Friday, October 26, 2018

Battling the Cold and FLU yet?

Recently, I had an opportunity to look to my go-to home remedies when I became afflicted with one of the 200+  circulating virus' which I used as a way to remind myself what works for me or not! Optimally, at the onset within a few hours of the first symptoms, I immediately begin to POWER UP with the nutrients that will help my body HEAL ITSELF!  That is different than using nutrients like a drug to address one symptom.  The "symptom" is my CLUE that my immune system is in a weakened state for whatever the reason may be.  The BEST thing I can do is begin to power up with things that support health and healing rather than continue to consume things (SUGAR, HFCS, GLUTEN GRAINS, DAIRY, etc) that will challenge my ability to get well and stay well!

What do I do with the typical upper respiratory infection (URI)?  First I grab my vitamin C and I prefer the E-MERGEN-C powder drink and do a double (2 pack) and I'll add a drop or 2 of Nascent iodine and then add collodial silver in the drink.  I may do that 2 x per day until I am better.  The medical professionals suggest we treat our symptoms for relief and that antibiotics are not indicated and may take 2-4 weeks to recover from the typical virus.  Following that lead, this is what I do to get me on the mend sooner than later.   Thank goodness I was prepared with my Elderberry/echinacea tincture I made in the summer.  Studies have shown that these 2 medicinal plants can be instrumental in getting us well faster if taken at first onset, than most OTC suggestions that DO NOT CURE but just help our comfort levels while we are suffering!

I made my anti-microbial sore throat spray in a 2 oz spray bottle. (1/3 organic apple cider vinegar, 1/3 Elderberry tincture, 1/3 collodial silver, 1-2 drops stevia, oregano and thyme essential oil)  And that actually was a great relief!  I keep those essential oil combos handy (eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, clove etc) to put a drop or 2 on my hanky, or on a hot wet wrung out wash cloth as a steam treatment over my nose and mouth if I get in a coughing fit or for sinus relief!  Of course I make a nice cup of HOT TEA with a medicinal blend for my symptoms (Gypsy Cold Care by Traditional Medicinals is nice) and adding my raw honey to sweeten and soothe my throat is lovely, fresh lemon is a boost as well. Too bad I was not ready with my FIRE CIDER this year!  I haven't been sick in probably over 5 years!  My elderberry tincture can make a perfect cough syrup when I warm 1 part raw honey with 1 part tincture into a syrup.  I also will add a tablespoon of tincture into my cup of hot tea to for the antioxidant boost.

Besides drinking plenty of alkalizing liquids, dark green veggie juices, water, and bone broth soups needed to flush out the toxins, getting plenty of sleep and rest is all we usually have the strength to do.  JUST GO WITH IT!  When we are resting, and because we have powered up, the body does its best housecleaning work while we are sleeping!  Of course a fever is natures way of turning the heat up to kill the pathogens causing the illness so if I don't have a fever I will simulate one by warming up on my BIOMAT which is a very soothing and relaxing far infared treatment that can simulate a fever!

Sitting outside in fresh air and sunshine is incredibly healing also and I do so every chance I can when feeling man-down!  During fall and winter, vitamin D deficiencies is one reason WHY we become vulnerable in the first place!  The other healing treatment I do is an epsom salt (1-2 cups) bath for a hot soak with lavender and ecalyptus essential oils added too.  20-30 minute soaks will transdermally boost my magnesium levels needed for health and healing too!  Say YES to antioxidants, fresh air, vitamin D and C, lots of liquids to keep things loosened up to get rid of it easy, hot baths and lots of rest for health recovery!  You are gonna make it!  But we gotta SAVE OURSELVES!

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