Friday, May 11, 2018


One of my favorite things to do is provide information for my clients,  about how to save money making their own healing remedies, with little effort, from targeted herbs and flowers from GOD’s garden to aid in a speedy recovery from adverse events we may encounter in life!

I teach my clients how to reduce their own exposure to everyday chemicals which can exacerbate hormone dysfunction, insulin resistance, brain fog, headaches, belly problems, insomnia  and unpleasant skin conditions.  I will always research the science on the herbs I may need to support a certain goal for myself and suggest everyone does the same.  Some plants are poisonous but many hiding in plain sight are edible and medicinal!  Everyone must explore the safety and efficacy from skilled herbal professionals in the area they are exploring.  God put these plants in nature to support the human body to heal itself when special circumstances or injuries evolve!  What we have been doing instead as a culture is proving to be causing more harm than good in many cases!

For combinations that will enhance a soothing healing experience for skin issues, outbreaks, scrapes, burns, stings and bites I will either infuse healthy oils for a cream or salve or I’ll use witch hazel infused for a cool spray on!  My solvent or base will also be a superior choice for the job, most likely organic EVOO, coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado, grape seed oil or witch hazel that has many healing properties within itself!  For herbal tinctures, I'll use vodka 40% for soft flowers and herbs and perhaps a 75%-95% alcohol for very hard, dry or resinous herbal concoctions. (They need to brew in a dark cool cupboard shaken every few days for 3-8 weeks at least!)  100% vegetable glycerin, raw honey or apple cider vinegar will also infuse the vital properties from the plant over several weeks.  For under the tongue tinctures I may infuse the herbal combo with 3/4 glycerine and 1/4 alcohol to thin it, strengthen the shelf life and boost the infusion process!  Each solvent will pull different elements from the plant being used and thus, also will vary in how long the product will last. Many times I will use vinegar for culinary herbs and flavorings for things I cook up on the stove for dinner! I love filling a little spice jar with fresh cut garlic, or rosemary and filling it with vinegar or vodka, to brew a few weeks and then it becomes a medicinal or culinary extract!  I can keep it in the fridge indefinitely for use though refrigeration is probably not necessary for an alcohol based tincture. But it's where I look when I am cooking up a pot of something for dinner!

This non toxic direction eliminates perhaps hundreds of gene flipping chemicals found in a day’s use of commercial body care products!  Yay! It depends on how sick we are, as to how motivated we are to seek out this direction for making chemical free creams, lotions, sunscreen, deodorant or even toothpaste!

While I am not interested in selling my proven concoctions, I'd much rather simply teach others to do for pennies something that has incredible non toxic benefits!  Looking to history proven methods, used for thousands of years is very fun! Usually, for the cost of a typical one ounce, store bought tincture or salve I can make enough for 6-8 ounces that can last all year long if I need it to! Sometimes we need a little immune system boost during the cold and flu season, help during high stress events or panic attacks, sometimes life worries are interfering with our good nights sleep!  

All these issues have corresponding combinations of herbs that can work synergistically together to support our body to balance out again!  Why modern medicine came along to silence the voice of botanists and herbalists who excel in providing science based remedies is incomprehensible to me!  The green leaves in the garden, the Bible says are for healing!  Herbs and plants have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-anxiety and anti-tumor compounds built right in the plant!  WOWSIES! This information has been obstructed from the general public view for several decades now and most unfortunate for the families who cannot afford the co payment or doctor visit fee and suffer on the sidelines because they cannot afford the help when life happens!  There is HOPE! There are things we can do to help our body heal itself from non acute issues, long before we need to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment somewhere!

Letting some wonderful morning, fresh picked, English rose petals, calendula or lavender flowers steep along with some skin healing herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, comfrey or St John's Wort can also boost the recovery process from a simple sunburn, bite, or unpleasant skin eruption we don't like!

Sometimes, I fill a jar with the combo desired with a skin thirsty oil and sit it in a semi-sunny spot outside several weeks (depending on the combination for 3-8 weeks) to infuse.  Sometimes I'm in a hurry and will place it in the oven on super low for 4-5 hours until I can smell the flowers infused in the oil!

The ancient folk method boasts of additional benefits from being charged with energy by the sun by day and the moon by night!  Or if you can't wait?  Use the oven method or double boiler method also on lowest setting.  Sometimes, I simmer the infusion on the stove covered, with a few cups of water to match the oil but creates the additional step of straining and placing in the fridge for the oil and water to separate and I must drain all water completely out of the concoction before bottling.

  WARNING: Water will spoil the oil infusion if left in the final product during storage!  No water on flowers or in mix during infusion unless you are doing the stove top simmering method and then separating the water out later.

Now my herbal oil is ready to make a simple salve which I may also add some lovely skin friendly essential oils to like lavender, frankincense, peppermint, clove, bergamont, or ylang II, etc.  Or I can take 2 TBSP of oil and mix in a tsp of baking soda and use as a deodorant. So many possibilites.  This method helps me stick to my rule that is; I never put ANYTHING on my skin that I could not eat!
For my 1 cup of infused oil I will add about 1/4 cup of beeswax and melt it 
together in a double boiler. (Usually a pyrex measuring cup in a pan of water) Then as it cools, I add some specific enhancing essential oils and pour it in little jars for use!  Easy peasy!  Smells delightful!  You can do this too.  These are very fun, totally nourishing, non toxic solutions to address some basic every day needs!

Nothing but the best ingredients ever AND I am saving $$$ doing it with minimal effort in the kitchen! is a great place to research the science  and healing benefits about calendula plants, especially the anti-cancer benefits found in some herbs and on PUBMED you can also research chamomile!  Check it out! These are the kind of side effects I can live with!  There are many more to research!

I buy and learn about most organic herbs and flowers I cannot grow, at:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


There are things we can do living in this modern toxic world we live in!  Never before in history has mankind been exposed to such an array of chemicals in our environment, lifestyle, and food choices!

Learning to return to what has worked for keeping people healthy for thousands of years is where the secret to good health abounds! 

It's not that complicated but may require a commitment to learn what you can do to reduce your own risk of a preventable health demise is key while losing weight and improving your energy levels, too! Eat for your Life to LIVE!!  Choose REAL foods with a one word ingredient most often, choose chemical free products every chance you are able!  Choosing fresh produce and plant foods that have NOT been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides which are known to disrupt hormone function and can be in many cases be carcinogenic is essential to getting you UNSTUCK in your mission to improve your own weight goals and increase strength, stamina and ENERGY!   Equally important is choosing animal products that have NOT been fed inferior food intended to fatten them up faster than normal too!  What those animals consume we CONSUME 2nd hand!

For several centuries now, it is understood that metabolic illness will thrive in a body which is deficient in getting nutrient rich fresh raw fruits and veggies, failure to get clean chemical FREE water and has been overcome with the heavy metal toxins that were mostly rare 100 years ago or more.  Our other exacerbating lifestyle habits matter too!

If you are unclear about where to begin this journey to your own health recovery process then join us online with my
Health Recovery 101 -6 week "EXPERIENCE"   e-classes,
which will also include my kick start 5-7 day junk food detox called Eating4Energy for FREE! ($39 value!)

We gotta SAVE OURselves!!  Check it out!  You don't have to wait another minute to start doing what has worked for mankind for like...FOREVER!

Watch for my new book called THE HEALTH RECOVERY ZONE, coming in the spring!  It will change your LIFE!  IT will cause you to start digging deeper to find the missing piece of the puzzle addressing many of today's PREVENTABLE public health issues!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The RIGHT HAND doesn't know what the LEFT HAND is Doing!

This may be the first century ever that believes the pathway to good health can only be delivered via the chemicals offered in modern medicine!  Really?  It is the year 2016 and only NOW we have all the answers?  The problem is the power of indoctrination via the ever elusive media forces who sold their soul for a hefty payoff from industry conglomerates!  Thousands of years of surviving famines, pestilence and disease the old fashioned way doesn't count! The biggest disease offenders through out history clearly has been due to malnutrition (deficiencies from a lack of vital nutrients from a variety of whole foods) and largely from contaminated water and living in dark, dank and filthy living conditions!  The industrialized world has mostly conquered this problem with amazing results with electricity and food refrigeration yet today we are overcome with a chemical toxicity exposure like never been before in history!  We traded infectious disease for an explosion in stats of various autoimmune, chronic diseases and birth defects that science warns is 80-90% diet and lifestyle induced!

Our current generation is blindly walking the path to destruction and disease because for at least 30-50 years our educational and medical systems have ignored teaching or studying the root causes to our modern infirmities!  So it seems, in modern medicine, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing!  This is absurd!  This is unacceptable and our present day health care crisis is a product of this lack of knowledge.  People for a few generations now have been shooting themselves in the foot, causing their own symptoms from poor diet and lifestyle choices.  How would they know if they were never taught? Then as it goes, they seek help from their medical practitioner who has a drug solution (with side effects) for every ail so we don't have to change our harmful ways!  They too offer these drugs without considering the listed side effects and adverse reactions that will slowly evolve into another chronic disease problem that they will again offer another new drug for... later when it seems it is just part of the cycle of LIFE and YOUR bad family genes!!  Wrong!

Let's take a look at the escalation of Alzheimer's and memory loss and the daily drugs that CAUSE those symptoms.  (Not including heavy metal toxicity, aluminum, mercury, pesticides, in combination with the LOW FAT-high CARB/SUGAR diet recommended by many medical practitioners, etc)
Drugs that may cause memory loss....

Let's take a look at the daily drugs that can cause insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes like cholesterol medicine as an example:
390 drugs that can cause sugar issues

Our main chronic disease conditions today plaguing society can be due to a chronic magnesium deficiency!  These conditions look like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer!
Guess what else?  The drugs they prescribe ALSO induce a magnesium deficiency so it is a NO win to take drugs that further deplete your magnesium reserves so this means there is NO HOPE FOR A CURE going down this road!
Drugs that may deplete magnesium levels...
Dr Osborne explains the magnesium deficiency cycle...

Its not that I am against medical drug or surgical intervention in an acute care crisis; it is that a patient should always be offered an opportunity to correct the underlying cause of their issue first for non acute conditions. BUT this will never happen as long as medical schools and nursing programs continue to omit this information from students graduating with licensed degrees in medicine.  WHY you may wonder? Because the pharmaceutical companies who make billions on our ignorance, own the media, schools and universities!  They are board members on every government institution where their interest is at stake and they lobby politicians to pass laws that will keep their industry thriving while the health of our world circles the drain!  They are also in charge of demonizing every health care physician who makes a stand against the status quo!  They employ trolls all over social media to cause chaos toward anyone who is AWAKE!  You and I have been mind manipulated as well as the next generation starting at a very early age!

What to do?  We gotta SAVE ourselves AND our children!  There are things we CAN do to prevent and reverse many ills but sadly you must research on your own.   This is why after working the front lines of health care, assisting physicians for many years I went rogue and became a Holistic Health Coach!

Some things are NOT in our power to control but what we PUT in our mouth is the BEST place to start!  I have several online programs on my website to help my clients learn the BIG PICTURE about health, wellness, sickness and disease and HOW it happens and how YOU can get pointed back in the right direction so YOU can get that pep back in your step and arrive at your health goals!

The Health Recovery 101 "EXPERIENCE" is a 6 week e-course that is offered in a private venue membership site that you can find a lot of supporting materials and classes all in one place.

My JUNK FOOD DETOX called Eating4Energy is a 5-7 day kick start program to get you started.

The coolest thing is my NEW E-BOOK written for middle school age kids and young adults to show them the HOW and WHY in making healthy food and lifestyle choices that support their health & wellness called TEENS EATING4ENERGY GUIDE! 

We are in charge of the condition of our own immune system and it does not play favorites!  If you give your body WHAT IT NEEDS TO LAST A LIFETIME then you will do well.  If you blindly follow the crowd and eat everything sold on TV then you too will find yourself among the escalating stats that YOU cannot blame on the family genes! Sorry, but genetics has little to do with the explosion of Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, High Blood pressure, non-alcoholic FATTY LIVER, obesity, autism, asthma, ADHD, eczema, psoriasis, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimers's etc!  These are often fueled by an environmental chemical toxicity exposure that could upset some people MORE than others which IS based on your genetic make up.  Get rid of the inflammatory triggers and that is the battle 1/2 WON!  Fuel your body with what it needs to STAY healthy and auto correct and re-balance itself and by golly NOW we are talking!  God made our body to be able to heal itself.
No matter what they say on television.....
there is always HOPE!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Why is America so SICK?

So many people are absolutely CLUELESS when it comes to health and how it works!  Even those who are on staff at the downtown medical office don't have any idea how sickness happens and how to prevent the typical chronic diseases of our day!  Everybody keeps walking pel mel down the road to destruction without ever assuming they may be the very ones who are to blame for their health consequences from poor choices.  BUT it is NOT your fault!!  How would you know what to do if it is NOT TAUGHT in school or medical schools?

This is really a pet peeve of mine.  Sheer ignorance from the healthcare industry which is indeed, the missing piece of the puzzle as we face the largest health care crisis in history costing tax payers and private payers billions each year when 80% of it is preventable!!  There are those who know the truth about the causes of our disease problems that are not telling the masses the truth!  There are those who profit by our diseases who lobby the politicians, lawmakers, CDC, FDA and the healthcare industry.

For thousands of years there have been foods placed in the earth for our health and wellness!  People are NOT eating foods like that anymore!   When you combine a diet deficient in the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to KEEP us out of the hot seat of preventable illness with all the modern day chemicals floating about our air, water, soil and processed foods that come from a factory it is no wonder at all!  We have been shooting ourselves in the foot and we have been the biggest offenders to the laws of nature!

There is HOPE!  There ARE things we CAN do living in this modern toxic world!  I have created this
online 6-week e-class called

Health Recovery 101

to be a one stop spot to learn the BIG PICTURE and get back on the road to Health Recovery!  Check it out.  No matter where you are on the path toward health and wellness there is a way to restore, re-balance and renew your strength, stamina and energy and reduce your risk of an impending health demise!  Click the picture!

"We Gotta SAVE OURselves!"

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Why are you so SICK & TIRED all the time?

 Many people are wondering WHY or HOW they come down with this or that and few practitioners are trained to address their issues with the root cause and preventive perspective!  We run around like crazy and fail to recognize the cause and effect consequences of our actions.  Ignorance is BLISS is what some say but I say knowledge is POWER!  Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are the tools in our tool chest to overcome and prevail in any endeavor when it comes to improving our quality of life AND possibly reversing some inflammatory conditions and getting back on the road to

Sickness and disease and HOW IT EVOLVES and manifests into a preventable chronic disease is NOT ROCKET science!  It is NOT that big of a mystery and as a coach I point people into a direction toward health and wellness simply by making a few changes and tweaking a few bad habits into something that can support our immune system to do what our body was created to do:  HEAL ITSELF!

To learn the BIG PICTURE with action steps to help turn the ship around and change the course you are headed will start with educating THYSELF and learn first and foremost WHERE your inflammatory triggers have gained access and stopping that and replacing those triggers with nutrients and lifestyle habits that will support your health unto wellness again!  There is HOPE!

To begin your journey toward health and wellness click here to find out more!

We gotta SAVE ourSELVES!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There ARE things we Can DO! There is HOPE!

Yes indeed!  No matter WHAT we are facing that is depleting our energy, wellness and health there is ALWAYS HOPE!  There are things we can do to GIVE OUR body what it needs to do its job to maintaining optimal strength, stamina and energy!  There are exacerbating agents circulating in our lifestyle that can produce some pretty knarly consequences but when we learn to pinpoint our own inflammatory triggers and fuel our body with super high octane jet fuel that YOUR body was created to function on then there is NO telling what could happen next!  That is my highest honor and joy, to be of service to my clients helping them figure out a few changes that heal!

Reach OUT for guidance and direction and put the PEP back in your step!

WE GOTTA SAVE ourSELVES!  Eat for your Life to LIVE!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Warning Signs in a Local Restaurant...

I walked in a place to have breakfast the other day and saw this sign at the hostess station!

I have mixed feelings about it though I appreciate the honesty. This sign should be on the windows at the grocery store since 80-90% of their items are processed foods full of chemicals that are known carcinogens, GMO foods infused with pesticides built right in and hormone disruptor's, to name just a few.

Where ELSE should we see this sign posted?  The downtown medical office and pharmacy of course!
Especially those promoting the popular annual flu VAX and the excessive modern assault of vaccines which are full of known carcinogens and neuro-toxins and hormone altering chemicals! This specific industry of "modern medicine" historically refuses to address root cause resolutions to obtaining or maintaining our precious good health.  Nutritional science reports repeatedly, that there are plenty of recommendations of foods that support the body to HEAL ITSELF rather than exacerbate the inflammatory conditions by piling in more adverse chemical toxins, however, the medical schools continue to crank out licensed professionals who have had little to ZERO, training on dietary and lifestyle solutions even though science has concluded 80-90% of chronic disease comes from this category of causes! Yet, we must check with our doctor BEFORE making any diet or lifestyle changes? Zero training gets the last word? What's WRONG with that picture?

As long as even the media refuses to report objectively because their bread and butter is paid by their sponsors, the DRUG DEALERS, then we will have to SAVE ourSELVES and NOT get DEADsies early from auto-intoxication.  We gotta WAKE-UP and realize HOW it happens!

There are things we can do!  Educate thyself!

I have 2 programs that provide guidance and direction with simple steps toward changing things up on quality and eliminate known foods that exacerbate inflammatory conditions!

Health coaching on a budget with my:
6 week online DIY: 

Health Recovery 101               e-workshop


and the nuts and bolts of life giving foods called:


Starts with a week of cleaning things up with a sustainable guide for day to day living!

7 out of 10 USA deaths are from a preventable chronic disease!

Most toxic chemicals circulating in our air, water, soil and food products:

Injecting cancer and auto-immune disease via heavy metals and contaminated aborted fetal DNA, animal pus or DNA via vaccines anyone?  Are you informed of these ingredients before receiving your vaccines?

Most infectious disease was eliminated before vaccines in the 1940'2 -1950's due to clean running water to homes, refrigeration and flushing toilets.  
When I was a kid I got 4-5 vaccines to start school in the 1960's.
My kids in the early 1980's needed 7 injections to start school.
Today kids need 50 injections to start school.  
What in the world?  Are you kidding me?  Has there EVER been a study to prove giving all these to a infant and small child is safe to give in bunches of 5?  NO there is NO such study but what we have staring us in the face is the correlation of exploding stats of chronic and autoimmune diseases in children today.  MORE SIDS, autism, more ADHD and related behavior problems has become the norm when it was rare just 30 years ago!  Ask any teacher with tenure educating in public schools now compared to when they started their careers 20-30 years ago!

Hello?   Is this the PINK ELEPHANT in the room of sickness and disease?

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Protecting from sunburn without CHEMICALS?

This is a very HOT topic for many.  Sunshine good or sunshine bad?   Well, first off,

Vitamin D is GOOD 

and linked to every cellular and hormone function we have to be healthy.  What hormones?  Thyroid function, Cholesterol, Pancreatic enzymes for insulin/sugar regulation, sex hormones etc etc.  We can't function properly without it!  Best way to get what you need is just 20 minutes in sunshine WITHOUT sunscreen on your skin, ie face, neck, torso and arms.

I never miss out on a good sunny day outside for a walk around but I sure do NOT advocate getting sunburn EVER!  Sunburn leads to wrinkles and ages us and will produce those  pesky basal cell skin cancers that show up on most folks in their later years as a testament of all the fun they have had in the sun over a lifetime!  So, staying indoors instead will also lead to our demise.

What to do?  

I met someone years ago at our favorite holiday "river" spot for a full few days of boating and water skiing etc.  She was a fair red head that was plagued with sun poisoning if exposed for over 1 hour in the hot sun.   We all should know our LIMITS for sun exposure and heed to the warning signs! She often would miss out on all the fun due to this problem until she discovered Vitamin B-6 50 mg tabs! Yes, that is right!  She was advised to take 1 capsule twice per day for 2-3 days prior to the holiday and during the weekend.  Guess what?  It worked!  She could hang with the rest of us along with her sunscreen and did every year after that!

I have been doing this ever since 1-2 days before a fun weekend outside especially when it is the first sunshine of the season.  It helps tremendously for some reason.  I believe from experience, the more "toxic" we are from a lifestyle of junk food and toxins that are stored in our "FAT CELLS" that our poor diet will make us burn faster.  However, the cleaner my food choices are and the more nourished I am, I rarely will burn now.

Do I use sunscreen?  Yes and NO!  No to the toxic chemicals, carcinogens and hormone disruptor's in commercial sunscreens.   Yes, to natures coconut or extra virgin olive oil that has a natural spf of 8-10.  Both oils my skin will drink up and not stay greasy for very long.  Bad oils (baby oil etc) will NOT soak in and are reasons for a lot of skin cancers in America cooking themselves in the sun!  To MY healthy mix I add a few tsp of raspberry seed oil or carrot seed oil both with a natural SPF of maybe 30 to my 1/2 cup of coconut oil(my favorite and doesn't go rancid).   Then, I  add some skin nourishing essential oils like lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, bergomont or frankincense.  It smells wonderful and is the best moisturizer I could EVER want in this life before or after the sun!  A 30 spf is sufficient in most cases and for the real protection I seek cover with a HAT, UMBRELLA or clothing to cover up when I have had enough WITHOUT the harsh chemicals!  I drink plenty of WATER outside in sunshine because most of the other drinks one might choose ie soda's, booze and sports drinks are all trouble and dehydrating with chemical additives that aren't good for me. We NEED WATER!

Most dermatologists are dead set against anyone going in the sun but they also make a living selling their surgeries and skin products. They do NOT study in medical school root causes so this is not their area of expertise.  People that get melanoma which is the deadly skin cancer often find it in places the sun never shines like in between toes or other spots hidden from the public view!  Likely, not sun related but the other non serious skin cancer like BCC definitely linked with sun abuse I expect.

I believe we will soon hear about chemical toxicity linked with this melanoma cancer that we will be rethinking the lack of understanding on how sickness and disease and cancer happens. Smoking and alcohol abuse pushes us up in front of the line for trouble too.  Meanwhile, this is another area I will avoid chemicals on my skin.  WHY?

My skin is an incredible detox organ!  I would not put anything on my skin that is not safe to EAT!  So this is what I do as much is in my power to do so.  What do I do if I suspect a skin cancer?  First I try this black salve made from the blood root plant.  Been around for centuries AND costs almost nothing.  It will in a few days surround and attack any abnormal cancer cells and kill it with perfect margins and in a week it will fall out and heal from the inside out.  I've done it and it works great.  But you can get yours cut off from a plastic surgeon if you prefer if you can afford it.  Another thing that I have used to rid some benign skin growths like warty- kerotosis types is dab on organic apple cider vinegar on the spot a few times per day for a week or so.  The thing turns black, scabs and falls off! Perfect!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stop the inflow of toxic chemicals! Save yourself!

Part of Health Recovery is pinpointing the entrance of highly toxic chemicals and stopping it to save ourselves and our baby in the womb!! We have got to SAVE ourselves because the Food Companies, the FDA and other paid off entities don't care if these make us so sick we'll need more toxic solutions from mainstream medicine to deal with our adverse symptoms! It is a vicious circle that causes our health to circle the drain! Say this, "I wanna LIVE" . Sharing this graphic from Dr Mercola!  Please SHARE!  Toxins to Avoid If Pregnant
When pregnant, you should take extra care with the foods you eat and the chemicals you use in and outside of your home. There are many sources of toxic exposure that may put you, and your unborn baby, in harm's way. If you are expecting a child or know someone who is, share this infographic on the most common environmental toxins that pregnant women should avoid. Use this code to embed this infographic onto your website.
<img src="" alt="Toxins to Avoid If Pregnant" border="0" style="max-width:100%; min-width:300px; margin: 0 auto 20px auto; display:block;"><p style="max-width:800px; min-width:300px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">When pregnant, you should take extra care with the foods you eat and the chemicals you use in and outside of your home. There are many sources of toxic exposure that may put you, and your unborn baby, in harm's way. If you are expecting a child or know someone who is, share this infographic on the most common<a href=""><strong> environmental toxins that pregnant women should avoid</strong></a>. Use this code to embed this infographic onto your website.</p>

Sunday, April 26, 2015

We hold the KEY to our OWN Health & Wellness!

No matter WHAT we have been told, there ARE things we can do to improve our own health and wellness status!  YOU can turn things around!  Improving our energy, strength and stamina can be done by making a few lifestyle changes!  Reach OUT for help!  Hire a health coach to guide you into accomplishing some past due results!  We gotta STOP shooting ourselves in the foot!

Click here

For a kick start guide called Eating4Energy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We gotta make a HEALTHY baby!

Being a good MOMMA begins at the very beginning from conception!  God created things to follow a certain order.  The building blocks of all these developmental stages are only as good as the raw materials to "construct a strong and sturdy structure".  So what we eat can impact the development and health of our baby for years to come.  Making daily good food choices and drinking plenty of chemical free water, getting our fresh air and sunshine, and learning to minimize stressful situations will reduce risk factors that can harm our child's predisposition for disease.  Most of us live in countries where infectious disease is indeed a thing of the past with miniscule numbers recorded due to improved sanitation, drinking water free of human excrement and better whole food nutrition choices.  What we must worry about today?  Preventable chronic disease and autoimmune diseases in children from chemical toxic body burden exposures!

In our culture it is very easy to consume toxic foods that are man made and offer NO NUTRIENTS in return to nourish baby during these critical times.  Also beware of your chemical exposure to foods or drugs while with child! 80,000 approved FDA chemicals in our food and environment are turning up in counts of over 200 in umbilical cords of newborns!  Never before in history have our infants been under assault with heavy metal chemicals that can cause brain inflammation and auto immune diseases!  We must protect our skin, hair and sustenance with only life giving nutrients during this critical time.  All the way until about 2010 no health professional would advise pregnant moms to get a vaccine.  NOW, even though the package insert warns there are no studies proving safety or efficacy; they are pushing this toxic cocktail on the infant in utero!  Then upon minutes after birth they try to inject vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases on our babies. (what?@#$#@?)  Then they push baby formulas made from GMO SOY and HIGH FRUCTOSE corn syrup on our babies!  (Known hormone/endocrine disruptors!)  Please consider how we made it for thousands of years having healthy babies without these new mandates perpetuated by pharmacuetical companies making 100's of billions of $$$ as we obey!  Save the children!.  Breastfeed or make your own organic baby formula to supplement.  Currently, there is a escalation of obesity, cancer, diabetes, autism and learning disabilities in our young USA children in crisis.  There is a sharp rise since they tripled the vaccine schedule for kids in the mid 1990's.  We cannot blame bad family genes on this issue of preventable chronic diseases!  More drugs will never be the answer but rather eliminating the causes that exacerbate inflammatory conditions!

For healthy babies in utero and while nursing:
BEWARE and Do NOT fall for food choices containing:
  • Artificial colorings or flavors or chemicals
  • GMO foods for adults or GMO soy baby formula's
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • White sugar, white flour products
  • Hydrogenated/partial oils
  • Animal products fed steroids and growth hormones or GMO feed!
  • Soda's; 'phosphoric acid' leaches the calcium from bones = brittle bones!
  • DUH!!  Say NO to alcohol and tobacco and most ALL DRUGS!
  • If it was a baby I was carrying: NO chemicals, drugs or vaccines of any kind containing neurotoxins and carcinogens and other inflammatory ingredients for baby in utero like those in the FLU vaccine!
Choose foods for LIFE, HEALTH and HEALING for you and baby as much as is in your power to do so and take plenty of nice walks outside in fresh air and sunshine everyday if you can!  Choose ORGANIC as much as possible!  Choose garden fresh produce, clean protein and healthy fats like omega-3's and coconut oil for healthy brains including MINE!!
Guess what??? If its NOT good for baby, then it is NOT good for us either! Keeping it simple!
Need help?  Hire a holistic health coach!  I can help!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays and trying it STRESS FREE for a change!

Why stress?  I can only do what it is in my power to do!  Think of this time as an opportunity to GIVE BACK in service to those closest to us whom we love and remembering those who have been a blessing to us along the journey!  Maybe a little more service doing it "Santa Style" ie: surprises in secret!   

What are these 'ol holiday's' really all about anyway? Relationships! Keep it simple: Remember to be grateful for the little things with no price tag: Love, Life, Family, Forgiveness, Sobriety, a comfy bed, a full belly and mostly, peace in my soul.....Selah, and ALWAYS: take your Higher Power with ya!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Can we TRUST our government to protect our Best Interest??

Think about this,  our chronic and auto immune diseases have been escalating in stats the last 20-30 years and there is a definite correlation between our food and drug systems and the skyrocketing of preventable chronic disease!  Even the CDC predicts that by the year 2025 the numbers will be far worse!  And WHO is working to stop the rise?

Things our government will subsidize (to help an industry PROFIT) that is the very source contributing to more health problems for our population right here... which in turn will help mainstream medicine PROFIT!  You and I?  We are the losers unless we wise up!

Our government subsidizes the very thing causing these things pushing us to cross the line of no return?   Since the 1970 and 1980's we were encouraged to enjoy in good health trans fats IE: margarine and hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils that made inflammation and heart disease worse and causing more chronic disease.  OOPS!    Then the government began subsidizing sugar and high fructose corn syrup and GMO crops of canola and soy and corn.  OOPS diabetes cases tripled along with obesity in just 20 years and while feeding our meat and dairy these foods CANCER is attacking us at younger and younger ages.  The children's vaccine schedule tripled since the 1990's and kids are being shot up with haz-mat heavy metals like mercury, aluminum and neurotoxin and carcinogens like formaldehyde and contaminated virus and animal DNA without ever having a study on the safety of all these injected at once or year after year repeatedly and their consequences on human health.  OOPS autism, allergies, asthma, cancer and other auto immune & chronic disease has skyrocketed synonymously in our kids with these new vaccine implementations. Clean water and healthy sanitation has wiped out infectious disease issues before vaccines came along to take credit.  But if our community water is laced with chemicals and heavy metals then all we are doing is trading it up for chronic disease that is preventable.  OOPS we have to have a home water filter to ensure safe drinking water our body needs to stay fit!  Then instead of rewarding organic gardeners they triple issue costly ordinances that we must pay EXTRA for us NOT to have poisonous chemicals sprayed on our foods!  Yes, our government does that!

Finally, have you looked up lately and wondered why in the last 10 years it seems we can rarely see a sky like this withOUT unmarked planes spraying our skies with HAZ MAT chemicals (Aluminum oxide, barium, strontium to name a few, etc) on us like we are bugs, and contaminating our lakes, rivers and streams killing the bees, the birds an the fish?  Do you suppose the government has done a safety test on what these known carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemicals they are spraying will do to us humans?  Well, consider our planet a guinea pig for the test.  We do not have a choice. OOPS talk about an escalation in Alzheimer's cases these days!

Yes, we can boldly put 2+2 together and connect the dots no matter how much mainstream media, medicine, the CDC and the food & drug industry doesn't want you to know OR worry about... just keep buying in to the status quo!  A huge portion of our national gross spending is on healthcare, drugs and the foods that makes us NEED the healthcare and drugs!  The foods that contain FDA approved chemicals, fake colors and flavors and GMO junk is subsidized and fed to our kids in school lunches or else unregulated drugs and GMO foods fed to the animals we EAT!
  OMG! Yikes, lets jump OFF that Merry go round!
But don't you rock the boat!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rotating our fresh produce is Vital!

God had a creative plan in mind when He came up with the seasons! Part of getting a broad spectrum of nutrients is choosing foods from the garden in a variety of colors! Therein lies locked in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining health and wellness. Something we cannot obtain from the local drive-thru.

Monday, October 13, 2014

STAT, We gotta SAVE the GIRLZ! Let's reduce OUR own risk of a preventable BREAST CANCER diagnosis!

BEFORE throwing your hard earned $$$ into the hat for a cure think again!  

Yeah, if you want to save your own breasts then

 ask yourself 

 these vital questions:

  1. Do I eat my 5-9 fresh veggies and fruit per day?
  2. Do I drink clean water free of toxins and chemicals?
  3. Do I eat a dark green leafy vegetable daily to prevent cancer? Kale? Spinach? Swiss Chard?
  4. Do I Smoke?
  5. Do I drink more than 3 alcohol drinks per day? More than 3-4 times per week?
  6. Do I take or ever taken prescribed synthetic birth control or HRT hormone pills?  Why? How many years?
  7. Do I have a BMI over 30?  Am I obese with belly fat waist exceeding 32 inches?
  8. Do I eat commercial dairy and commercial animal products?
  9. Do I love sugar?  Is high fructose corn syrup listed on any of my food or drink selections?
  10. Do I eat processed foods with commercial SOY ? ( 90%  of SOY is a GMO item)
      Scientists are noting our intake of GMO foods (genetically modified organisms)are placing us at risk for a lot more than cancer and push us along with the multitudes of others into the new explosive autoimmune disease category.  Pesticides and the other 80,000 FDA approved chemicals circulating in our foods and lifestyle, water, soil or air are about 90% untested on their effect on humans! (a serious consideration when wondering why most of these modern conditions were quite RARE just 30-50 years ago!)
      The healthcare "INDUSTRY" is pushing drugs and vaccines at a tripling and alarming rate that little has been done to examine how injecting known carcinogens and neurotoxin heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde along with animal pus and aborted fetus DNA year after year can do to a human body!  Mainstream medicine will trust clinical trials or studies conducted by the very drug company who stands to gain billions $$$ with its approval so yes, these FDA approved chemicals and concoctions get pushed forward with a severe conflict of interest!  We trade the mild to minuscule threat of a certain infectious disease today for our chance to join the stats of the millions to be also diagnosed a preventable chronic disease and or death! DEMAND to read product inserts before you vaccinate for efficacy, safety and ingredients!

The facts are in,  since the late 1980's our institutes of health have known:
  • 80% of all cancers have been PREVENTABLE.  
  • 1/3 of all cancers are from smoking, 
  • 30-40% of cancers are from what goes in our mouth(diet) from our own grocery basket or drive thru restaurant
  • Less than 10% of cancers have had a genetic propensity.  
  • Lately in the news, it is known that drinking 3 or more alcohol drinks per day is equivalent to smoking 1 pack of cigarettes per day for our increased cancer risk. 
  • For the last 10 years doctors were made aware the increased risk connection with synthetic estrogen hormone use.  Women tend to get TOO much estrogen via RX drug induced imbalance and then now all our environmental exposures to xenoestrogens that mimick estrogen in plastics etc! 
  • Fluoride in water and GMO SOY are  Endocrine HORMONE disruptors which helps create our many hormone issues like hypothyroid!  Whether it is from the pharmacy or via commercial dairy products from cows and beef pumped full of estrogen growth hormones to fatten them for slaughter,  WE are consuming these toxic amounts of estrogens without the needed progesterone to balance our levels out. 
  • White Sugar simply weakens our immune system so badly our body cannot fight off free radicals that cause cancer.  Sugar FEEDS cancer cells and enables them to THRIVE within!  High fructose corn syrup goes straight to our liver and lands into BELLY fat! Obesity is our storehouse of toxins and home to our own production of more estrogen!   Excess belly fat escalates our man made risk to create our own cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even high blood pressure diagnosis! 
  • Processed foods made with hydrogenated oils,  artificial colors and flavors, full of sugar and GMO ingredients and creating the happy medium for disease to thrive within.  These foods lack nutrients, a thus leading to personal deficiencies and that lead to NEW symptoms that will get a diagnosis soon!
  • The majority of our population is now known to be VITAMIN D deficient due to lack of adequate sunshine and chemicals in sunscreen.  We need Vit D to fight cold and flu to cancer!
  • We have to stop the onslaught of lethal chemicals in our water, soil, food and air and go back to eating real whole foods that are more often organic and grass fed animal products and animals that could play out in the sunshine.  Up your quality to save yourself.
  • Drugs all cause deficiencies that may just cause the condition we seek to manage. Nearly 80% of us are thought to be magnesium deficient! We must get off the merry-go-round and choose LIFE, HEALTH and HEALING!  Eat for your your Life to LIVE!  Say YES to Health Recovery and if you need to kick start into reducing your risk and feeling better than consider health coaching or EATING 4 ENERGY!
  • Early detection breast cancer screening will always be a wise choice.  I opt for a 2 step  Thermography over a mammogram because it can detect a tumor years before a traditional mammogram and does not increase my cancer risk with added radiation exposure and does not cause breast tissue injury.

SO, THE Obesity issue is a YES for much more than just cancer! These things are lifestyle related and have little to do with heredity factors.
To save your breasts you should say YES 
to the TOP 3 questions only! 

When was the last time your doctor looked you in the eye to share these FACTS?
Less than 10% Breast CA has hereditary factor!
Instead of our genes, our lifestyle and environment account for 90–95% of our most chronic illnesses.
 90% of cancers are diet, lifestyle and environmental toxins!
3 or more alchol drinks per day....
 Vaccines contain known carcinogens!
Yes there is HOPE but nobody is going to do it for us!  Behavior and lifestyle changes need to come from a motivation and will to LIVE and be well!   Eat for your Life to LIVE!  Reach out and ask for help before the dismal diagnosis manifests!  Experts are telling us that cancer cannot grow in a healthy body!  We are sick and working on it for years in advance is what really happens.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do you Exercise only about 1 hour per YEAR?

Ok, tell me it is NOT so!

For years they have been saying 75% of us don't get our needed exercise of: 30 minutes 4 times per week but REALLY the WEBmd research states that obese women today only get 1 hour of strenuous activity PER YEAR and obese MEN get 3.6 hours per year? SHOCKING!  But we know there is no mystery about how disease happens.  Is it about bad luck? 

Well, things are really coming to light and it is NOT rocket science!  Since the late 1980's I have seen National Institutes of Health report that (now 64% +) we are obese or overweight and that less than 25% actually do exercise at all!  Also they stated back then that 91% of us were NOT getting the recommended 5 fruit and veggies per day either.  Back then the NCI had in their literature that 35% of all cancers were from DIET!  30% of ALL cancers were from smoking!  And today the CDC surveys say most children do NOT get their 5 servings of veggies and 90% of children get way over the RDA in salt.   So, they eat a lot of junk drive thru fast food, french fries, soda's and mac n cheese from a box or chicken tenders right?

Basically, not much has changed in 30 years except it is worse.  All USA disease is much worse in STATS and outcomes. We are starting to really see the consequences of our actions that will ultimately bankrupt healthCARE as we know it today!  WHY?  Because at present they say that 80% of healthCARE revenues are spent on the less than 20% who are diagnosed with these preventable metabolic chronic diseases!  If we are are now at 64% overweight or obese then these people will swell into a condition too that will also be costly and frankly, there is not enough $$ to be found to cover the cost!  Premiums have and will continue to sky rocket from here. Even with Obamascare the cost to the individual is going to be out of reach.  Not to mention the new mandates of compromised care to stay within the "budget"!

We gotta SAVE ourselves and NOT get DEADsies!  Eat right to feel GREAT and stay AWAY from walking through the front door of the local clinic because taking those meds to "continue" living the same way is unsustainable.  These problems are mostly reverseable!  There is HOPE to turn it around.  PLUS we can get by with 10 minutes of high intensity exercise 3-4 times per week and get ourselves in a fat burning mode that can last up to 36 hrs from that 10 minutes!  Mix that with what may look like drinking lots of WATER, 2/3 or our plate with REAL colorful veggies and some organic meats and HEALTHY fats like avocado's nuts seeds and even coconut oil can transform our energy level and start reversing the test results of insulin resistance, CAD and high BP!  Basically, SUGAR and GMO grains and GMO vegetable oils are KILLING us!  Yep, all those things (subsidized by the govt) like high fructose corn syrup, margarine and drinking milk from dairy fed GMO grain, growth hormones and antibiotics have got us here today and we have been working on it for the last 30 years!  Why? Because that was what the powers at be recommended to us.

We gotta WISE up and do something that matters.  Like SAVE ourselves from a preventable health demise!  Less than 10% of these chronic diseases have a genetic component and experts are telling us it is 80-90% lifestyle induced!  Yikes!  Who can I blame now?  Only me for my own troubles!

For help?  Seek a drugless practitioner "health coach", Functional Med MD or Chiropractor or Integrative Med MD and address the root cause.  Lets put out the FIRE instead of treating the smoke symptoms!

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and I guide my folks into finding Hope, Health and Happiness and find more energy to accomplish what they are on this planet to do!

Find out more:   We gotta SAVE ourSelves and NOT get DEADsies!

Eating 4 Energy is my quick start into wellness program and anyone can do it! My program and education is not sponsored by the soda industry, fast food chains, dairy business people, sugar people or the GMO canola or corn industry and and certainly no grants from the drug companies! No conflicts of interest here!  You think THEY want you to change your ways?  I think NOT!

"Eating 4 Energy"

High intensity workout:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How is chronic Sickness and Disease made?

Hopefully, we don't have to wait til we enter heaven to find out HOW this DISEASE thing came upon us! Wait til we hear that we did it to ourselves!  Intentional or NOT!  The hard question today is: Am I being a good steward of this body given by GOD or NOT?  Does God make mistakes with some?  Or was my body compromised by pollution and chemicals while in the womb or from the diet I was "raised on" or from my harmful habits I "enjoy" today like SMOKING, ALCOHOL ABUSE, sugar addiction or just a regular diet of deficient fast food and processed foods?

Sure, there are things not in our power like the chemicals in our water or sprayed in the air we breath or pesticides on our life giving produce BUT 80% of the time WE ARE MAKING the choices that sabatoge our good health!  The statistics are staggering that support the most common CHRONIC diseases plaguing us TODAY are INDEED preventable! How come nobody alludes to this fact?  Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimers, Obesity, Stroke and High Blood pressure are preventable and likely REVERSIBLE!  We gotta SAVE ourselves!  There are things we CAN do!

The answers are right in front of us and if we seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding we will have our eyes opened to see and our ears will be able to hear the TRUTH about health and wellness and sickness and disease!

Some industries who are out to capitalize on our infirmities will suggest that it is all in the genes and bad luck that we were just created with a deficiency of their drugs and vaccines etc.  As if, that is the only solution for those who can't stop shooting themselves in the FOOT when it comes to maintaining HEALTH!

There are some faith based groups that want to stick their head in the sand about the cause of illness and just BLAME it all on the devil while they party on with INLAMMATORY things like white sugar, white flour, fake colors and flavors and fried foods that do ONLY harm. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing!  Not suggesting that there is NO PLACE for dainty fun treats but NO NOT 80% of the time!!  It's what we do everyday that HARMS!

We live in a very polluted world these days that has also made its way into our food systems.  INFLAMMATORY toxic chemicals, carcinogens and neurotoxins found via pesticides, water, air, processed FOODS, drugs and VACCINES all contain these harmful ingredients at levels the body CANNOT sustain.  Toxins accumulate over time, building our own recipe for sickness and diseases that ARE PREVENTABLE!

There is a balance between all the resources available to us and we should not think we can put all our eggs in one basket.  Yes, we need to realize we are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body.  Holistic health will support all three.  So we cannot throw the baby out with the bath water and assume there is only ONE thing that will be what saves us from disease.  It is a combination of healthy habits that nurture our BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT alike!  There are things within our power to do and we need to jump on board and do what helps instead of what harms!
For more info on learning to make the changes that heal please visit my EATING FOR ENERGY program that is taylored to walk you through step by step changes that will help your body get what it needs to repair, restore and rejuvinate itself into health and wellness on a daily basis!

Do you WANT to be WELL?