Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drugs vs Nutrients?

Nutrients bring LIFE,Health and Healing always!   Nutrients can reverse health damage into wholeness again if it is possible.  If we change our course to include nutrients, sunshine, fresh air, good water and some exercise outside then miracles may be in our future for feeling better and restored health and vitality.

Drugs cause alot of harm in side effects vs the one thing they might do to help because we let OURSELVES get into this situation.  Do you listen to the drug dealers selling on TV?   Nobody is listening to the side effects?    Well, in crisis, or an accident there is no better place to go for help and that's to the emergency room for surgery, drugs and intervention.  But for all this stuff we are doing to ourselves out of ignorance and obesity driven ailments we better start looking to nutrients for a complete transformation!  Prevention is NOT NEEDING the drugs or services or their vaccines  because we are HEALTHY and our immune system is doing its job!!!!  Why??  Because we are living on "nutrients" found in garden fresh ready to pick fruits and vegetables in season and whole grains and lean clean proteins!  Think about it!  All the money we will save on uneeded medical bills and lost time at work.