Thursday, August 25, 2016

The RIGHT HAND doesn't know what the LEFT HAND is Doing!

This may be the first century ever that believes the pathway to good health can only be delivered via the chemicals offered in modern medicine!  Really?  It is the year 2016 and only NOW we have all the answers?  The problem is the power of indoctrination via the ever elusive media forces who sold their soul for a hefty payoff from industry conglomerates!  Thousands of years of surviving famines, pestilence and disease the old fashioned way doesn't count! The biggest disease offenders through out history clearly has been due to malnutrition (deficiencies from a lack of vital nutrients from a variety of whole foods) and largely from contaminated water and living in dark, dank and filthy living conditions!  The industrialized world has mostly conquered this problem with amazing results with electricity and food refrigeration yet today we are overcome with a chemical toxicity exposure like never been before in history!  We traded infectious disease for an explosion in stats of various autoimmune, chronic diseases and birth defects that science warns is 80-90% diet and lifestyle induced!

Our current generation is blindly walking the path to destruction and disease because for at least 30-50 years our educational and medical systems have ignored teaching or studying the root causes to our modern infirmities!  So it seems, in modern medicine, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing!  This is absurd!  This is unacceptable and our present day health care crisis is a product of this lack of knowledge.  People for a few generations now have been shooting themselves in the foot, causing their own symptoms from poor diet and lifestyle choices.  How would they know if they were never taught? Then as it goes, they seek help from their medical practitioner who has a drug solution (with side effects) for every ail so we don't have to change our harmful ways!  They too offer these drugs without considering the listed side effects and adverse reactions that will slowly evolve into another chronic disease problem that they will again offer another new drug for... later when it seems it is just part of the cycle of LIFE and YOUR bad family genes!!  Wrong!

Let's take a look at the escalation of Alzheimer's and memory loss and the daily drugs that CAUSE those symptoms.  (Not including heavy metal toxicity, aluminum, mercury, pesticides, in combination with the LOW FAT-high CARB/SUGAR diet recommended by many medical practitioners, etc)
Drugs that may cause memory loss....

Let's take a look at the daily drugs that can cause insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes like cholesterol medicine as an example:
390 drugs that can cause sugar issues

Our main chronic disease conditions today plaguing society can be due to a chronic magnesium deficiency!  These conditions look like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer!
Guess what else?  The drugs they prescribe ALSO induce a magnesium deficiency so it is a NO win to take drugs that further deplete your magnesium reserves so this means there is NO HOPE FOR A CURE going down this road!
Drugs that may deplete magnesium levels...
Dr Osborne explains the magnesium deficiency cycle...

Its not that I am against medical drug or surgical intervention in an acute care crisis; it is that a patient should always be offered an opportunity to correct the underlying cause of their issue first for non acute conditions. BUT this will never happen as long as medical schools and nursing programs continue to omit this information from students graduating with licensed degrees in medicine.  WHY you may wonder? Because the pharmaceutical companies who make billions on our ignorance, own the media, schools and universities!  They are board members on every government institution where their interest is at stake and they lobby politicians to pass laws that will keep their industry thriving while the health of our world circles the drain!  They are also in charge of demonizing every health care physician who makes a stand against the status quo!  They employ trolls all over social media to cause chaos toward anyone who is AWAKE!  You and I have been mind manipulated as well as the next generation starting at a very early age!

What to do?  We gotta SAVE ourselves AND our children!  There are things we CAN do to prevent and reverse many ills but sadly you must research on your own.   This is why after working the front lines of health care, assisting physicians for many years I went rogue and became a Holistic Health Coach!

Some things are NOT in our power to control but what we PUT in our mouth is the BEST place to start!  I have several online programs on my website to help my clients learn the BIG PICTURE about health, wellness, sickness and disease and HOW it happens and how YOU can get pointed back in the right direction so YOU can get that pep back in your step and arrive at your health goals!

The Health Recovery 101 "EXPERIENCE" is a 6 week e-course that is offered in a private venue membership site that you can find a lot of supporting materials and classes all in one place.

My JUNK FOOD DETOX called Eating4Energy is a 5-7 day kick start program to get you started.

The coolest thing is my NEW E-BOOK written for middle school age kids and young adults to show them the HOW and WHY in making healthy food and lifestyle choices that support their health & wellness called TEENS EATING4ENERGY GUIDE! 

We are in charge of the condition of our own immune system and it does not play favorites!  If you give your body WHAT IT NEEDS TO LAST A LIFETIME then you will do well.  If you blindly follow the crowd and eat everything sold on TV then you too will find yourself among the escalating stats that YOU cannot blame on the family genes! Sorry, but genetics has little to do with the explosion of Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, High Blood pressure, non-alcoholic FATTY LIVER, obesity, autism, asthma, ADHD, eczema, psoriasis, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimers's etc!  These are often fueled by an environmental chemical toxicity exposure that could upset some people MORE than others which IS based on your genetic make up.  Get rid of the inflammatory triggers and that is the battle 1/2 WON!  Fuel your body with what it needs to STAY healthy and auto correct and re-balance itself and by golly NOW we are talking!  God made our body to be able to heal itself.
No matter what they say on television.....
there is always HOPE!

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