Sunday, January 18, 2009

Woo Hoo! Go RED Ladies and SAVE your OWN HEART!!!!

We hold our heart health in our own hands!
As February is the focus for ladies to increase awareness for the prevention of HEART DISEASE let us take a look at the real causes and prevention of heart disease. Even if there may be a hereditary factor in your risk for heart disease it just means we have to adhere to the things that may just save our lives! Men and Women!
Lets state the obvious first!STOP SMOKING to decrease the probability of a heart crisis!
Get up and get MOVING and start getting some good exercise. If we are not clearing the SLUDGE out of our veins/arteries with 30 minutes per day workout of SOMETHING or at minimum 3 days per week we are just helping things clog up for a pending health demise! Exercise is a great STRESS reliever as well. It can defuse the toxic effects of stress in our lives.
IF we are overweight or obese or anyone not eating 5-9 vegetables and fruit per day or eating the needed whole grains 6-9 serving per day then expect trouble sooner than you think! We need only 3 oz of animal product protein per day. So what have YOU been eating instead? Find out your BMI and get to work to get it down to 25!
These 3 things alone and getting into a healthy weight will reduce our OWN risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and or diabetes! Its a recipe that could be the "panacea" of our time! Eat right to feel great!

That is what is here for: to nag nag nag!

ALSO LADIES BEWARE! Whacko hormones??? Anyone who has a history of estrogen use over time become estrogen dominant which puts us at increased risk of a heart episode, osteoporosis and cancer among other things. Any woman over 40 "or" with a hysterectomy should research immediately why they could PROTECT themselves with the simple daily use of progesterone cream to balance out what our ovaries no longer produce. MANY of the side effects of menopause can find relief after a few months of this regimine. PROGESTERONE CREAM IS SOLD AT ANY HEALTH FOOD STORE! Try this order online!

For more info: Obtain a copy of Dr. Lee's book, WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT BE TELLING YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE!

ALSO: find out today the breakdown of what your cholesterol reading is. This is your biggest warning and heads up! The focus is on your LDL being in a healthy range under 100 to be safe. Your HDL to be well over 50! Now, the main cholesterol number is NOT enough information. We need the whole breakdown. Also, make sure your "sugar" habit/addiction is not clogging your arteries too with high triglycerides! (keep it much less than 150!) Steer clear of diabetes! You can reverse your tendency/risk with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity and avoiding alcohol! Save yourself NOW!
The BIG push for DIET and Lifestyle changes from the AHA: