Monday, February 27, 2012

Choose life, health and healing for your grocery basket to LIVE!

Save yourself and DON'T get DEADsies!  This is how you do it!
Say NO to junk and crap that only harms and choose LIFE!

Drug's the answer? Rarely!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you have the addiction gene?

Dedicated to Whitney!

Whitney and prescription drugs....

The combination of drugs and alcohol can be a sure means to kill a body.  Are you ready to cross to the other side already?  Is it the "addiction gene" that drives you NOT TO EVEN CARE that it's a deadly roulette game with life?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is your favorite beverage? Soda's ? Oh NO! That's BAD!

Harmful Soda
Via: Term Life Insurance

Instead of soda's drink WATER!!!!  Or Green Tea and 1/3 juice recipes or health tonic's:
The healthfood store and dropper bottles of green tea and fruit flavored drops into a cold glass of water for instant ice tea ZERO calories that taste great!  one $15 bottle makes about 60 servings of tea.  THAT is what I make in my daily water bottle to go instead of buying those other stupid drinks that only harm that cost $1-2 each!

If you have an interest in being an herbalist and creating your own fresh tea blend of herbs then visit this site:
Beneficial tea recipes for HEALTH!!!

There is NOTHING healthful about diet soda's or regular.  Regular can has average of 10 tsp of sugar and diet has aspartame products that do ONLY harm.  So as I have given up my favorite fix of Dr Pepper then diet Dr Pepper so when I pick my poison it is now once every 2-3 months!  Giving up soda's is do able and the best switch off first is ice tea.  Then pick healthy tea's and much more WATER and you'll be fine and SAVING yourSELF from ALOT of trouble up n coming!   The phosphoric acid is behind alot of childhood fractures and ladies and gentlemen an epidemic of early osteoporosis.  It's sucking the calcium out of your BONES!  WOW!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Is Diabetes( 97% type 2) reversable or PREVENTABLE????

Is Diabetes( 97% type 2) reversable or PREVENTABLE???    YES!    
It is no surprise, we have known this all along but the urgency to keep metabolic chronic disease a mystery the last few decades can keep us paying into a healthcare system that may bankrupt itself soon unless we begin to learn the truth behind these national epidemics that are indeed PREVENTABLE!  

ObamaCare vs. Future Obesity Costs on a race to derail the US healthcare system as we know it today.
 If Obesity related disease is now 15% of the patients and they are costing 80% of the healthcare revenue now, then what will happen when todays 68% of Obese America comes up with their turn at diabetes, cancer and heart disease? Who's going to have the money to save us then?????

The notion of OBAMACARE is overated and you will find not acceptable when YOU have personally worked your way into a preventable disease by continued poor choices.
Save yourSELF and don't get DEADsies! Don't be pushing up Daisey's!

The BIG business of the PREVENTABLE Diabetes condition!

SUGAR and shooting yourself in the FOOT!