Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning is here!

Why would we also spring clean our bodies do you suppose?  Because our body was created to do the house cleaning every night while we sleep and it just depends on what kind of daily toxin exposure we have endured for that day, our stress level can also determine as to how big of a job that is and what kind of residual toxic load we have building up that we get over loaded with.  So YES, our body is constantly doing a clean up and battle with germs, or the cold and flu virus going around, free radicals and toxins ingested through artificial chemicals and flavors added to foods.   AND do not underestimate the damaging environmental toxins in the air we breathe or in the water we drink etc etc.  If our body is given WHAT it needs to do its job will be the key to our own health and wellness.  Sometimes, due to changing seasons we just need to give our body a BREAK on toxic overload and give it a chance to purge itself, reset and renew our strength, stamina and energy!  Also a good indicator of toxic build up and inflammation is adding extra unwanted pounds.  Our toxins will live in our fat if we are taking in more than we can clean out on a daily basis!  Good reason to watch unwanted pounds be released in the seasonal cleanse and detox!  

I have put together a step by step program, Clean Eating with Cary, that works nicely to do just that without suffering with hunger or just juice fasting.  Giving our body what it needs to do its job well with some great recipes and lifestyle suggestions while finding ourselves renewed and rejuvenated is really the secret to obtaining and maintaining our health and wellness.  When we devote a small period of 5-7 days just for this purpose it will put the pep back in our step and the sparkle back in our smile!  We are energized to complete our own goals we have set for ourselves and feeling good to "give back" to the ones we love and care about the most!

Clean Eating with Cary is designed to do as a group for extra fun and support with like-minded folks and can also work just fine as a DIY jumping on board right away by yourself!  This program is something you can re-use over and over if you like!

High points are feeling the difference!
Everyone is different in their reported results:
Reduced feelings of bloating, or abdominal discomfort
Reduced headaches, skin conditions, complexion issues
Reduced inflammation that causes us pain
Increased strength, stamina and energy
Increased weight loss

Realizing if we can just take a break from all the common
foods and habits that exacerbate our health challenges for a few days, we can watch our body do its magical health and healing thing and this will be our motivation which will lead to our own success!

Are you READY to reset and RENEW your vitality and energy?
Are you ready to take the FIRST STEPS to  taking back your health the old fashioned way?
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