Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pain, Sorrow and Sadness ......

Just when you feel like you are at the end of your road, and it looks like a dead end.... Don't be surprised how this time you will come to a whole new view of life that you never knew was possible.  A way of hope and a future you never imagined!  That's how we discover new roads and options for life and living is at times like these:
What? Why?  HOW does someone shoot to kill their child's MOM and 8 innocent people?  How do we make sense of life's darkest tragedy's?   How does healing and restoration begin?  What do these things that happened recently in Seal Beach teach us?

#1 We live in a poisoned and toxic world.
#2 Don't be caught DEAD without Jesus!
#3 There is this temporary life and then FOREVER comes after we each, like it or NOT, sooner later,   will leave this world.

If you were to die today, are you READY to meet the Almighty in the condition you are in? Yes or NO?
God does promise to take all things and work them for good for those who are in Christ Jesus.  That includes all the things, that seem unforgiveable, that we ourselves have done.

We pray that these Seal Beach friends and families involved and who are affected will receive everything that they need. Help,grace, strength and mercy that can only come from our Higher Power.  Amen

For more on this sad story:

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Got Juice? Say YES to Health and Healing!

Fresh, raw juice power packed with live enzymes, antioxidants and LIFE will nurture any body in any condition with energy and furnish what the body needs to HEAL ITSELF IF it is possible in this LIFE!!  Do IT!

Try juicing the produce you may not normally eat or like with a fruit to sweeten up the blend!!

Here's to your HEALTH and rejuvenation!  Best way to take in our needed 5-9 veggies a day!  Make it yourself or visit your local organic juice bar often!

People are always looking for the "CURE" which many groups pull on our emotional heart strings for HOPE and then suck money out of our wallets to HOPEFULLY seek out the one magic "blah, blah" ingredient that will put an end to the business of the one "blah blah"disease.  The American  "blah, blah"Association etc is a government extension of feeding into the "MYSTERY" needing of a DRUG only cure. Not that we smoked or drank too much or ate all the crap advertised on TV or anything!  NOT that we ate too much beef and dairy full of growth hormones, antibiotics and fed GMO feed!   Not that we jumped on the OVER-rated immunization band wagon and filled up on toxic carcinogenic ingredients!   Get it?  there are answers that will NEVER be looked at and we must SAVE ourselves if we want to steer clear of the imploding chronic disease and auto-immune disease diagnosis!

The FDA has the patton on WHAT single item can be called a CURE for or treat one particular condition.  DRUG companies take billions every year for RESEARCH of the ONE thing that they can CASH in on for the one magic thing. The FDA and GOVT and PARMACUETICAL companies are in bed together! FDA see to it that only DRUGS can make health claims for a certain ailment. 

GUESS what?  You notice, no matter HOW much money they collect that there is NEVER going to be that ONE thing that cures?  That's because the profit is in the LOOKING for it, NOT in FINDING it!  The adminstrators of these non-profits always do well with walk-a-thon's etc.  Also, good to know that the drug company will NEVER and HAS NEVER looked at food or plants for the cure because it can NEVER make money on that venue for a cure!  Plants cannot be pattoned.  Only toxic chemicals combined to treat one illness ( that the side effects create MORE illness to treat with different medications etc.)  YEP it's like the hamster on the wheel! Each new disease diagnosis is a money maker for some inflated industry.  NO hope and NO FUTURE with drugs from a billion dollar industry that lobby's FDA and government and medical schools to teach ONLY DRUGS can cure or help.When we quit eating our fresh fruit and veggies and sought chemical remedies only, the health of a nation spirals down!  For all the money paid out in research we are one of the sickest nation of all!  Geez!

This is why they are always trying to pooh, pooh and ridicule those that seek out silly alternative solutions.  Brainwashing and rigid peer pressure against those who seek out and research other paths that have a huge success rate via God's foods from the garden, fresh air, sunshine (VIT D), actually drinking CLEAN water or getting increased physical activity and exercising stress reduction.  Therein lies the HOPE for HEALTH, HEALING and RESTORATION if it can happen it will be when the body is given what it needs to HEAL itself!  The other $$$$$ industry is seeking a fix from the OUTSIDE- in with a band aid for a lone symptom instead of dealing with the BIG picture for health and healing.    Medications are those band aids in chronic disease and must be managed by prescribing physicians because there are more deaths annually from people taking their medications correctly than murders, auto accidents and the like!  All the while, the profession of dispensing drugs NEVER considers the cause rather they are programmed to always blame illness on genetics or etiology is unknown and all they know is that this or that drug is what to give to help alleviate the complaint.  If we're lucky we will get a 1 page diet to go with that drug that we should expect to take forever.

Certainly, it is futile to read into "eating right" will grow out a lost limb or grow a new eye ball, but to not ever consider the power of nutrients and other lifestyle changes can PREVENT, REVERSE and or alleviate a chronic metabolic illness is pure FOLLY on our part.  Eliminating chemicals and toxins in our environment that cause or exacerbate symptoms or illness is just pure common sense to implement.  BUT the big business of disease management is not educated in this area and therefore if they were not taught this in school then there cannot be any validity to it.  Then the common response is, there have been no studies that prove this or that theory.... which is true...the billions of dollars of research money will NOT study dietary causation or cure because..... there is NO PROFIT in that solution.   Also if people got well without medical intervention, it could put a very large industry OUT of business?   NO, that would never happen because most people prefer to take drugs to never change their current habits that got them in that situation.  Then, there maybe the 10% of all drugs given that actually save lives due to conditions that truly were life threatening or hereditary or environment caused or from a acute condition or injury.  That's when we better have some $$$ saved up for a catastrophe!

Bottom line:  there will never be just one DIET, or ONE vitamin or one drug that will be the one big answer!   There are many factors that play into recovering or preventing health conditions.  But never under estimate the power of God's foods or remedies that come straight from the garden when attempting to alleviate or ELIMINATE a certain symptom or condition.  These solutions have been saving lives for thousands of years and without the help of a trillion dollar health industry that many of their solutions have risks that outweigh the benefits!  Balance, balance and research all things before you blindly follow.  Remember back in the old days many illness came from poor sanitation and contaminated water with poop and pee etc.  Only like that in 3rd world countries today!

DON't put all your eggs in one basket!

For more information and explanation for your particular condition seek out other 2nd opinion professionals as well, ie:
Doctors of Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic and Naturopathy are a great place to start.  Our mainstream physicians have little(2 hours) to zero training in dietary causation but finding Integrative and Functional Medicine M.D.'s who have been educated in nutritional support as well as prescription drugs solutions is cutting edge.  There is a difference!

Meanwhile...We gotta SAVE ourselves and NOT get DEAD before our time! Eat right to feel great!