Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going RED! Gotta SAVE my own HEART!

We hold our heart health in our own hands!   But the major "beware" list of things that could have pushed us ladies over the edge?
#1 Listening to bad advice since the 1970's to eat TRANS FATS ie: margarine instead of butter.  Any products containing hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils. Drove our LDL's sky high!
#2 Following the LOW fat diet also instead of choosing HEALTHY FATS daily ie: Omega-3's, fish oil, salmon, avocado's, nuts, seeds and BUTTER!  Also cold-pressed OLIVE OIL and organic coconut oil makes the list!  Our body NEEDS 2-4 TBSP FATS per day for abundant health!
#3 Ill advised to take synthetic estrogen hormones for years ie: prempro, Birth control pills etc causing heart arrhythmia's and coronary heart disease AND cancer in women!  Oops, they made a mistake giving us that!
#4 Having our water poisoned with fluoride to excess many years by government regulations has turned out to block iodine needed to regulate our thyroid!  Result whacked out thyroid and hormones, elevated blood sugar , Cholesterol etc. All the toxic chemicals in our TAP water is another RANT! Look up your city water!
#5 It didn't help for us to double up on daily protein with dairy products that for years have been pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics that were passed along to us and our children causing an array of deadly consequences!
#6 Government capitalizing on our SUGAR addiction by subsidizing the big business of high fructose corn syrup and replacing it as the "cheaper" primary sweetener in all our foods has had dire consequences on the health of America the last 20 years! Clogging arteries, raising triglycerides, and causing Diabetes type 2 epidemic to quadruple since the 1990's!

February is the month for ladies to increase awareness about the prevention of HEART DISEASE.  Let us take a look at the real causes and that 90% of CAD is PREVENTABLE by diet and lifestyle alone! Even if there may be a slight hereditary factor in your risk for heart disease it just means we have to adhere to the things that may just save our lives! Men and Women!

Lets state the obvious first!  Please STOP SMOKING to decrease the probability of a heart crisis!  Also alcohol abuse is killing women!  

Lets  Get up and get MOVING and start getting some good FUN physical activity!  If we are not clearing the SLUDGE out of our veins/arteries with 30 minutes per day workout of SOMETHING or at minimum 3 days per week we are just helping things clog up for a pending health demise! Exercise is a great STRESS reliever as well. It can defuse the toxic effects of stress in our lives.  Stress upsets our hormones and sends free radicals into our system that can potentially cause our worst health demise!

IF we are overweight or obese or anyone not eating 5-9 vegetables and fruit per day or eating the needed whole grains 6-9 serving per day then expect trouble sooner than you think! We need only 3 oz of animal product protein per day. So what have YOU been eating instead? Find out your BMI and get to work to get it down to 25!
These 3 things alone and getting into a healthy weight will reduce our OWN risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and or diabetes! Its a recipe that could be the "panacea" of our time! Eat right to feel great!

We gotta breathe in , breathe out in fresh air and sunshine!  Eat real food!  Stop consuming TRANS fat foods,  artificial colors and flavors!  Get moving somehow that is FUN to clear out the toxins clogging our arteries and stored in our FAT cells!   Drink WATER for a change !

90% of Coronary artery disease and Diabetes 2  caused by DIET not heredity!  1/3 of cancers can be PREVENTED this way as well!  Lets wise up and STOP dooing oursevles in!
Chronic disease is DIET driven! Dr Mark Hyman 

Above all ladies:  Let us celebrate what we do best:  Giving and receiving  TRUE LOVE with all the special people in our lives!  It is in our nature to nurture.  Go give someone a hug and a kiss today! xoxoxox!  
                                           And please let someone LOVE you back! 

Say this ladies, "I Wanna LIVE!" 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

How is "clean" is YOUR drinking water????

How is "clean" is YOUR drinking water????
      Do you even know?  If our body is considered 60-75% water should we find out about our source?
Our body REQUIRES 8-10 glasses per day to maintain LIFE and HEALTH! We can never go without water to hydrate all the tissues and organs and flush out any harmful contaminates or toxins we have come in contact with in the day! If we are drinking anything BUT water we are depleting our bodies ability to HEAL ITSELF! In fact the more we drink the other stuff then the MORE we need water to undo what the high fructose corn syrup or sugar or artificial colors and flavors are doing to our insides! 3 cups of water to undo  1 cup of coffee of what it does to dehydrate etc. So how is your ratio of water doing in response to some of the splurging of unhealthful drinks you decide are MUST HAVES? My favorite poison was always Dr Pepper. I just stare at it now, in temptation and weigh out all the harms and how I will feel afterwards. You know it does only harm to me: phosphoric acid will suck the calcium from my bones or 10 tsp of sugar per can or the infamous known poison aspartame. What should I do? Yes or no? Well, I'd say once a month can be a reasonable indulgence after doing once a day for a few years at lunch! So flush your naughtiness with pure clean water always and have a filter pitcher at least!  Remember this: our body is 75% WATER NOT diet soda!   There are consequences for deliberatley choosing the wrong form of hydration over and over!

Save YOURSELF and don't get DEADsies or sickly!
Drink only healthy FILTERED water!! It is NOT that difficult!

 Can you trust your local agency to supply your home with clean water? Think again! Attached is a reference of the 99th worst city's drinking water: Riverside CA, fueling thousands of homes with contaminants and even fragments of toilet paper in some tap waters!

99th worst city TAP WATER: Riverside CA

Can we TRUST our home TAP WATER?

Fluoride in water is another topic of toxicity and causing many unhealthful consequences thanks to the government regulations that can be causing our illness in America!  Geez when are we going to learn?

Downside of Fluoride in our water?