Thursday, August 29, 2013

Food addictions may NOT be our Fault!

There are BIG FOOD companies creating addictive agents to be placed in their best selling foods to get us addicted and unable to eat just a small portion of this or that.  WE PIG OUT!   Then they make SO much money on our addiction the FOOD companies give BIG overwhelming donations to Government and Medical Schools and the FDA or Cancer Society or the  Diabetes Association so that they include/endorse these items in the food chain as needed in the food groups in "moderation".   Anytime they condone a little bit of poison then folks take that as a pass all the way til they land in the hospital with a man- made, self induced preventable illness.   Who will capitilize on our foolishness then?  The next group of BIG PHARMA DRUG companies!  See how this is going?  We gotta save ourselves and NOT get DEAD!

Who are the guilty manufactures?
  • Sugar People
  • High Fructose Corn syrup people
  • GMO for CORN, wheat and SOY people
  • Artificial Food colors and flavor people
  • Dairy people who poison their stock with hormones, steroids and antibiotics
  • HYDROGENATED OIL people....remember for 30 years they told us to eat MARGARINE?
  • The ridiculous out of control VACCINE drug people!
  • The FLUORIDE in our water people

Enough said!  ALL this is causing horrendous inflammation in the body and obesity and disease like no other country like America!  Unless they have begun to emulate our ways!

Do you need to take the next step toward HEALTH RECOVERY?