Wednesday, July 25, 2007

America's indulgence in supersizing soda's linked to UH OH! TROUBLE!

No big surprise here, it is not rocket science that after 10-20 years of a bad habit we find ourselves collectively at risk for a heart attack and or a new diabetes diagnosis or poisoning our liver! That's right, our daily soda's are clogging our arteries, elevating our triglyceride and liver levels or pushing our pancreas to over-work itself and we find our selves in pre-diabetes or DIABETES or OBESE in no time!! You'll do better to switch to water and save yourself now! Or for a special drink mix 1/2 juice with 1/2 sparkling water with a lime squeeze! Or try 1/3 juice or lemonade to 2/3 ice tea which is called an "Arnold Palmer" at the bar! (herbal teas are best) Hey, try this....hydrate yourself with something your body NEEDS on those hot summer days at the beach!