Sunday, May 15, 2011

How is your Health Literacy?

In this busy life we lead there is much we do like a robot yet have no idea of the detrimental consequences our habits might have.  As I walk around this park and witness the wildlife living their carefree lives, there is one thing that has snuck into their existance that was not intended and that is them eating people's junk food that is thrown out by the handfuls!  This in turn produces an addiction and a sickness in the wildlife after awhile that can't be undone!  In our fun for the moment, we will introduce a habit that will produce a metabolic preventable disease. Any living thing needs "nutrients" to survive and be healthy NOT JUNK!

So it is with us, the everyday choice we stuff in our mouths WILL do us a fatal consequence if we do not wise up.  Health literacy may take on a different term but today ask yourself these questions:

Did you know that being FAT or morbidly OBESE is the biggest, reason behind needing a surgery for cancer, heart disease, gallstones, or bad knee's, or toe or foot amputations( due to diabetes)?  Diabetes is the biggest single consequence for being obese.  Most people with new onset diabetes, which was diet induced, become non-compliant diabetic's. That just means they refuse to change their bad habits and sweet tooth which leads to their demise!  Diabetic's wore out their own pancreas with their cute little sweet tooth!  Also, body FAT will upset the body's hormones that will push speed dial for cancer growth. This is in addition to getting clogged arteries from all the junk and in turn HIGH Blood pressure results from overstressed heart pushing the blood around all the extra miles of veins and arteries to be pumped at the same rate for a healthy body weight!  Try carrying around 25 pound bag of dog food all day and you know how tired YOU get doing that right?

Did you know that having 3 alcohol drinks per day places you at the same cancer risk as smoking a pack of cigarettes per day?  And everyone knows that 1/3 of all cancers are due to somebody's smoking habit right?

Did you know that 80% of all cancer's are preventable?
Did you know that 35% of all cancer's are due to what we put in our mouth which in turn may just qualify us for the OBESITY list?
Did you know that only 5-9% of most cancers have a heredity factor?  The rest of it is our own doing? That means we are not the victim of a mysterious cause.  It means the majority of cases we were the perpetrator of our own destruction!

In summary, about all chronic metabolic disease is entirely preventable.  That means we do not have to get there and be placed on drugs to manage it. If we don't GET the diagnosis we don't have to take the drugs. We don't have to die before our time and leave our family helpless and broken hearted!  We don't have to be part of the reason healthcare prices are ridiculous and unaffordable to most.

Looking at the big picture, this is a good reason to SAVE YOURSELF and don't get dead.  America today is 64% obese, we don't eat anything that is healthy because it is OUR CULTURE, we don't exercise and well soon, we will become the biggest medical liability with no money left to cover the PRICE for the consequences of our self induced problem of OBESITY or smoking or boozing in excess!!

In the business of the medical profession, they can't always tell us these things because to insult us with the facts we just might take our business elsewhere now wouldn't we?  Actually, those employed in the medical community are just as sick and fat as we are and clueless on "HOW it happened."  But rather they are just waiting and ready to have an action plan for WHEN it does produce the diagnosis! They weren't trained about health and nutrients and prevention,(with all that higher education they never studied that part!)  they were trained to treat sickness and disease with drugs or surgery and correct trauma results!  However with the state of our health in America, the profit margin in medicine is narrowing at a rapid speed.

Prevention is not always profitable for a business. Sometimes it is, just depends on which end of the trillion dollar industry you are on and whether you got a diagnosis yet.
Say this, "I WANNA LIVE!" THAT'S why I gotta lose weight! I gotta go and ....lose 10 lbs!  See ya!