Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do you EAT LIKE YOU ARE GOING to the FAIR everyday??

Are you enjoying life and exploring God's wonderful world in good health?  Are you operating up to your potential? Or are you a liability to America's workforce and healthcare?   Only about 14 percent of full-time U.S. workers are of “normal” weight and have no chronic illnesses.
That means only the healthy and fit are reliable to show up to work and carry the burden of keeping the business in operation while the rest of the folks are ... well... sick with you name it. Chronic self made sickness and disease because they don't follow the rules to stay healthy.
unhealthy-obese-workers-cost-billions 10-19-2011

The rules of health are what? 
  • eating 5-9 fresh vegetables and fruit per day=high fiber
  • eat a dark green leafy vegetable daily for cancer prevention=high fiber
  • plenty of whole grain breads,brown rice,beans and whole wheat pasta=high fiber
  • drink water instead of ALL the other harmful junk we 've been drinking
  • 3-5 oz max of animal products daily(prefer chicken, fish over beef or dairy) SAY YES to salmon!
  • go outside and walk in fresh air and sunshine at least 20-30 minutes daily
  • enjoy life, love, family and friends
  • Stop Smoking!
  • Stop white sugar, white flour and white rice products! 100% NO to high fructose corn syrup!!!!
  • Stop nutri sweet sweetners...use Stevia instead!
  • Stop exceeding 2-3 alcohol drinks per week!
  • Stop using margarine!(hydrogenated oils)  That clogs arteries worse than BUTTER!
  • Stop avoiding your chance to get up and move off your BUTT!  Park farther away! Use stairs!
  • Stop sticking your head in the sand wondering why me? Why not if your BMI is > 30!!
  • Stop living at the drive-thru for your familys food!
  • Stop consuming foods with artificial flavors or food coloring

Pretty simple start really.  Take responsibility for your own obesity and related health problems before they really cripple you and suck up your family's energy to care for you because you were careless and ignorant.

STOPPING those harmful habits is hard and a weaning is a process.  Try cutting in HALF what you have been doing, then cut that in half again and pretty soon you won't crave it much!

So are you obese?  Do you got high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gallstones, asthma or arthritis YET?    Save yourself now and DON'T get dead! So you can go to work and pay your way instead of expecting Obama and the government to be there to take care of you because, BIG SHOCKER, they won't be there for you when you need it. That's the way this world is headed! Sorry!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Health Care REFORM starts in the Garden!!

ObamaCare is merely a money grab for the 30 million uninsured Americans who for the majority are young, healthy individuals that are 25-35 years who choose NOT to BUY and waste their hard earned income on ridiculous over rated premiums!   Think about it, the poor already get FREE healthcare and use it up on a daily basis!  NOW they are demanding those 30 million BUY their health Care like it or not or they will TAX them a penalty for disobeying!  It is government trying to get in on the business of healthcare AGAIN another intrusion and hardest hit are the middle wage earner!  SAVE yourself!

All of this HOOP la about health care coverage is overrated. Socialized medicine is on the loom and will drastically reduce the quality of care when you are presenting with a serious need! Prevention is the cure for soaring health care prices! Prevention is NOT NEEDING their services because you do NOT have the diagnosis of hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, gallstones and all the many other problems that arise from our self induced bad health habits! Problem is NOBODY has ever instructed us how NOT to need their services!

You would not go out and buy a car and stand out in the street and shoot holes in it and the gas tank and then expect the government to fix it and pay for it because it doesn't work anymore, would you? That is exactly where we are at in history where our health is concerned. Somebody has been making ALOT of money on our bad habits and never sat us down and looked us in the eye and told us how and why this has happened to us!

While insurance companies have the monopoly on health care pricing, drug companies make the most donations to medical schools. This has a significant influence on what is taught. Sure early detection is important if we fit into the category of 64% of Americans who are obese and not exercising or we have been avid smokers and drinkers of alcohol. Y'all really are going to need those expensive services unless you begin NOW to SAVE your own life and NOT GET DEAD! It all begins by what you put in your grocery basket. Does it nurture life into your body or is it slowly killing you?

I recommend the government giving tax credits for normal BMI's as an incentive to get AMERICA healthy like nobody else can. We are in charge of what we are doing to our body's! NO one to blame but us. Bad habits X 20-30 years = trouble!

We have to take responsibility for our 80% part. Then using state of the art health care services for the unforseen 20% that's NOT our FAULT! And accidents and catastrophes etc! How about this; reasonable coverage for the healthy: health care plans covering hospitalization and for the first 3 office visits per year only and then have the deductable begin!. (covers for routine health screenings etc etc! ) The rest of the visits paid out of pocket! That will change up how health care works you watch! The best answer today is to SAVE YOURSELF because the coverage coming....well, you are not going to like it! However, you will not care if you reduce your risk and will not need it! Let's not be like sheep going to the slaughter folks!  Thanks for letting me babble!  All I know is socialized medicine will not be a coverage we would like IF we are in trouble!  Best to save ourselves NOW!

Sept 6 2012 addendum:
Dr Mark Hyman's Report:

Monday, July 02, 2012

YES sugar has ALWAYS been trouble to our HEALTH!

We have always had choices, but convenience has clouded our judgement!

For about 100 years experts on health were trying to warn the dangers and the addictive nature of white sugar. The experts of "alternative" health could connect the dots with sugar abuse and diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer, fatty liver and knew the power it had to weaken our immune system in a day and cripple us from fighting off germs and viruses we would be bombarded with on a normal day.Sugar abuse would wear out our pancreas.   These experts were ignored and labeled heretics.

 Over twenty years ago when the Standard American diet had us consuming an average of 42 tsp per day and NOW we are at 130 lbs per year each or 1/3 pound of sugar daily. In the early 90's experts in nutritional science were warning you that it just took 24 tsp of sugar in one day to weaken the immune system by 92%! Diabetes type2 has tripled since then! All the while the FDA and traditional medicine kept it a secret or due to the big business of healthcare they just let us walk pell-mell down the road of self destruct until "gee, oops" you have Diabetes now or cancer or CAD ... AND "DIET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT" is what we were told behind that door at our first stop at illness. Nor would they allude our condition was "obesity related" because that would offend the patient and be bad for business. We needed that monthly premium!

 Hat's off to the few BRAVE perhaps unpopular physicians who are now learning the truth about sickness and health and obesity and the true preventable cause of the many big chronic disease of our day! Like a TIDAL WAVE Chronic preventable diseases that are swelling at a rate that will soon bankrupt healthcare as we know it today. There is a handful of physicians that are in it to SAVE LIVES now and are speaking up!   Us NOT NEEDING their services that is ideal.  It is not socialized medicine that is coming that will save us but us saving ourselves!  Now that there is a fiscal impact on the business of HealthCare services for us to get healthy on our own, it is all the rage and in the news!,  They need the healthy to keep paying the same price premium as the sick to cover the costs of the sick!  That is how the business works!  We get NO BREAK in cost for being healthy.  Just GET healthy so you don't cost the plan anything!  We need your money to pay for the foolish and ignorant who spent years making themselves get this sick!  It was all preventable! But hey,  there used to be perks for us getting  " a diagnosed health problem".

FUNNY!  Now the information of how to be healthy is politized as if its an all new discovery,  that sugar or the man made poison HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP( approved by the FDA) that has actually mainlined Americans with an addictive toxic poison and BECAUSE OF MONEY has been slipped in every processed food on the shelves in a grocery store or injected at lethal levels in the drive thru FAST FOODS. Killing us quietly! What is the cure? STOP SUGAR NOW and SAVE YOURSELF! Eat only real "whole" foods that are described in 1-2 word foods! Then if you must sweeten use only a dab of real organic honey or the herb STEVIA with zero calories. DRINK water or green tea instead of sugary soda's or fake juices with food colorings and additives! Change it up and save your life!

An old favorite eye opener about sugar I read in the early 1990's.  This guy was ahead of his time!
Sugar Blues, by William F Duffy 

addendum the politics of sugar industry consumption vs. our mortality!