Wednesday, October 18, 2017


There are things we can do living in this modern toxic world we live in!  Never before in history has mankind been exposed to such an array of chemicals in our environment, lifestyle, and food choices!

Learning to return to what has worked for keeping people healthy for thousands of years is where the secret to good health abounds!

It's not that complicated but may require a commitment to learn what you can do to reduce your own risk of a preventable health demise is key while losing weight and improving your energy levels, too! Eat for your Life to LIVE!!  Choose REAL foods with a one word ingredient most often, choose chemical free products every chance you are able!  Choosing fresh produce and plant foods that have NOT been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides which are known to disrupt hormone function and can be in many cases be carcinogenic is essential to getting you UNSTUCK in your mission to improve your own weight goals and increase strength, stamina and ENERGY!   Equally important is choosing animal products that have NOT been fed inferior food intended to fatten them up faster than normal too!  What those animals consume we CONSUME 2nd hand!

For several centuries now, it is understood that metabolic illness will thrive in a body which is deficient in getting nutrient rich fresh raw fruits and veggies, failure to get clean chemical FREE water and has been overcome with the heavy metal toxins that were mostly rare 100 years ago or more.  Our other exacerbating lifestyle habits matter too!

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