Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do you Exercise only about 1 hour per YEAR?

Ok, tell me it is NOT so!

For years they have been saying 75% of us don't get our needed exercise of: 30 minutes 4 times per week but REALLY the WEBmd research states that obese women today only get 1 hour of strenuous activity PER YEAR and obese MEN get 3.6 hours per year? SHOCKING!  But we know there is no mystery about how disease happens.  Is it about bad luck? 

Well, things are really coming to light and it is NOT rocket science!  Since the late 1980's I have seen National Institutes of Health report that (now 64% +) we are obese or overweight and that less than 25% actually do exercise at all!  Also they stated back then that 91% of us were NOT getting the recommended 5 fruit and veggies per day either.  Back then the NCI had in their literature that 35% of all cancers were from DIET!  30% of ALL cancers were from smoking!  And today the CDC surveys say most children do NOT get their 5 servings of veggies and 90% of children get way over the RDA in salt.   So, they eat a lot of junk drive thru fast food, french fries, soda's and mac n cheese from a box or chicken tenders right?

Basically, not much has changed in 30 years except it is worse.  All USA disease is much worse in STATS and outcomes. We are starting to really see the consequences of our actions that will ultimately bankrupt healthCARE as we know it today!  WHY?  Because at present they say that 80% of healthCARE revenues are spent on the less than 20% who are diagnosed with these preventable metabolic chronic diseases!  If we are are now at 64% overweight or obese then these people will swell into a condition too that will also be costly and frankly, there is not enough $$ to be found to cover the cost!  Premiums have and will continue to sky rocket from here. Even with Obamascare the cost to the individual is going to be out of reach.  Not to mention the new mandates of compromised care to stay within the "budget"!

We gotta SAVE ourselves and NOT get DEADsies!  Eat right to feel GREAT and stay AWAY from walking through the front door of the local clinic because taking those meds to "continue" living the same way is unsustainable.  These problems are mostly reverseable!  There is HOPE to turn it around.  PLUS we can get by with 10 minutes of high intensity exercise 3-4 times per week and get ourselves in a fat burning mode that can last up to 36 hrs from that 10 minutes!  Mix that with what may look like drinking lots of WATER, 2/3 or our plate with REAL colorful veggies and some organic meats and HEALTHY fats like avocado's nuts seeds and even coconut oil can transform our energy level and start reversing the test results of insulin resistance, CAD and high BP!  Basically, SUGAR and GMO grains and GMO vegetable oils are KILLING us!  Yep, all those things (subsidized by the govt) like high fructose corn syrup, margarine and drinking milk from dairy fed GMO grain, growth hormones and antibiotics have got us here today and we have been working on it for the last 30 years!  Why? Because that was what the powers at be recommended to us.

We gotta WISE up and do something that matters.  Like SAVE ourselves from a preventable health demise!  Less than 10% of these chronic diseases have a genetic component and experts are telling us it is 80-90% lifestyle induced!  Yikes!  Who can I blame now?  Only me for my own troubles!

For help?  Seek a drugless practitioner "health coach", Functional Med MD or Chiropractor or Integrative Med MD and address the root cause.  Lets put out the FIRE instead of treating the smoke symptoms!

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and I guide my folks into finding Hope, Health and Happiness and find more energy to accomplish what they are on this planet to do!

Find out more:   We gotta SAVE ourSelves and NOT get DEADsies!

Eating 4 Energy is my quick start into wellness program and anyone can do it! My program and education is not sponsored by the soda industry, fast food chains, dairy business people, sugar people or the GMO canola or corn industry and and certainly no grants from the drug companies! No conflicts of interest here!  You think THEY want you to change your ways?  I think NOT!

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