Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet my Gram this 4th of July!! She is amazing at 104!

Let's give honor where honor is due! Let us learn from somebody who has been a healthy success at living and feeling good for over 100 years. Most people that have this longevity can pat themselves on the back at some wise health choices they have made in a lifetime. This is my Gram actually to be 104 next month. She has awakened everyday to take her prayer and meditation time and improving her conscience contact with God. She (unlike most of her 11 other siblings) chose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in season and has taken a daily walk nearly everyday of her life! She never took up smoking or drinking alcohol. Most of her siblings who did didn't make it past 70 or 80! She still to this day will walk upstairs to her bedroom tho she confesses she is feeling her age! She is adorable and she is my example for living a serene and fruitful life. I love you Gram! I have to speak up to her ear or she doesn't catch the whole sentence! Way to go! You are awesome!