Friday, October 04, 2013

MzEatright says, "Not no but, HELL no on the flushot!"

I know it seems to be un-American to refuse the annual flu shot especially being a member of the health care community but let me share why..... I think it's a lot of marketing HYPE to make people think they are really getting something! There may be 300 or so different cold and flu virus' going around out there this year that in my body's weakest moment may pick up one. That is part of being HUMAN!   My body has a built-in weapon system to fight off invading germs and free radicals on a daily basis. I am "exposed" daily to a host of virus's but USUALLY my body is given what it needs to fight off the little bastards!

I am a avid juicer and never miss a daily DARK GREEN juice like barley grass( a super food) or home blend of kale, spinach, swiss chard with some berries or banana with some coconut water. Boom down the hatch and truly MzEatright has NEVER gotten "THE FLU" and never gotten the SHOT!  Once every few years I can partake in a cough or cold but usually I can pin point what I had been up to that got me to a vulnerable state.  If I am HEALTHY those germs just hit me and fall plunk to the ground!


OK back to the flu shot: it may only protect us from the 1-3 (one) bad FLU found on another continent (most likely) and the odds of me getting exposed to that strain on my bad day from eating too much junk at the office potluck is frankly, quite slim. ALSO the ingredients of the flu shot is enough to scare me into next week! Things like formaldehyde, (Aluminum Sulfate metals in other vaccines), mercury in thermisol, etc and others you wouldn't let even your kitty drink!  The biggest farce about it is even though we are exposed to 100's of germs and virus type flu's; they sat around at the lab and guessed what the top 2-3 strains might be and that is only what the flu shot covers!   Its like playing roulette at the casino! What does happen is as I watch all the healthcare staff eagerly line up for their annual dose of formaldehyde and mercury, they weaken their own immune system so they soon get sick with all the other 97 strains of flu they touch!  They just don't get it!  How it happens while they are addicted to sugar, donuts, high fructose corn syrup and eat fake foods with artificial colors and flavor and get this:  THEY don't eat their 5-9 veggies and fruits every day either!  There is definitely a common denominator with those who fall ill.  But if they do the right thing they will recover soon enough!

So there you have it, in addition to this interesting article that says, "oops" it may not help folks over 70 and/or those with a compromised immune system from cancer therapies etc...many are often advised against it.  That is funny, if you are already sickly you better not get it!  WHY?  Because the toxins will make you SICKER!  I wouldn't sip on a formaldehyde bottle or spill some in my green drink would I?

I'll pass! I never have had it and never will. But that's just my spin on the matter! I have never won in playing roulette, the big lucky spin is just like that in catching that one BAD flu! Most likely I will indeed catch the common cold like everyone else who got the flu shot too!

What can these HARMFUL ingredients do to us?

If there are 325 million folks living in the USA than these numbers do NOT warrant taking the useless poison to prevent my ODDS of getting deathly ill.  These numbers are from people who already were sickly types who then died of influenza.  Usually less than 100 kids under 16  succumb per yer.  It does NOT say what conditions they lived or what OTHER serious factors were involved.  Consider the fact that there are MORE deaths to be worried about each year and that is about 100,000 people die each year from medication side effects when they were taken correctly.  That would be worth changing the subject about now wouldn't it?

Arguments on pro's and con's of the other inoculations or NOT!

Ask yourself before ANY vaccine:

  • What are the ODDS of me coming into contact?
  • What are the symptoms if I get it?
  • What are the side effects and risks of accumulated toxins in my body from vaccines? 
Autism? Auto immune diseases? Cancer? Eczema? Psoriasis? Kidney failure? Asthma? Alzheimer's? Severe reactive food allergies?  These problems are imploding within our culture now like NO other time in history!

Vaccines good? YES or NO?

a re-post from 2008

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Just say "NO" to the foolSHOT and stay well the old fashioned way!

 How do you intend to navigate through this toxic world and keep FROM getting the preventable diseases that everybody else gets? Health and healing looks like this!  If we give our body WHAT it needs to do its JOB; fighting free radicals, colds and flu germs etc we can expect to come thru the seasons unscathed!

PREVENTION is NOT getting the DISEASE in the first place!  No matter what the odds are against us we have choices available that can push us straight to the TOP of supreme HEALTH!  Lets do it! The miracles of health lie within God's foods from the garden!  Never forget that fact!
Do YOU jump in line for the FLU Shot? Think TWICE!
Part of taking charge of our health is not to be blind sighted about toxins going in!  Do your homework about the toxic levels of poisons within the recommended vaccines today! Long term residual affects of these are linked to autoimmune diseases exploding in our population!
The truth about vaccine ingredients!

We live in the USA with 325 million people in it. I'm not that lucky at the casino either!  I'll take the gamble of NOT getting deadly ill from the flu here!   If I do get sick,  I'll flush out the sickness with pure water, some chicken soup and do some dark green juices to replenish my body to health. Keeping on hand some vitamin C or Emer-gen-C just in case!  Geez!
What are the odds of death by the flu in reality?? 

Autism is linked to increase in Childrens vaccines!