Sunday, April 22, 2007

Healthcare takes big bite out of U.S. Economy!

Who says healthcare isn't BIG BUSINESS? Currently 16 cents per every dollar is paid to healthcare in America! In 2006 that would round out to $2.1 TRILLION dollars!! This figure is expected to nearly double in the next 10 years estimators say. So go figure, our self-induced, lifestyle related metabolic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and other obesity related conditions that are largely PREVENTABLE, really pay the establishment hefty sums to manage our illness. Hmm.... where is the motivation for prevention? Meaning preventing the disease completely before it begins? Never having to take the treatment in the first place should be our goal. So, we must place our health demise at bay on our own. Health, nutrition and physical activity is within our own control. Lets keep the bucks in our own pocket! (Hey, why not reward our low risk factors and normal BMI to minimal healthcare premiums? Nahhh.... where's the profit in that?) Trust this: they have realized they will profit handsomely at your good health too! That is because they make their money on the 80% who are healthy to pay for the 20% with the chronic disease that is 75% of the costs of healthcare!! Also in the great USA pharmacueticals are making 450 billion $$$ a year on our chronic illness! You figure out who's keeping who in the dark and why!

Stop SUGAR, tobacco and alcohol addictions! Mostly prevention begins in our own grocery basket or plainly what goes in our mouth!! Read yourself now!

Prepare yourself to be encouraged by your healthcare professional to now put your "health success ball" into YOUR court! That's right, and rightfully so, it has always been our "fault" mostly by what we've been putting in our mouths for too many years of bad habits that in time go awry! So, now, because of the obesity epidemic in America (64% are overweight or obese and 64% do NOT get sufficient exercise) which results in all the fancy diagnosis' that are preventable. The government based institutions are mandating the healthcare providers make an emphasis on the patient taking a more proactive role in disease prevention and or control. Guess what else? After all these years that medical science has not believed that diet had any part of your becoming "slot in YOUR diagnosis" they have changed their tune and without admitting error they are motivated by "perks and bonuses" to tell you the truth so that you can SAVE YOURSELF!!! Just 5 -10 years ago this idea was ridiculous. They operated on the assumption that whatever you had been doing was fine and to continue to eat a "normal" diet. What's normal? Fast food, soda's, donuts, hamburger's, french fries and hot dogs for most kids today!! What? We need 5-9 veggies and fruits per day? Impossible is what you would have thought! Now, we must be educated that it is going to be all trouble if we DON'T!