Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hats OFF to the best words from an HMO!

Check out this great video that potentially captures the essence of disease in its early moments of creation! That's right, disease is created and birthed into existance by our daily lazy habits as candid as this young mans confession!

Also hats off to a radio ad I hear from a local HMO that is broadcasting the dangers of America's 160 pound per year sugar habit! That averages to 41 tsp of sugar per day per person! Why is that? Because it is in everything we consume on a daily basis and the ad further warns it being the front running culprit behind 26 million diagnosed diabetics and the 56 million sugar addicted with "prediabetes" and the new cancer diagnosis' and heart disease etc etc etc!

Anymore truths like that being broadcast and we may hear just enough to begin to heal ourselves and "gee," NOT get the expected diagnosis of our supersizing, fast food sugar addicted culture! Save yourself NOW and Don't get DEAD! Staying healthy SURE CAN SAVE OURSELVES alot OF MONEY IN OVERPRICED HEALTH CARE PREMIUMS!

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