Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Protecting from sunburn without CHEMICALS?

This is a very HOT topic for many.  Sunshine good or sunshine bad?   Well, first off,

Vitamin D is GOOD 

and linked to every cellular and hormone function we have to be healthy.  What hormones?  Thyroid function, Cholesterol, Pancreatic enzymes for insulin/sugar regulation, sex hormones etc etc.  We can't function properly without it!  Best way to get what you need is just 20 minutes in sunshine WITHOUT sunscreen on your skin, ie face, neck, torso and arms.

I never miss out on a good sunny day outside for a walk around but I sure do NOT advocate getting sunburn EVER!  Sunburn leads to wrinkles and ages us and will produce those  pesky basal cell skin cancers that show up on most folks in their later years as a testament of all the fun they have had in the sun over a lifetime!  So, staying indoors instead will also lead to our demise.

What to do?  

I met someone years ago at our favorite holiday "river" spot for a full few days of boating and water skiing etc.  She was a fair red head that was plagued with sun poisoning if exposed for over 1 hour in the hot sun.   We all should know our LIMITS for sun exposure and heed to the warning signs! She often would miss out on all the fun due to this problem until she discovered Vitamin B-6 50 mg tabs! Yes, that is right!  She was advised to take 1 capsule twice per day for 2-3 days prior to the holiday and during the weekend.  Guess what?  It worked!  She could hang with the rest of us along with her sunscreen and did every year after that!

I have been doing this ever since 1-2 days before a fun weekend outside especially when it is the first sunshine of the season.  It helps tremendously for some reason.  I believe from experience, the more "toxic" we are from a lifestyle of junk food and toxins that are stored in our "FAT CELLS" that our poor diet will make us burn faster.  However, the cleaner my food choices are and the more nourished I am, I rarely will burn now.

Do I use sunscreen?  Yes and NO!  No to the toxic chemicals, carcinogens and hormone disruptor's in commercial sunscreens.   Yes, to natures coconut or extra virgin olive oil that has a natural spf of 8-10.  Both oils my skin will drink up and not stay greasy for very long.  Bad oils (baby oil etc) will NOT soak in and are reasons for a lot of skin cancers in America cooking themselves in the sun!  To MY healthy mix I add a few tsp of raspberry seed oil or carrot seed oil both with a natural SPF of maybe 30 to my 1/2 cup of coconut oil(my favorite and doesn't go rancid).   Then, I  add some skin nourishing essential oils like lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, bergomont or frankincense.  It smells wonderful and is the best moisturizer I could EVER want in this life before or after the sun!  A 30 spf is sufficient in most cases and for the real protection I seek cover with a HAT, UMBRELLA or clothing to cover up when I have had enough WITHOUT the harsh chemicals!  I drink plenty of WATER outside in sunshine because most of the other drinks one might choose ie soda's, booze and sports drinks are all trouble and dehydrating with chemical additives that aren't good for me. We NEED WATER!

Most dermatologists are dead set against anyone going in the sun but they also make a living selling their surgeries and skin products. They do NOT study in medical school root causes so this is not their area of expertise.  People that get melanoma which is the deadly skin cancer often find it in places the sun never shines like in between toes or other spots hidden from the public view!  Likely, not sun related but the other non serious skin cancer like BCC definitely linked with sun abuse I expect.

I believe we will soon hear about chemical toxicity linked with this melanoma cancer that we will be rethinking the lack of understanding on how sickness and disease and cancer happens. Smoking and alcohol abuse pushes us up in front of the line for trouble too.  Meanwhile, this is another area I will avoid chemicals on my skin.  WHY?

My skin is an incredible detox organ!  I would not put anything on my skin that is not safe to EAT!  So this is what I do as much is in my power to do so.  What do I do if I suspect a skin cancer?  First I try this black salve made from the blood root plant.  Been around for centuries AND costs almost nothing.  It will in a few days surround and attack any abnormal cancer cells and kill it with perfect margins and in a week it will fall out and heal from the inside out.  I've done it and it works great.  But you can get yours cut off from a plastic surgeon if you prefer if you can afford it.  Another thing that I have used to rid some benign skin growths like warty- kerotosis types is dab on organic apple cider vinegar on the spot a few times per day for a week or so.  The thing turns black, scabs and falls off! Perfect!