Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We gotta make a HEALTHY baby!

Being a good MOMMA begins at the very beginning from conception!  God created things to follow a certain order.  The building blocks of all these developmental stages are only as good as the raw materials to "construct a strong and sturdy structure".  So what we eat can impact the development and health of our baby for years to come.  Making daily good food choices and drinking plenty of chemical free water, getting our fresh air and sunshine, and learning to minimize stressful situations will reduce risk factors that can harm our child's predisposition for disease.  Most of us live in countries where infectious disease is indeed a thing of the past with minuscule numbers recorded due to improved sanitation, drinking water free of human excrement and better whole food nutrition choices.  What we must worry about today?  Preventable chronic disease and autoimmune diseases in children from chemical toxic body burden exposures!

In our culture it is very easy to consume toxic foods that are man made and offer NO NUTRIENTS in return to nourish baby during these critical times.  Also beware of your chemical exposure to foods or drugs while with child! 80,000 approved FDA chemicals in our food and environment are turning up in counts of over 200 in umbilical cords of newborns!  Never before in history have our infants been under assault with heavy metal chemicals that can cause brain inflammation and auto immune diseases!  We must protect our skin, hair and sustenance with only life giving nutrients during this critical time.  All the way until about 2006-2010 no health professional would advise pregnant moms to get a vaccine.  NOW, even though the package insert warns there are no studies proving safety or efficacy; they are pushing this toxic cocktail on the infant in utero!  Some experts state spontaneous abortion went up over 4000% since the practice began!  Then upon minutes after birth they try to inject vaccines for sexually transmitted disease (Hepatitis B) on our babies. (what?@#$#@?)  Vaccines historically are only effective perhaps 10 years!  This makes NO SENSE!  Then they push baby formula made from GMO SOY and HIGH FRUCTOSE corn syrup on our babies!  (Known hormone/endocrine disruptor!)  Please consider how we made it for thousands of years having healthy babies without these new mandates perpetuated by pharmaceutical companies making 100's of billions of $$$ as we obey!  Save the children!.  Breastfeed or make your own organic baby formula to supplement.  Currently, there is a escalation of obesity, cancer, diabetes, autism and learning disabilities in our young USA children in crisis.  There is a sharp rise since they tripled the vaccine schedule for kids in the mid 1990's.  We cannot blame bad family genes on this issue of preventable chronic diseases!  More drugs will never be the answer but rather eliminating the causes that exacerbate inflammatory conditions!

For healthy babies in utero and while nursing:
BEWARE and Do NOT fall for food choices containing:
  • Artificial colorings or flavors or chemicals
  • GMO foods for adults or GMO soy baby formula's
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • White sugar, white flour products
  • Hydrogenated/partial oils
  • Animal products fed steroids and growth hormones or GMO feed!
  • Soda's; 'phosphoric acid' leaches the calcium from bones = brittle bones!
  • DUH!!  Say NO to alcohol and tobacco and most ALL DRUGS!
  • If it was a baby I was carrying: NO chemicals, drugs or vaccines of any kind containing neurotoxins and carcinogens and other inflammatory ingredients for baby in utero like those in the FLU vaccine!
Choose foods for LIFE, HEALTH and HEALING for you and baby as much as is in your power to do so and take plenty of nice walks outside in fresh air and sunshine everyday if you can!  Choose ORGANIC as much as possible!  Choose garden fresh produce, clean protein and healthy fats like omega-3's and coconut oil for healthy brains including MINE!!
Guess what??? If its NOT good for baby, then it is NOT good for us either! Keeping it simple!
Need help?  Hire a holistic health coach!  I can help!

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