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Any IDEA what the animal products you consume have been eating?

There are alot of animals that are not grazing on the green grasses God intended but are being pumped with steroids and foods that add weight for sale rather than nutrient rich foods for health.   The rule of thumb if you are consuming animal products?  Only eat animals that feed on the green grasses. If NOT KNOWN for sure, skip the animal and eat your own dark green leafy vegetables first hand! That is playing it safe AND smart!
 Next time stop at that road side stand to get the freshest and ripe to pick produce so you can make every bite count for maximum nutrients!    Do it!
Save yourself and DON'T GET DEAD!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What are your FOOD choices doing for you? Are you ....fatsies?


Did you know that God's foods that are garden fresh and raw are power packed with nutrients, live enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals to keep our bodies in tip top shape and able to FIGHT OFF germs, toxins and virus' and the free radicals that TRY to make us sick???? Did you know our body REQUIRES a daily dark green vegetable just to prevent cancer?

Those fresh vegetables that should take up 2/3 of our plate rush nutrients, vitamins and minerals and amino acids to our tissues and organs to nourish, heal, renew, repair damage and strengthen us for the task of the day. They will rejuvinate our strength and stamina just like.... ol 'spinach' ....did for ol POPEYE!!

Did you know that garden fresh and organic fruit is full of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants to provide "quick energy" and can serve as a cleanser of toxins in the body! They nourish and supply us with energy! A perfect desert too. Our first choice for the sweet tooth that can help not harm!

Whole grains and brown rice and whole beans are a must to sweep away any unwholesome food indulgence! They in return provide us with strength and energy, their vitamins , minerals, and amino acids keep us nourished and our blood sugar and digestive tract time at a normal level. Normal transit time for a meal eaten should be 12-18 hours for our body to use and extract all it needs until elimination! Not like the up and down roller coaster ride the inferior food types in the standard american diet. Standard transit time for lousy eaters is 48-72 hours! Because there is no fiber in that diet, it takes too long and gets hung up with a belly sticking out that is really full of (@$**%##%^) and allows toxins to store in our fat to permeate our well being into sluggishness, fatigue and lack of energy if not constipation and hemorrhoids!! This kind of eating causes stress on our liver, pancreas and gallbladder. If we don't straighten up we will be diabetic, or have gallstones or even a fatty liver or a cancer from all the junk food abuse and lack of nutrients in return!

Did you know that if you MUST consume an animal product that it should be one that eats these fresh raw God's Foods too? It is better for us to eat these FIRST hand than to get another animals "hand me down" nutrients. So with that in mind, our body must work much harder to break down the meat into use able nutrients, so even the BIGGEST boys around town need not more than a 3 0z serving per day to benefit from this type of protein and will meet the RDA. Protein is for building and repair. How much building and repair do you need in a day? If you have an injury then maybe you can exceed the RDA! Think about the cow. Huge as it is, it gets all the amino acids(protein) it needs from eating the dark green grasses ALL day! (Unless the animal is caged and pumped with steroid poisoned foods ie. even WORSE!) Few people are as big as the cow. So lets pay attention folks! Choose carefully what kind of meat you consume! Safe from steroid and hormones?

Eat RIGHT to feel great and LIVE healthy with a body that is able to fight off and defeat any virus, germ or toxin that tries to contact and hurt us!!

Save yourself! Don't get dead because you didn't KNOW and spent too many years killing yourself with the junk food VOID of any nutrients that leads to a breakdown of sickness and disease! Eat right and reverse your risk of death by a self induced disease!

The FAST track and guaranteed rode to get a Diabetes, Heart disease , High Blood pressure and/or a Cancer diagnosis?????
Consume daily the lethal substances subsidized"promoted" endorsed by the US government:
High fructose corn syrup 
Aspartame, Nutrisweet, fake "chemical"sweetners
Partial or hyrogenated oils like margarine 
Artificial colors, dyes or flavors
or any foods containing these or the new threat to our health is 
GMO foods genetically engineered seeds etc contain no life or health!
Take vaccines containing formaldehyde, aluminum or mercury. Do the research
Save YOURSELF and don't get dead!

Who exactly is trying to kill us?  Those who stand to gain a profit from our illness perhaps.....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Childhood obesity.....Is eating right possible or a choice?

Are you eating like you are going to the fair everyday?

Childhood obesity is a direct result of being born into a culture of junk food, drive-thru's and video games.  Problem is the parents are deep into the convenience of fast food and the first thing they start feeding their baby is french fries and chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. WHY ?  Because it is easy and takes little effort on the parent who is content with the adult version of junk food for themselves. In moments after learning to drink from a cup they get fake juices, koolaid and sugar drinks and find it funny that they can even have soda's too.

Sorry, though Mrs Obama means well, you cannot fit A SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE.  Even with all the fruits and veggies that are in any given grocery store the parents will fill their baskets with JUNK food anyway.  It is a preference.  They don't sell organic produce at a mini mart because it doesn't SELL! So if the government wants to change the eating habits of those who are dependent on the government then they should limit food stamps to whole foods only.  Things that are nutrient rich for aiding in maintaining a healthy body.  Not for use on anything containing white flour , white sugar or white rice products or food coloring additives would be a good start!  There is the start of health reform and reducing the national healthcare budget spent on self induced metabolic disease.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Out with the "OLD" Food Pyramid FINALLY we are encouraged to EAT RIGHT!

AICR using the FOOD PLATE for a decade but Michelle OBAMA just put it in the NEWS!
The FOOD PLATE for AICR Cancer Prevention

EAT4LIFE2LIVE says it simply the best:
Choose a diet rich in a variety of plant based foods!

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit in season. Get a dark green leafy vegetable daily! Choose whole grains daily!

Juice your own fresh, raw vegetables with fruit!

  • Drink pure spring water- 6-8 glasses daily! (try NO plastic bottles!)

  • Choose whole grains and legumes!

  • Choose fish or chicken more often

  • Choose raw honey, agave nectar or raw sugar to sweeten if needed(easy does it tho! Even try the herb STEVIA to sweeten -no calories!)
    Limit fats to olive, safflower, canola oils or organic coconut oil or butter to 2-4 TBS daily.
    Limit (or stop) any white flour, white sugar or white rice products.
    Limit salt to less than 1 tsp daily. I use Veg-Sal
    Limit (or stop) chemicals, NUTRISWEET, food colorings or preservatives.
    Limit (or stop) alcohol use to occasional only.
    Limit (or stop!)red meat and dairy to only 3-6 oz daily max..if desired. (We prefer almond milk for cereal to back out of dairy products.)
    Absolutely STOP any tobacco use!

  • A good word about dark greens!
    Foods that FIGHT cancer! AICR

    This IS how I live anyway.....This information can actually SAVE YOUR LIFE!
    Say this..."I wanna LIVE!!"

    Michelle Obama's NEW FOOD PLATE

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    How is your Health Literacy?

    In this busy life we lead there is much we do like a robot yet have no idea of the detrimental consequences our habits might have.  As I walk around this park and witness the wildlife living their carefree lives, there is one thing that has snuck into their existance that was not intended and that is them eating people's junk food that is thrown out by the handfuls!  This in turn produces an addiction and a sickness in the wildlife after awhile that can't be undone!  In our fun for the moment, we will introduce a habit that will produce a metabolic preventable disease. Any living thing needs "nutrients" to survive and be healthy NOT JUNK!

    So it is with us, the everyday choice we stuff in our mouths WILL do us a fatal consequence if we do not wise up.  Health literacy may take on a different term but today ask yourself these questions:

    Did you know that being FAT or morbidly OBESE is the biggest, reason behind needing a surgery for cancer, heart disease, gallstones, or bad knee's, or toe or foot amputations( due to diabetes)?  Diabetes is the biggest single consequence for being obese.  Most people with new onset diabetes, which was diet induced, become non-compliant diabetic's. That just means they refuse to change their bad habits and sweet tooth which leads to their demise!  Diabetic's wore out their own pancreas with their cute little sweet tooth!  Also, body FAT will upset the body's hormones that will push speed dial for cancer growth. This is in addition to getting clogged arteries from all the junk and in turn HIGH Blood pressure results from overstressed heart pushing the blood around all the extra miles of veins and arteries to be pumped at the same rate for a healthy body weight!  Try carrying around 25 pound bag of dog food all day and you know how tired YOU get doing that right?

    Did you know that having 3 alcohol drinks per day places you at the same cancer risk as smoking a pack of cigarettes per day?  And everyone knows that 1/3 of all cancers are due to somebody's smoking habit right?

    Did you know that 80% of all cancer's are preventable?
    Did you know that 35% of all cancer's are due to what we put in our mouth which in turn may just qualify us for the OBESITY list?
    Did you know that only 5-9% of most cancers have a heredity factor?  The rest of it is our own doing? That means we are not the victim of a mysterious cause.  It means the majority of cases we were the perpetrator of our own destruction!

    In summary, about all chronic metabolic disease is entirely preventable.  That means we do not have to get there and be placed on drugs to manage it. If we don't GET the diagnosis we don't have to take the drugs. We don't have to die before our time and leave our family helpless and broken hearted!  We don't have to be part of the reason healthcare prices are ridiculous and unaffordable to most.

    Looking at the big picture, this is a good reason to SAVE YOURSELF and don't get dead.  America today is 64% obese, we don't eat anything that is healthy because it is OUR CULTURE, we don't exercise and well soon, we will become the biggest medical liability with no money left to cover the PRICE for the consequences of our self induced problem of OBESITY or smoking or boozing in excess!!

    In the business of the medical profession, they can't always tell us these things because to insult us with the facts we just might take our business elsewhere now wouldn't we?  Actually, those employed in the medical community are just as sick and fat as we are and clueless on "HOW it happened."  But rather they are just waiting and ready to have an action plan for WHEN it does produce the diagnosis! They weren't trained about health and nutrients and prevention,(with all that higher education they never studied that part!)  they were trained to treat sickness and disease with drugs or surgery and correct trauma results!  However with the state of our health in America, the profit margin in medicine is narrowing at a rapid speed.

    Prevention is not always profitable for a business. Sometimes it is, just depends on which end of the trillion dollar industry you are on and whether you got a diagnosis yet.
    Say this, "I WANNA LIVE!" THAT'S why I gotta lose weight! I gotta go and ....lose 10 lbs!  See ya!

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Eat for your LIFE! Save yourself and don't get DEADsies!!

    The Government nor their upcoming Healthcare plans will save you but your food choices TODAY can alter your odds of a healthcare DEMISE!

    Eat Right to feel GREAT! The best single thing we can do in a day is eat something vine ripe out of the garden! Oh MY the rich nutrients locked inside of every bite!

    It is amazing the power of garden fresh foods and
    how they immediately get to work as God intended. That is: nourishing, replenishing, rebuilding, renewing and protecting a body for the task of the day! We just don't get that from anything a DRIVE-THRU has to offer. Sorry folks. That defeats the purpose of eating just to stuff our face and then needing a nap afterward just to try and digest the pile of concrete we just dropped down the hatch. Remember, NO nutrients in return for all the energy it takes to digest the junk food!!!

    Garden fresh foods will give LIFE, health and healing! Always!

    Monday, March 07, 2011

    How is your teeth, gums, and your eyes?

    How are your teeth? Healthy or full of cavities or loose and falling out?  Are your gums healthy and pink or bleeding and flame red? One place you can check daily to see how toxic you may just be today is just checking out the whites of your eyes!   What color are they?  If they are not white and healthy it's a SIGN to see about all those toxic foods you have been eating or drinking or smoking!!   Or stick your tongue out BIG!  Is it healthy or full of yucky coated slime? Is it cracked?  That may be a sign of gastro/bowel trouble!   FYI: Obesity and excess body fat is a storehouse for toxins.  Is your hair falling out and brittle?  Your fingernails strong and healthy?  Is your skin smooth and blemish free? These are many signs that there may need to be a change and nutrients might be scarce in your diet and lifestyle.  These are early warning signs that bigger symptoms and conditions and disease is on the rise if you don't change your ways soon.  Test yourself!  Examine your own fruit! Save yourself and don't GET DEAD!

    Thursday, January 06, 2011

    I Love my LIFE!

    The best things are free!  Take a walk somewhere pretty with someone you love and take in all the good energy of Gods creation and realize there is so much more to this life than our little bit we can see.  Breathe the fresh air deep down inside and let out the yuck!  Let the sunshine warm your skin and give you some needed vitamin D, God's way!  And lets  eat things that will bring life, health and healing to ALL our flesh!  Never miss a chance to do something nice for someone.  Be a blessing when you can. Amen!   Happy New Year!