Sunday, September 27, 2009

Save yourself and Don't get DEADsies!

Government Healthcare plans will not save you but your food choices TODAY can alter your odds of a healthcare DEMISE!

Eat Right to feel GREAT! The best single thing we can do in a day is eat something vine ripe out of the garden! Oh MY the rich nutrients locked inside of every bite!

It is amazing the power of garden fresh foods and
how they immediately get to work as God intended. That is: nourishing, replenishing, rebuilding, renewing and protecting a body for the task of the day! We just don't get that from anything a DRIVE-THRU has to offer. Sorry folks. That defeats the purpose of eating just to stuff our face and then needing a nap afterward just to try and digest the pile of concrete we just dropped down the hatch. Remember, NO nutrients in return for all the energy it takes to digest the junk food!!!

Garden fresh foods will give LIFE, health and healing! Always!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pick your food wisely!

GOD'S Foods minister LIFE, healing and recovery and will renew strength daily to our bodies instead of delivering fatigue or illness! Anything we do "bad" over a period of time will cause a breakdown inside and an open door to degenerative man-made disease!

Need healing? So are you getting your needed 5-9 vegetables/fruit per day? What about 5-9 whole grain foods per day? Are you drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day? So what have you been doing instead that is doing you NO good?

Consider the impact obesity has on your healthplan premiums and costs to fellow Americans! See the $$$$$ go out the window:

Healthcare is the nations biggest moneymaker for some and expense for others. Depends on which end of the speculum your interest lies. 1/5 to 1/6 of our nations spending is on healthcare! Being overweight and having unhealthy habits is very expensive! Costly to us but lining the pockets of others as we must spend to get ourselves OUT of the trouble we never saw coming! So SAVE YOURSELF and DON'T get DEAD!

Given the chance the body will heal itself!