Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Why are you so SICK & TIRED all the time?

 Many people are wondering WHY or HOW they come down with this or that and few practitioners are trained to address their issues with the root cause and preventive perspective!  We run around like crazy and fail to recognize the cause and effect consequences of our actions.  Ignorance is BLISS is what some say but I say knowledge is POWER!  Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are the tools in our tool chest to overcome and prevail in any endeavor when it comes to improving our quality of life AND possibly reversing some inflammatory conditions and getting back on the road to

Sickness and disease and HOW IT EVOLVES and manifests into a preventable chronic disease is NOT ROCKET science!  It is NOT that big of a mystery and as a coach I point people into a direction toward health and wellness simply by making a few changes and tweaking a few bad habits into something that can support our immune system to do what our body was created to do:  HEAL ITSELF!

To learn the BIG PICTURE with action steps to help turn the ship around and change the course you are headed will start with educating THYSELF and learn first and foremost WHERE your inflammatory triggers have gained access and stopping that and replacing those triggers with nutrients and lifestyle habits that will support your health unto wellness again!  There is HOPE!

To begin your journey toward health and wellness click here to find out more!

We gotta SAVE ourSELVES!

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