Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Get out and GET MOVING!

Calories in and Calories out! If we take in a daily 3500-4000 calories and only burn up 1200 per day then guess what? FAT! AND we are headed for our own personal health bankruptcy and medical condition or crisis! It's just like balancing the check book. Money in and money out to pay the bills. But we can't spend money we don't have! Or we will end up in jail ultimately! You do the math on your own daily lifestyle and eating habits! If we dine daily at our fast food joints and drive thru coffee places and drink soda's all day then we have gotten NO nutrients in return. In return we join with 64% of Americans overweight or obese with placing ourselves high on the WAITLIST for a pending PREVENTABLE disease such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gallstones, sleep apnea, constipation etc etc! Our body FAT is a storehouse of toxins! So when was the last time your doctor put it to you like that?? Hats off to those who do because they are telling you the truth. YOU are the one making YOU get sick enough they can diagnose YOU with something that is PREVENTABLE that you'll then have to take medicine for!!! Add up your risk factor or guarantee of a pending health crisis: OBESITY + SMOKING + ALCOHOL use daily puts you at the top of the list for unplanned trouble! Expect it because it will happen soon. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a "different" result!

Health care has rarely used the "O" word with patients. Kind of like the pink elephant in the living room whom everyone pretends is not there! Your doctor would not want to offend you by pointing out you are OBESE and your health condition is caused from OBESITY, poor eating habits and lack of exercise! Heavens no! Then we'd storm off taking our business and $$$ elsewhere! And chances are the doctors and nurses are clueless themselves about their own obesity and health conditions that are pending for themselves and that their own poor eating choices and lack of physical activity are responsible for those preventable diagnosis' as well! They join with the rest of the 8 out of 9 Americans who do NOT drink enough water or get their 5-9 vegetable and fruit servings per day nor get enough exercise! So there we have it!

2008 things are changing! For the first time health care providers are having to be forthright with us about the cause and prevention of obesity, DIABETES, CANCER AND HEART DISEASE ETC! The government has threatened to withhold medicare paychecks if health care does not get their patients healthy!! Diabetes alone is a preventable epidemic that has increased 6 fold since 1957 and is costing the United States and taxpayers $132,000,000,000 per year in medical fees, lost wages, and time off work etc. WHY is this happening? Daily JUNK FOOD, drive thru's, soda's and donuts and NOT getting enough nutrients or exercise or water! If we aren't then we are teaching our kids to eat and live the same way resulting in the epidemic CHILDHOOD obesity and health problems causing them their mortality issues as well!
If your ailments are not reeling in abnormal lab tests yet then keep it up and keep going back because soon you'll have something to give it a dismal diagnosis. That is if you choose not to change your "normal" ways! ONLY you can do for you what needs to be done. You have to SAVE yourself and DON'T GET DEAD!
Lose weight! What is your BMI? Get into a healthy range.
Increase your physical activity to 30 minutes of something cardio per day or 3 X per week!
Ditch soda's and fancy coffee's and drink good water or herb TEA's.
Eat your 5-9 fresh veggies and fruit per day.
Eat only whole grain breads, pasta's or brown rice instead of white, white white types!
Keep your animal products to a minimum! Less than 1/3 of your meal! Or 3 oz per day!
No more white sugar, white flour or white rice anything!
Do NOT eat more calories than you will burn! Most of these things above are "eat all you want." You will not go hungry! Choose fresh veggies with pretty colors and premium ingredients and find yourself dropping 10 pounds and then another until you are in the healthy range out of pending disease danger!
Shape up and Lose 10!
Above all, don't feel bad! You are in good company with 64% of other Americans in denial! Just get out and do something GOOD and save yourself and your children!! Baby steps are good steps to start with. The more you do the better you will feel which will be your future motivation to do even more!! Good luck!
Watch Dr. Hans Diehl and learn about OBESITY>how to cut calories today!