Thursday, June 29, 2006

WHY are we in SELF destruct mode anyway???

  • Hopefully it's only out of sheer ignorance. This site will change all that for you now. At some point we will become accountable for what we know.

    Perhaps we have trigger buttons that get pushed that cause us to compulsively do what we know isn't good for us. These triggers can be from something from childhood, a memory or hurt that makes us feel a certain way so that we must self medicate to comfort ourselves. Sounds deep, like mumbo jumbo but perhaps it's something to consider ...why we do what we do? Or why do we eat what we eat? So why do we eat, drink, or smoke our way into a crippling illness?!?
  • Consider the idea of H.A.L.T. behind wrongful eating choices etc:

  • Depression Tips:
    Get help. Have a new plan and recognize the tendency to be depressed. Watch for the red flags and take action whether genetics or past loss or abuse; get therapy to work through it. Take meds, say YES to drugs on this one if indicated to get you balanced out or over the hump and into counseling
    Get sunshine, rest and fresh air. Go outside! Exercise!
    Get connected in a support group. Call a friend!
    Go to church. Seek God. Pray. Read Scripture! Psalm 16.
    Give back in service somehow. Don't isolate, call a friend!
    Get healthy! Watch the triggers and lousy sugar diet triggers.
    Get new music. Go to the movies!
    Read a new book. Call a friend!
    No friends? Be a friend to someone! Ecclesiastics 4:9-12
    Go on vacation. Get a massage!
    Do something for yourself. A hobby!
    Feed the homeless!
    God Bless you! Oh yeah.....Call a friend!

  • Educate yourself on emotional health issues from the best resources we know of:

    See their online answers on video!! Wow! What a great Help!!
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Consider the ROAD to Hana........

Some have called it the ROAD TO HELL because of its 5 hour narrow winding road...can't rush this trip but you can stop all along the way for a little rest for a new view. The arrival is worth the effort.
Most important it takes time!

So also is our road to Health Recovery. Many angles work the desired end of health and happiness while we remain on this planet. It takes work most definitely...our healing crisis can get worse before it gets better sometimes. Just hang on, hold on tight and watch miracles unfold within! This will be exciting to see what God has for those who persevere! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Friends for the ADDICTED!

Having a bit of a problem controlling a compulsion that is interfering with with your relationships?
And your life? Is your life lacking peace and serenity because of an overwhelming drive to feed your insatiable appetite? Is your vision a little blurred about your future and purpose in life?

What kind of addictions can hurl us into a health demise? To name a few: smoking, alcohol, chemical dependency, (even some your Dr. O'Dear gives you!!) sexual addiction, gambling, food, sugar, shopping, perfectionism, workaholicism and/or just loving someone with these issues can cause US to be obsessed with THEIR addiction which involves overwhelming stress, enabling and codependency on our end.

Please visit these sites and pray about seeking support and coming clean about these issues.
Miracles happen in a 12-step group. Find one that suits your issue. Just get plugged in and come back to restoring LIFE, HEALTH and HEALING to all your flesh!
Check Point:

My favorite spot for 24 hr encouragement! (by a favorite singer and friend Bryan Duncan) Go to Radio Rehab/shows! Click there now and listen while you view this site!

Celebrate Recovery...a NATIONWIDE 12-step melting pot for any compulsive hurt, habit or hang ups. Find one close to you and go!!! You'll be in awe how you can find help, ACCEPTANCE AND SUPPORT!

My cyber shrinks Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend, the smartest guys I know of, authors of the wisest books in print today!
See: Solution Classes available on CD buy online.... Fabulous resource for getting our emotions back on track!!

And even more common are AA, NA or ALANON you can find anywhere!!

A special corner for SMOKERS!

Say this....I WANNA LIVE!! There's hope for me!
This is brought to you by
a HEALTH RECOVERY website! Save yourself!!! Take the first step.
The neatest people I know on the planet have years of sobriety from a 12-Step program!

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The Epidemic of Obesity costs America Billions $$$!

Did you know that the War on Terror only mildy surpasses the cost to Americans as Obesity direct/indirect related medical costs? Since 9/11/2001 Congress has authorized approx $500 Billion dollars to protect our world from terrorists. Since 2001 the problems related to costs of being OBESE is about $75 billion per year. That is about $450 billion dollars since 2001.

However, in addition, the costs to Americans for our smoking addiction is $10 billion per year making it combined with obesity costs to taxpayers MORE than the War on Terror for unecessary health costs! Now you don't see any protesters marching around about what that tax deficit is doing to America! 64% of America is overweight or obese. Eating junk food and smoking cigarettes because we WANT TO is costly to those who DON'T! NOT fair! Did you know that though the smoker may pay $4 per pack of cigarettes, in reality by the time the health complications rise to cover health problems it's $41 per pack being the real cost? Guess who pays the difference? Everyone that pays taxes and health care premiums! Non smokers too! Ugggh NOT FAIR! Our health care premiums go up to pay for those killing themselves on purpose. We do not get a break on our premiums for keeping fit! That's not right!

Costs of Obesity and Physical Inactivity::

MSNBC Costs of War on Terror:

Costs of Cigarettes on Society:

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Words of Wisdom in Hindsight....

This is a tribute
to my Dad and my brother Chris.

Their lives were cut short,
God's angels came for them because of cancer.

Dad left us this card with his wise words
of ethics he had lived by. Chris lived just
like that too.

Love you, Miss you guys...

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EAT Right to FEEL Great!!

Have you ever seen the movie "SUPERSIZE Me" that was done a few years ago? Go rent it at your local Video Store and educate yourself at the immediate toll the fast food diet can have on your health! Alot of people live on the drive through a few times per day. Starbucks in the am for a 600 calorie jolt of caffeine and sugar! Lunch time and then dinner a fast or frozen dinner. GET the movie. See how quickly your body will produce borderline to abnormal liver test results, sugar levels and cholesterol all being abnormal. Sound self-induced yet? It is!


God created our body to HEAL ITSELF! It is already set in motion so why not HELP it out instead of HURTING the process??????

Our immune system if in good shape from getting the nutrients it needs to keep us alive and healthy will be on auto pilot if we ACT right and EAT good! Choosing God's foods he prepared for us to live on! (Double click on attachment to enlarge)

This is the list of things we need to daily eat or consume in order to be healthy or to begin a restoration healing process.
This is the answer to feeling better right here. It can only do you good! No one can say what eating healthy will do for you. You can notice just about anything based on your past eating habits! All changes evolve in time. Healing is cyclical. Old cells dying off and new ones all zapped with a new energy. Watch and see. Do this because....You wanna LIVE first and foremost then all the other "perks" will be added unto YOU!!

Notice the LIMIT in the protein's acceptable to eat only 3-6 oz of an animal product per day if you must. NOT PER MEAL!!

National Cancer Institute recommends 6-10 fresh vegetable or fruit per day! A dark green leafy vegetable per day! This is to prevent cancer! This list will keep you busy eating and surprisingly a comfortable 1200-2000 calorie diet if you are compulsive enough to count! I don't have to, I don't eat junk enough to have to count them. Actually, these are considered free foods like most of them you can eat all you want!

Fresh raw veggies and JUICES are very powerful. I cheat getting my vegetables. I will drink a dark green glass of BARLEY juice daily since 1986. That changed the way I understood the power of nutrients! WOW I am grateful to have found that link to my health! I also do a daily FIBER supplement full of herbs just in case I did partake of something void of health like a piece of birthday cake or some treat to keep things moving at a normal rate instead of getting clogged up from the JUNk!

I live by the 80%-20% rule. Because I live in this world I will join others at a meal (I wouldn't necessarily fix) to maintain closeness with the people I love. If I was a freak about this nobody would like me or invite me over! See what I mean? 80% good maybe 20% bad per week is my alotment. On most days even 90%-10% is possible!

Critical for living is the fiber found in plant foods. It helps our transit time for digestion be a normal 18 hrs instead for 72 hours over in the Standard American Diet list.

Do check out the Bible verses if you have a Bible! This diet has been around since the flood. That's when MEAT eating came into the picture. As long as they were grass eating or vegetarian animals they were considered clean. Meat was just introduced to help us until we could plant after the flood dried up! Before that there was the Genesis diet...everything that grew as a plant was all we needed to live over a hundred years. Think of the huge COW or cattle...they just eat grass!! Look how big and strong THEY are! Pray about your main dependence on meat/dairy and your reservations about this.
******************Like salt?? Try VegSal or Amino Acids to flavor cooking. Like sugar?? Try Agave nectar or raw honey to sweeten!! Organic apple cider vinegar with the stuff floating is the ticket for real health!!
These are healthy alternatives for every KITCHEN!!!!

To cheat on your diet stop in here! Learn to cheat "WELL" if you are going to cheat!! We are all for it! 8>)) Posted by Picasa

Howz your TEETH? Healthy? Or NOT!

Important question to ask yourself! Those teeth were meant to last a lifetime if we take care of them. Sugar addiction and phenominal sugar consumption is responsible for 92% of cavities! That sugar sure keeps the $$$$$ rolling in for our dear Dr. Dentist!


Think about are in good company because everyone is eating and living from this list of harmful substances. (About 90% of Americans according to a 1991 FAMILY PRACTICE NEWS article )It's the Standard American Diet. It's causing obesity to become an epidemic. It's all about what goes in our grocery basket. Sugar, FAT, SALT, food dyes and chemicals, Caffeine and too much MEAT or Dairy = steroids!! Its all that crap forming a sludge clogging our arteries! (double click attachment to enlarge)

We need WATER to hose it all away. Just like when you drop an ice cream cone on a hot driveway in the summer. What happens?? It gets all sticky and stuck in no time. Then it takes a high pressure hose to wash it away! Same thing inside our body with all this junk. It does only harm. No possible good! We need a fiber supplement to keep it moving along inside!

Not too mention deliberatley SMOKING or abusing alcohol or chemical dependancy. These things severely deplete our immune system from working normally to kill off invading germs, viruses and free radicals that cause things like cancer etc! We need protection from the things we cannot help from the environment! It's like when you call the fire department when your house is burning. Do you want them to arrive drunk, falling out of the truck fumbling around with the hose while your house burns to the ground? This is how our immune system responds when it is depleted of nutrients to do its job and an invading virus or toxin comes to attack!

It is "normal"in our culture to eat like this
and you can't break out of it without insight and knowledge of what it's doing to us. We should never pray over this kind of food. How presumptuous to think God's gonna bless it! It is more appropriate to say like I do when sitting down to consume something unhealthy....

Dear God... Thank you for these friends and this fun today..please don't let this food kill us...have mercy, forgive us, we know not what we do!!

This is how we gave up white sugar!! Try these!! Raw Honey, Agave Nectar or raw sugar. Stevia sweetner instead of nutrasweet products for 0 calories!

Explore the advice from Dr. Patrica Bragg, N.D. PhD a world health crusader!

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"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge!"

That's a Bible verse! What is going on here? do we really have something to do with our destruction? Sometimes it's not God's timing for us to arrive up yonder? Was it a self imposed disease that did us in? Because we were poor stewards over our own health? An accident is more out of our control but years of abuse to our body is something we CAN control! Think about it.....

Do I really want to hear Him say "What are YOU doing here?" WHAT?!?! There was more for me to do? Shoot!

Hmmmm....maybe we should be sorry for our foolishness
and start over while we still have the chance! However, God is merciful and will still let us in heaven if all is well with our soul it should be! Posted by Picasa

My SECRET garden!

Part of having a peaceful resting place is loving where you live. We can make lemonade out of lemons by our own choices to transform and create out of a burnt up barren existance.
This is what I've done with an old dead yard!
It was fried to a crisp when I got here!
It's beautiful now and takes an effort just like our health and restoring health to a broken body.

All things are possible!
God says He sets before us blessing and cursing, life and death.
"Choose LIFE" He says that you AND your children may LIVE!
Say it now......"I wanna LIVE and I want my children to LIVE!!!!!"

It's true concerning health. What we eat can directly affect the next generation. Our children's health is as good as we feed ourselves during their development in, then out of the womb. Will they quickly adapt themselves to our lousy health habits, likes and dislikes of food? You BET! So think about it. They eat what we eat good or bad.
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Life is at best when we are rich in loving relationships! To have safe and healthy friendships with family and friends is life at it's fullest. Why would we want to shoot our selves in the foot and be ripped away from the good things we are cultivating here on earth?
I don't want to botch up a good thing and eat stupid so I get sick and miss out on the good stuff!
Let's have FUN and enjoy life!!! Yeah!

Lets go to the BEACH!!!!

I Love the beach!!
It is a place I realize God is BIGGER than whatever I'm going through. I have a sense that
in time, everything is going to be all right!
It is where I run for a respite, refreshing
and can feel HOPE that life goes on

no matter what happens...
that was not according to my plans!
I find serenity here.
It is part of my spiritual


A wise philosopher once said that above all we should:
Fear God, obey His commands and ENJOY LIFE!!

Stuff happens in this life so it is best to seize the moment! "Carpadiem!"
And don't be caught DEAD without God!

Hi DOGS!!!!!

LOVE my dogs! They are so cute!

Plz meet a hero in my life......

Hi Gram!!!

Gram is here today at 101 years old
because of a healthy lifestyle!
She is hope for us to eat right and feel great!
She never was a smoker or alcohol user
and always eats fresh vegetables in season.
She is an example of keeping fit, walking
and getting fresh air and sunshine.
She learned long ago to pray and trust
in God for those things she is powerless
to control and to turn over her cares
and worries to a faithful loving God.
She is 1 of 12 children and none lived
this kind of longevity. She is kind
and generous and holds no grudge or
unforgiveness toward anyone!.

Thanks Gram! I wanna be just like YOU!

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Prayer for Serenity

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
and the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time,
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
taking as Jesus did, this sinful world as it is;
not as I would have it;
trusting that you will make all things right
if I surrender to your will;
so that I may be reasonable happy in this life
and supremely happy with you forever in the next.
reinhold niebuhr
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Can we do a balancing Balancing act???

There are many things that play into achieving superior health and emotional happiness. But it's not that complicated!! Posted by Picasa

It's a balancing ACT!!

Actually, there are no simple, single agent cures, magic pills that can fix all our ills while we continue to keep doing the same harmful thing while expecting a different result! Sorry, it requires a balance in all things. Not a moderation of vices but a collective effort of many things that will play into our health recovery process. Even if we are terminal we can make a difference and make changes that can give us more good days, feeling better at the least with the time we have left. Nevertheless, there is always HOPE! Say it again....I wanna live!!

FYI: I have seen more "miracles" via nutritional interventions than by just medical or spiritual means alone!

Health and healing has many facets. I am grateful for medical science in acute trauma, infectious and emergency crisis care intervention. Mental health treatments with medication is profound!

Many things play into managing our metabolic condition. I believe that exercise, being outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, getting good rest and having FUN and going on vacation is as vital as eating well! Taking time out to relax and meditate. Having My Higher Power to turn over all those things I am powerless to change or control, reduces my stress level. Having faith and hope that God is seeing the bigger picture than my narrow limited view from my perch in life is essential to my peace. I believe in the power of prayer! Knowing God hears my prayers and cares for me is awesome. Having people praying for me when I am unable or lacking strength is life changing. Me giving back in service what God has given is what He has us go through things for. To be of help to someone else someday in the same situation. He can take all things and work them for good for those who believe...

Knowing I have supportive relationships and wonderful friendships to help me on my physical and emotional journey when life is hard is a God send. We need an accountablity buddy for support in our quest for health recovery and my buddy is Shelly. She is one of a kind. Thank you Shel!! Love you! 8:)

Where do the Facts live on this site????

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IT's GETTING "CHILLY" about now!!!

OK lets face the COLD HARD FACTS! What are the facts? Where are the facts kept? Well let me share with you where I found some good data I don't hear shared with anyone in my profession! I've even hooked you up to some great web links so you can run for it on your own. Later.

First let me share my resources for the following information. Studies compiled neatly from the US Surgeon General reports,(he ought to carry some weight!) various medical journals, the National Cancer Institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
US Dept of Health and Human Services.......on and on etc. (see attached)

Drum roll please.....dah dah dah da dah daaaahhh!
The facts say that:
70-80% of America's disease and deaths are preventable and premature!
70% of our health problems comes from our personal lifestyle!
1/3 of all cancers are from smoking!
35% of cancers are from poor diet!
80% of cancer are preventable!
Less than 10% of dieases have a hereditary factor! What?!?!?
Only 10% of disease is from environmental toxic exposure.
Less than 10% of our health is impacted by medical care treatment! WHAT?!!#%%#@@**==++
Diabetes is up 700 % since World War II.
Diabetes has doubled in the last 10 years at 18 million and only a few from hereditary links! Now 20 million have the all new "pre-diabetes" dx. It means, keep it up and you'll be a full on diabetic SOON!
64% of Amercia is overweight or obese and does not get proper exercise!
Our childrens bones are breaking more weakened by soda consumption.

Our popular diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gout, arthritis, obesity, constipation, diverticulitis, heartburn, impotence, depression and gallbladder disease are a result of poor eating habits, too much junk food void of vital nutrients, lack of exercise, smoking, or caffiene use or sugar addiction, consistant alcohol use and stress overload with a poor support system in place. NOTICE: these are things we put in our mouth all by ourselves!!!!! "That's what I'm talkin about!!" Pick out where you slot in and pray for courage to change.

Why would we even drink water when we can have a coffee mocha latte or a soda??
This is how we live! It's going to do us or our children in! We think "it's my life" but what about the same lifestyle and bad habits we teach our children!! Have you seen a young child die of cancer?? This will change you forever. There is hope!

We can change our course at any time we can pull out and change the road we've been on!! Tag your vices and pray for guidance and wisdom and insight!! Even a terminal illness can have hope with the changes that will be suggested here. Maybe it will only change the way we feel with what time we have left. More good days than bad. That's the least that can happenwith the information that is pending here! The baby stuff I call it are the early warning signs that there are toxins or deficiencies like: skin problems, rashes, chronic cold and flu, moody, depressed, headaches, PMS, leg cramps, indigestion, hemrhoids, fatigue and NO ENERGY.....anything sound familiar??

If I was a physician and I had a chance to make an impact on a life in sincerety I would shake you and say, "What are you doing to yourself?? Stop this lifestyle NOW or you will be very sick and DIE soon! Do you want to abandon your children leaving them orphans? Do you care that your passing will break hearts because it didn't need to happen?" Pregnant mothers do you know your baby is only as good as what you eat during it's formation? Junk food for you can make a sickly baby with health problems all its life! Have mercy. I wouldn't care if the truth hurt. It's info for saving lives!!

AAhh reality: the reason we don't hear these things is because it's a "business" we never want to offend the "customer" so they take their medical premiums somewhere else!!
OOOhh! I see now! That's how it is!

Yes, that IS how it is......... thanks for letting me share.....are you getting riled up yet??

say this: I wanna LIVE!!

.....I wanna LIVE!!!!!

I hope as you have stumbled across this page, however you got here, that it will unveil a new journey into the truth about health recovery. May you discover something that will change your life forever! May you find the beauty found in life worth living and healthy living!! However, if you cannot embrace any of my rantings may you be provoked into investigating the truth for yourself and perhaps we'll meet around the backside in agreement someday!! My goal on this site is to just make a difference in someones life for good.
Save yourself NOW, I say!! But by the grace of God you find the knowledge HOW!! Here!

Hi, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and I'm on a mission to spread the truth about sickness and disease and premature death and possibly reversing our own diagnosis. Health Recovery I'll call it. Eat4life2live. Don't get DEAD! Eat to live! "Do not put the Lord your God to a foolish test" comes to mind. "Faith without works is dead" is another one. We have something to do with our own preventable demise as you've now seen. It's not just bad luck or heredity or that darn devil!! The devil can only deceive us into doing ourselves in by IGNORANCE!It is my quest in this blog to yank our heads out of the sand and take a good look at our personal recipe we have been cookin up for sickness and disease. We've been baking our own custom cake for degenerative disease. That's how it works. It evolves from years of our bad habits in high gear. This page is not for the weak and whiny bunch who are perpetual blamers. Here's a tip for the underlying theme in this site....odds are:
"ain't no one to blame but me!" (say that again with a southern accent!)
Some built their house upon the sand, when the rains and the storms came and the waters rose, the house was washed away. Build your house on the rock, a firm foundation so when the wind an the rains come the house will stand!
Read on.

I have worked in the health care field 28 years in direct patient care, assisting your health care providers. The information you have found at eat4life2live I did not learn in my medical career and has not been something I hear many physicians emphasize with their patients because chances are, they have other "fish to fry" in our visit! There are some physicians who ARE nutrition wise but you just have to find one! Your healthcare provider certainly has access to it and it is available as patient education somewhere in their system. Your doctor generally has other demands and probably won't have time to drill this in with you. I love my fellow medical friends and have enjoyed being a part of their area of expertiese but as a student of nutritional studies for over 20 years, I had to go somewhere else for the data that is essential for REAL patient education here. Patient education is finally beginning to evolve but, not nearly fast enough or for the right reasons. Let's face it, the medical profession is BIG business! A physician I respect once told me that he was taught in medical school that 10% of patients will die no matter what care is provided. 80% will recover on their own (with or without intervention) and only 10% of all medical cases are improved by the physicians intervention and treatment! I have no problem believing this to be largely for emergency trauma care or crisis medical intervention.

Every medical treatment book I have looked in on their bookshelves says "etiology unknown" as to the cause of each indicated disease. Why is that? Have you ever asked your doctor, " How did I get this?" Think about this, if an aura of mystery is maintained regarding the cause of sickness and disease (like bad genes or bad luck), it keeps us vulnerable and coming back to the only care our health industry knows how to provide ie: drugs or surgery! Do you think you'd ever hear your doctor say "Gee Ms. Smith looks like you've got type 2 Diabetes and there is an 80% chance it's self induced by your obesity, physical inactivity or eating habits and really you've worked your way into this for sometime!" No way! They'd never offend you with the truth they want your business!
Brazen candor is what we need! That's what you have found right here in this BLOG!

The truth and answer is so simple that if we yielded to a healthy lifestyle with increased physical activity we just may not need those drugs or surgery! Our lousy diagnosis keeps the $$ flowing in the healthcare system. Some is paid by Medicare for our seniors. Big bucks for each diagnosis! However in the HMO world, NOW, they too are jumping on the band wagon for healthier living because as you pay that monthly premium when you are quite healthy, it translates pure profit for organization! Sad, but eating healthy is now the push for the wrong reasons in some cases. Now, there is financial incentive for them to push you into healthier choices! It lines the pockets of the establishment however, it is a win-win, you get healthier too out of the deal! Until we are rewarded by lower premiums for our healthy state it really bugs me that we all should pay the same premiums to cover the cost of those who refuse to save themselves by lifestyle changes. The young and healthy have the same premium as the one riddled with complications. They should charge us according to our BMI! Even the providers themselves would be motivated to believe in the power of nutrition! BMI pricing would give us an idea for fairness and a motivation to get healthy! I don't want to pay for someone elses foolishness or stubborness!

Over the years, I have heard doctors tell their patients: "diet has nothing to do with it" or as patients inquire the M.D.'s opinion about a vitamin or alternative health remedy they say "oh, there are no proven studies that this is effective but it certainly won't hurt you" as if you are waisting your time with such nonsense! Where did they learn these comebacks? Yep, in medical school! Who mandates what's taught in medical school anyway? Why it's the grants from drug and insurance companies! That's who's paying professors salaries! So until this changes...Go figure....God bless them, most MD's can't help it they just don't know about somethings regarding health/disease and diet. Most don't practice it for themselves either. FRANKLY, truth is: they have never gotten PAID to counsel you about diet and exercise. There has been NO coding to give them financial incentive to discuss this topic with you before now. You will get more diet health education out of the movie "Supersize" than alot of M.D.'s are privy to. That movie enlightened my favorite doc's practice! He gained so much insight from seeing the movie, he recommended his patients to see it too! He was enlightened by the correlation junk food/sugar had on everyone's sugar and liver enzymes becoming elevated!

Just for fun over the last 20 years I have asked almost every doctor I have worked with if they were taught anything about nutrition in med school. The results are in! Most say no, nothing. Some said a 2 hour lecture. Only one has said a semester on nutrition, covering calories and the 5 basic food groups. So that's what they don't know about folks! Nutrition or nutritional therapy. Most have this idea that if they didn't learn it in medical school that it has little value or validity. That's a generalization I have observed first hand. So, don't put all your eggs in one basket! Educate yourself! The medical community is beginning to realize now, that they have missed the boat on how diseases evolve thus prevention being the true cure at a phenominally low cost. Millions of research dollars need not be waisted to prove this so. Find a physician who is nutrition saavy. They are popping up more and more.

Use your health care provider to get your screening labwork to check sugar, cholesterol and liver. EKG and blood pressure testing and all recommended cancer screening tests also. Check your BMI and that alone will give you a warning of pending danger and risk. This can give you something to work with.

Find out where you stand so far and get to work now before something DOES come along. Prevention is NOT GETTING the disease at all! A new diagnosis from early detection just gives you time to get treatment before it kills you! Whatever the diagnosis might be. And if you are not feeling well and they say all tests are negative then thank them, listen to your body and get to work to heal yourself by these lifestyle changes today! The goal today is to prevent or reverse the disease! If you don't change your ways you can keep going back to the doc periodically until something DOES manifest so that they can have you take drugs or can refer you to a specialist for surgery! What else can they do for you? Disease will kick in soon, living on the Standard American Diet with little or no exercise!

Ok, I have rambled and must let you come up for air to digest this jaded approach to taking responsibility for your health and LIFE! Hope this can be fun!
favorite artists on this page
Steve Barton, Jean Triolet, Mario Malfer, Salvador Cabellero