Saturday, January 12, 2013

Anti-inflammatory Food list:

These are the foods that can reverse, prevent and in some cases cure us from chronic preventable illness such as "self induced" heart disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis etc.  SICKNESS will always be a result of a lifestyle and for years consuming health ROBBING foods such as processed SUGAR and TRANS fats and chemically altered GMO foods and those with added food dyes and artificial flavors or animal products pumped full of steroids and antibiotics,  these will fast track us into sickness and disease.  Add to this recipe a life lacking in physical activity and smoking or with daily drug and alcohol use and in no time at all, we shall have TROUBLE that could have been prevented!   No matter what,  we can turn things around but by choosing life giving foods that will reduce the inflammatory condition we have created within.
Anti inflammation diet = 200 calories per day of beautiful rich colored veggies and fruit and Fish oil to boost Omega 3's!  Fish oil supplements and eating wild caught salmon 1-2 x per week will release anti inflammatory's into your blood stream much like a medicine.  Increased physical activity spurts 3-4 x per week will also release nitric oxide into your blood stream that acts as a anti inflammatory agent!   Its doesn't have to cost anything to switch up what you've been doing!
Visit your local Farmers Market!  Visit your local JUICE BAR and have fresh juices or smoothies to consume needed vegetable intake!

Say this, "I wanna LIVE!"

Check it OUT: Anti-inflammatory food DIET!

Need "HELP" to get "unstuck" from some unhealthy habits?

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Do you have "sweet dreams" as you sleep?

Our sleep and rest is essential to HEALTH!
Our  ability to obtain this treasured time is precious.  Getting our daily 7-8 hours sleep is a busy time while we are dreaming sweet dreams!  Our trillions of cells are at work to clean house and detoxify the daily bombardment of free radicals, germs and virus we may have come into contact that day.  Our body is working hard to digest the foods that renew and refresh us or the foods that do nothing but harm, as if we ate a box of rocks!  We must digest and move along food and extract the vital nutrients as it moves along the way.  Digestion is a process and takes a lot of energy. You can see if we eat only junk food, those devoid of nutrients that after doing this over and over getting nothing in return that eventually we will become sick from a weakened immune system.

Stress and hormone imbalance are the biggest enemy to getting a good night sleep!  If that is you then for your own health and well being we must work out a plan to keep those culprits at bay!