Thursday, April 22, 2010

Help your body heal itself with NUTRIENTS!

Choose a diet rich in a variety of plant based foods!

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit in season. Get a dark green leafy vegetable daily!

Juice your own fresh, raw vegetables with fruit!

  • Drink pure spring water- 6-8 glasses daily! (try NO plastic bottles!)

  • Choose whole grains and legumes!

  • Choose fish or chicken more often

  • Choose raw honey, agave nectar or raw sugar to sweeten if needed(easy does it tho! Even try the herb STEVIA to sweeten -no calories!)

    Limit fats to olive, safflower, canola oils or organic coconut oil or butter to 2-4 TBS daily.
    Limit (or stop) any white flour, white sugar or white rice products.
    Limit salt to less than 1 tsp daily. I use Veg-Sal
    Limit (or stop) chemicals, NUTRISWEET, food colorings or preservatives.
    Limit (or stop) alcohol use to occasional only.
    Limit (or stop!)red meat and dairy to only 3-6 oz daily max..if desired. (We prefer almond milk for cereal to back out of dairy products.)
    Absolutely STOP any tobacco use!

  • A good word about dark greens!

    This IS how I live anyway.....This information can actually SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Say this..."I wanna LIVE!!"

    Wonderful RECIPES for your health!

    We love Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals!

    Keeping it simple with our premium ingredients for recipes is the key! Also portion control! Don't over eat and stuff beyond what your body requires!

    FYI: did you know that post barriatric surgery patients live on the amount of food or drink to fill a "shot glass" full per meal and to eat more than that they'll vomit? Why not save yourself and find out how little that big body needs to stay alive and do it now! Focus on quality not quantity and there will be NO starvation involved.

    Way to go Jaime Oliver and the food revolution! To get on board:

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Fast Trac yourself into disease?

    Funny, how the last 30 years America had the blessing with FDA approvals, government subsidizing the industries promoting the toxic substances,  along with the health care establishment endorsements to stay OUT of the sun causing a VIT D deficiency, The OK to consume artificial colors and flavors, trans fats, margarine, sugar, soda's, high fructose corn syrup and overloading us on estrogen prescriptions, or forcing fluoride in the drinking water that blocks needed iodine absorption for thyroid health thus the new hypothyroid epidemic evolves. With all  that, collectively, we have run our health into a crisis point that America is expectantly,  unable to pay for tomorrow. OOps, epidemic proportions of cancer, obesity, diabetes and Coronary Artery disease that frankly, could have been avoided if the people who KNEW better would have said something LONG before now on how to PREVENT these conditions??! But of course there was a lot of money to be made in all of this death and dying and disease. So now, we're to just be sure and not miss those bogus vaccines full of mercury and formaldehyde or that annual mammogram or pap smear or colon cancer screening to see if we have IT... YET! Yes, finally, they are serious about us getting HEALTHY to save them  MONEY.  So, eating our vegetables and getting up to find some exercise by golly or we'll be "deadzies". Soon, they won't be able to afford what it costs to save us!

    What we habitually put in our grocery basket was called a "normal diet" and no none cared until there was finally something to diagnose.  Keep doing what your doing, everything is fine.  ( until you get good and sick THEN we can help you with some drugs!)

    Our Sugar addiction has lead us to fatty liver or diabetes and obesity.  Smoking has always been responsible for 1/3 or all cancer.  Now alcohol drinking 3 or more drinks per day is equivalent to smoking a pack a day for some cancer damage!

    This is the story of how we ran pell mell down the rode of illness that was perpetuated with a green light from those in health care  we trusted to warn us into life saving health practices. There was no compensation coding available for diet and nutrition counseling so they had no time for it.  More importantly they were not TRAINED in the area of Health and Nutrition in the first place.  How can they train us if they themselves don;t know about it?   But they waited too long before they let the cat out of the bag ie: the secret to a healthy life! Can we turn this pending  shipwreck around?

    YES!  But we gotta SAVE OURSELVES and NOT get deadsies! Keep coming back!