Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's OCTOBER! Let's SAVE the girlz!

Yeah, if you want to save your own breasts then ask yourself this:

Do I eat my 5-9 fresh veggies and fruit per day?
Do I drink water?
Do I eat a dark green leafy vegetable daily to prevent cancer?
Do I Smoke?
Do I drink more than 2-3 alcohol drinks per day? More than 3 per week?
Do I take prescribed synthetic hormone pills?  Why? How many years?
Do I have a BMI over 30?
Do I love dairy products?
Do I love sugar?

The facts are in,  80% of all cancers are PREVENTABLE.  1/3 are from smoking. 30-40% are from what goes in our mouth from our own grocery basket or drive thru restaurant.  Drinking 3 or more alcohol drinks per day is equivalent to smoking 1 pack of cigarettes per day for increased cancer risk. There is an increased risk connection with synthetic hormone use.  Whether it is from the pharmacy or via dairy products from cows and beef pumped full of steroids. White Sugar simply weakens our immune system so it cannot fight off free radicals that cause cancer.  THE Obesity issue is a YES for much more than just cancer! These things are lifestyle related and have little to do with heredity factors.
To save your breasts you should say YES to the first 3 questions only! 
THAT is playing it SAFE!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flu Shot???? Nope not me! Not EVER!

We have alot to do with whether or not we will be overcome with colds and flu this year.  Think about the past habits....

As we step out of summer filled with lots of fresh air walks and days in the sun and eating garden fresh produce in season, we switch almost overnight to closing all the windows , staying inside with the heater on and cooking lots of pots of something for dinner and baking lots of sugarry goodies to keep us fat and happy!  All these changes weaken our immune system and we become vulnerable when exposed to others with symptoms in closed quarters!  It's a very simple recipe that we can change and prevent unwanted illness. Keep our immune system up and strong with NUTRIENTS and we won't be bothered by all the "germs" we come in contact with through out the new season. We can continue eating fresh foods in winter season and drink lots of water and herb teas instead of soda's or fancy coffee's that have 500 calories, or cakes and pies or daily donuts.  We can make salads with those hot cooked meals and keep the fiber coming all year round.   Continue to walk about as weather permits etc etc and odds are: we will be fine even without the FLU SHOT!!

Know the ingredients before YOU jump in line for VACCINES!!!!!

Think again after knowing WHAT is in the injection that is TOXIC to humans!
America is pumping their babies and adults full of formaldehyde which is in almost every immunization along with corrosive metals, mercury and lawn fertilizers, pickling agents;  all which are deadly if ingested. 
But the propaganda about all these toxins forced on us from society is "don't worry!"   No thanks , I will keep my immunity up the organic way!
Emeril Green Episode: Greens and Grains - Planet Green - On TV

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Any IDEA what the animal products you consume have been eating?

There are alot of animals that are not grazing on the green grasses God intended but are being pumped with steroids and foods that add weight for sale rather than nutrient rich foods for health.   The rule of thumb if you are consuming animal products?  Only eat animals that feed on the green grasses. If NOT KNOWN for sure, skip the animal and eat your own dark green leafy vegetables first hand! That is playing it safe AND smart!
 Next time stop at that road side stand to get the freshest and ripe to pick produce so you can make every bite count for maximum nutrients!    Do it!
Save yourself and DON'T GET DEAD!