Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can you afford your Healthcare Premiums???

So, let's think this whole thing through. Why do so many Americans go without health care insurance? 250 million have it but only 50 million folks don't. Is it because the the government hasn't reached socialized medicine just yet so everyone can have it? Those poor poor folks who make too much money working for a living but don't get it through their jobs because the premiums are so high NOBODY can afford to pay it! Self Employed or Small Business Employers can't afford to pay it and the HMO's and PPO's have it so far OUT of reach that NOBODY can pay for it on their own if they wanted to! Now, if you don't work silly and suck off the government to take care of all the things you should be doing for yourself and you are irresponsible and make poor choices (or if you have the magic "last name" ethnicity) or whatever discrimination that IS allowed in acquiring coverage ?#!!$%&@??.... why is that kind of behavior rewarded with unlimited resources including health care coverage! Or should we really call it disease management instead of "health care"?

Who is in charge of HOW IT WORKS anyway? Politicians or Insurance companies or Drug companies? It seems like the most powerful industry/ political force is not concerned about your health but more about making MONEY and a lot of it. Are we at a national spending of 3 trillion dollars yet> about 1/6 of national spending???? But I predict that it will soon bankrupt itself if they don't begin to start curving itself into patient education and "health" promotion. I believe somebody higher up is starting to see the hand writing on the wall. The next step is rewarding healthy people lower premiums than the unhealthy! Tobacco companies are taxed to care for those dying with lung cancer aren't they??,!

If 64% of Americans are considered overweight or obese and currently costing America 98 billion dollars per year in costs related to obesity like coming up with the predicted stroke, heart attack, DIABETES (big surprise?) and cancer and high blood pressure, gallbladder disease etc etc that now requires a lot of money to take care of patients with these troubles, who exactly started the whole thing? Those with bad genes???? NO!! Think again what we have been putting in the grocery basket and swinging by the drive thru the last 10-20 years and now doing to our children! Exercise to offset what damage we have been doing to ourselves? NOPE 64% don't exercise either! 64% of Americans are shooting themselves in the foot daily and want the other 36% to pay the BILL for their troubles! In reality it is the 10-25% of the worst shape folks costing the HMO 80% of expenditures. This is not fair to the 36% that ARE on a quest to be healthy, not smoke or abuse alcohol or drugs and who are not overweight or obese. These folks should only have to pay 10% of what the rest of them should be paying. The careless and negligent should be made to pay in advance for their pending health doom! That's how to make healthcare affordable. (I know that will never happen!)

Well, with these figures in mind, medicine had failed to talk about the PINK ELEPHANT in the living room with patients a little too long and it may be too late to reverse the pendulum of rising COSTS because of people who ATE or SMOKED their way into costly disease under the name of FREEDOM! All the while keeping the business of MEDICINE thriving.

So, if you are a healthy person investing in your own well being by making wise choices, eating habits that sport a BMI of 25 or lower and consume a high fiber diet.... You don't smoke and don't consume alcohol (not more than 2-3 drinks per week) and you are physically fit, tell me why are you refused health care insurance when you try to get it on your own?? Why is it that if you actually were seen by a physician once or twice within the last 5 years for a sore shoulder or knee pain (which you were given MOTRIN for) are you refused coverage? OR Why are you charged twice the premium of someone who is undergoing cancer treatment or is a diabetic?

What about this sorry event: your spouse of over 20 years who's "job" carries the insurance, DIES, and the insurance company writes you a month later to tell you that YOU are no longer insured! Sorry! SO the nightmare begins on top of the grief of losing your loved one. Nobody wants to insure you because you may have used your health care plan in the last few years for this or that! This is real sad folks. This is why people don't have coverage. They make it too hard to get or keep! Unless the little people can afford $500+ per month!

SO.... insurance companies only let you in if you are healthy and will pay the same ridiculous premium or "deal" that the obese patient with 3-4 diagnosed serious health conditions gets to pay too? Insurance companies get the BIG business corporate employers to pay the same price for everybody regardless of their "health"? That is bingo! You are only "lucky to have it" if you work for a big corporation that just pays it for you. This monopolizes the act of aquiring healthcare insurance! God knows if you loose your JOB AND you were a frequent flyer over at the local medical office it is safe to say you will NEVER get coverage on your own because you used it so you will either be denied OR will have to pay so much its NOT worth it!

Recently, there is scuttle of charging people according to their BMI! I said that is the fairest and most motivating factor in getting people to take responsibility for their own health and pending health crisis! Shake up America! People need to pull their head OUT of the sand about OBESITY including the health care workers themselves! Check out this story!,3566,414861,00.html

I know the obese people think this is horrid but really they have been uninformed for so many years by the medical community that it is shocking to them to think "fat" has anything to do with anything! Fat is killing our loved ones with cancer and striking our families at younger and younger ages! Truth is we LOVE you and don't want you to GET DEAD!

So for now, the poor hard working folks that just want a little coverage, I say, get some kind of hospitalization in case you get in an accident and stay healthy! SAVE your money and RE-Invest it in your own longevity and quality of life and get support at to learn to SAVE yourself and reduce your RISK now while you still can!! That is prevention! Don't GET the disease in the first place! Because? YOU DON"T HAVE TO! Eat right to feel great!

If you ever get a cold or flu, "heal thyself " with nutrients and your body recovers all by itself with 80% of the things anyway or you can pay cash at the popular

across the country! A $60 office visit once or twice per year WITH A FEW LABS THROWN IN is much cheaper than $300 plus premium per month per person when you are too healthy to even need it!

Thanks for letting me share. This whole topic gets me riled up when prices are so out of reach for the healthy people! It's not fair!

Now you pick for yourself: You want to be thick or thin for life? For your health, choose thin!