Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas! Stay Healthy!

This is a time for family gatherings, FUN and special GIVING to those a something that will be a wonderful surprise.  It is a time to be of service.  Give back from our bounty or pay FORWARD some special blessings we have received.  Its a great time to make amends or share something very meaningful to someone.  Santa Claus is someone to emulate.  Give something to someone in secret, something that they will just love or be in "awe" that someone cared.  That's where we can best spin our wheels and energy this season.  To do it in secret is the best!  Try it!  And stay healthy,  remember if we bombard ourselves with sugar we WILL get sick!!  Sugar weakens the immune system faster than about anything else that is edible! 24 tsp in a day can weaken our immune system by 92%.  See how illness works?

Let's Be thankful for whose Birthday we Celebrate!  Unto us a child is born, who is our SAVIOR!  Prince of PEACE!  Lord of Lord's!

When it comes to our HEALTH?!?
 Save YOURSELF and lets NOT get Deadsies!
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