Saturday, December 19, 2009

Government Healthcare Reform is about to plunge Americans under the bus!!!

With all the sneaky behind the scenes corruption that is currently in play to sideswipe the American taxpayer for the sake of providing some healthcare coverage to the less than 15% of the US population, this new healthcare plan is going to trainwreck taxpayers!

If it comes about as the chosen few in government hope for it will be a train wreck to the entire US population in even HIGHER taxes, HIGHER healthcare premiums, Higher spending on the same for small business owners that could collapse their small business and in return the "patient" that will receive inferior compromised care due to the cost burdens to deliver needed healthcare in a crisis situation. Hospitals and HOSPICE will be cut income because their medicare revenue to provide the services WILL BE CUT by government! Hospitals will have major LAYOFFs so increasing unemployment. All the taxpayers across America will be paying to pay for the added perks to a few entitled states who will get "special" treatment and federal funds that other states will not get. So, on and on the bad news goes about this new healthcare system being pushed by the White House this week in the middle of the night while we are all thinking of wrapping gifts for our loved ones. A healthcare plan that will cripple America in every horrid way......

Again our answer is: SAVE YOURSELF and DON'T GET DEAD!

The costly items that we cannot afford in our pending healthcare crisis are for the MOST part PREVENTABLE! That is the business at hand and they never quite get that point across to patients that they don't NEED to be ill! It is never too late to begin to be part of the solution instead of exacerbating the problem!

HealthCare Reform will always begin in the garden! Drink WATER instead of soda's and coffee's all day. Stop Smoking, be worried about consistent alcohol use and OBESITY is America's version of modern day malnutrition! Obesity is the culprit to most of the main costly health troubles today killing us off slowly and sadly. Ex: Diabetes, Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure, Gallstones, etc, etc and all the complications thereof! Please explore our site further, scroll down, down, how just changing your eating habits to live and for health can reduce YOUR risk today because YOU may not have healthcare coverage soon because the whole new proposed plan screwed it up for everyone! God help you if you are going to need it! You are NOT going to like the "new product" !!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I find it calming to know there is a power greater than myself and my little world that can keep the stars, the sun and the moon in place without my help! The same power that causes the sun to rise and set everyday without delay. I can safely turn over to God the things I am powerless over and cannot control. Things I am unable to fix or repair today I'll place in His hands and I'll be grateful for the things I can do to make a difference. Honestly, I wish I had more answers than I do but, it is what it is...I am not in charge! It is He that can see the grand picture of things while my view right now is a bit limited! Tonight, I will trust, rest and sleep on the wonder of these things. That's all I know....Selah! As a believer I can just: Cry out to Jesus!