Thursday, July 07, 2016

Why is America so SICK?

So many people are absolutely CLUELESS when it comes to health and how it works!  Even those who are on staff at the downtown medical office don't have any idea how sickness happens and how to prevent the typical chronic diseases of our day!  Everybody keeps walking pel mel down the road to destruction without ever assuming they may be the very ones who are to blame for their health consequences from poor choices.  BUT it is NOT your fault!!  How would you know what to do if it is NOT TAUGHT in school or medical schools?

This is really a pet peeve of mine.  Sheer ignorance from the healthcare industry which is indeed, the missing piece of the puzzle as we face the largest health care crisis in history costing tax payers and private payers billions each year when 80% of it is preventable!!  There are those who know the truth about the causes of our disease problems that are not telling the masses the truth!  There are those who profit by our diseases who lobby the politicians, lawmakers, CDC, FDA and the healthcare industry.

For thousands of years there have been foods placed in the earth for our health and wellness!  People are NOT eating foods like that anymore!   When you combine a diet deficient in the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to KEEP us out of the hot seat of preventable illness with all the modern day chemicals floating about our air, water, soil and processed foods that come from a factory it is no wonder at all!  We have been shooting ourselves in the foot and we have been the biggest offenders to the laws of nature!

There is HOPE!  There ARE things we CAN do living in this modern toxic world!  I have created this
online 6-week e-class called

Health Recovery 101

to be a one stop spot to learn the BIG PICTURE and get back on the road to Health Recovery!  Check it out.  No matter where you are on the path toward health and wellness there is a way to restore, re-balance and renew your strength, stamina and energy and reduce your risk of an impending health demise!  Click the picture!

"We Gotta SAVE OURselves!"

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