Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Southern Cooking plus physical inactivity = obesity induced DIABETES!

Our adorable fun loving Paula Deen is just another southern living example of what happens after many years of the lifestyle and eating habits!  Back OFF America!  She represents a southern culture and is merely the fruit of her own ways.  That is how disease works! Anytime we welcome daily doses of white flour, white sugar and FAT products into our mouths then, in time, we too will develop Type 2 Diabetes! No mystery involved!  If not that one then one of the other self made degenerative diseases of our day! Everyone has a choice to choose HEALTH at every meal which reaps healthy benefits for a body or NOT!  The problem is the majority of us CHOOSE NOT the healthy choice whether via the grocery store or the drive-thru or the local diner.   And WE will reap the consequences of our own actions!  So think again before you throw her under the bus for teaching us to cook like that!  Smokers keep smoking no matter the warning on the label.  It is no different. Eating is and has always been a choice!  We need more celebrities to stand up and warn what happens if you smoke, drink or love sugar too much!  It'll kill ya and its NOT funny!
The southern states are notorious for morbid obesity, inactivity and adult onset of diabetes!  So how have YOU been eating?  What is your BMI?  He who lives in a glass house should not throw rocks!  We love you Paula but in moderation, the recipes you love will hit my plate 1-2 times per year!

Save yourSELF and don't get DEAD!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Health Benefits of fresh air and sunshine?


Anytime we can get out and take in deep breaths of nature, fresh air and sunshine we are getting benefits like a shot for our immune system!  Walking around outside will refresh and rejuvenate our body in a way similar to taking a happy pill!  Taking in the visual colors and fine details of God's creation is meant for a healing affect for our spirit, mind AND body.  It is calming to our blood pressure, a stress relief and can  even out our blood sugar. All the similarities to a 20 minute exercise work out.  Have you ever noticed how animals know they need to lay in the sun and take in the solar energy?  They just know they need to drink water too!  They seem to know that these things are associated with the essence of LIFE!  We can learn alot from watching our pets.  Did you know that you cannot absorb Vitamin D with sunscreen on?